Miley Cyrus Debuts New Pixie Cut; 'Two and a Half Men' Guest Star?

Miley Cyrus Debuts New Pixie Cut; 'Two and a Half Men' Guest Star?

Miley Cyrus shows off her new pixie cut in this new pic from Twitter.

The 19-year-old actress went to her trusted hair stylist Chris McMillan to chop off her short locks into an even shorter ‘do.

“Never felt more me in my whole life ?” Miley tweeted. “most successful Sally day EVER! ??? I feel pretty ohhhh so pretty and gayyyy.”

Could this be for a new role? Life of the Rich and Famous (via Huffington Post) reports that Miley will be guest starring on CBS’s Two and a Half Men.

She’ll star as Harper, a “hot new local in town that’s dating soon-to-be-legal Jake Harper (Angus T. Jones). During her multiple-episode arc, Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) will develop a “massive crush” on Harper.

Stay tuned for confirmation.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley’s new hair?

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Photos: Chris McMillan Instagram, Miley Cyrus Twitter
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  • dcstarinthemaking

    now she looks just as ugly on the outside as she does the inside, wtf was she thinking??? ugh….

  • :)

    she looks so cute!

  • javi

    two and a half men? that show sucks even with ashton she’s doing thinks backwards get your fucking music career on track you dumb ass.

  • amanda leigh

    Way to bring on the “pixie hair = lesbian” stereotype, Miley.

  • Mamotha

    Gross! She doing a Brittney Spear s look She ‘s Looking Awfully Thin Too.
    Miley Cyrus New Haircut August 2012 All Photos Here

  • Tia

    Stop with the hate Miley is awesome.

  • http://sandy sandy

    It looks good on her. She has a cute and very young face and this makes her look more her age.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like draco malfoy.

  • Jess

    love so much! pretty fuckin awesome… incredible, i want to do that but everyone would see me as a crazy but she is fameous so…

  • zzoo

    that hair is just ugly. miley what the hell were you thinking? with all the movie flops, no-more music, and now this?

  • minah

    Like I said before. Miley, you dun goofed. That haircut only works for some people and you’re not one of them. Luckily, she has money to get extensions or a wig.

  • Ale

    Not a fan of Miley but the hair looks amazing!! with this haircut I realize how mean people can be, some of them claim she is seeking for attention, so everytime I cut my hair I’m being an attention whore? =/

  • nobody

    I think her hair was much nicer before. Hopefully her hair grows fast…..


    oh how will she come in front of cameras.there was nothing wrong with her long and beauty hair I FEEL SORRY FOR HER HAIR

  • izzy

    @Ale: people are saying she is attention seeking cos she has changed her hair so many times in like the space of two months

  • Manu

    I think its ugly like wtf ?!

  • jo

    Now she just looks like justin bieber, and that’s not a compliment! lol

  • Jasmin

    i think this haircut just makes her older than she is, but the look is not that bad for her

  • demi lovesvodka


  • Lilly

    She looks like Rihana, the longer blonde hair was better. I wonder what Liam thinks :)?


    She looks absoloutly GORGEUS!! :)
    Love her, and if someone can pull that hairstyle off, it’s definetly her! <3

  • Tia

    All the haters get a life Miley cut her hair to donate to the children’s Cancer foundation. She is awesome and she as a beautiful heart.

  • beansmjw

    omgoodness people its hair!! she is young and this what young women should do have fun,try new things,enjoy life, i thing she so cute and fearless,not afraid to expereince new things!!! good for you miley !!!

  • cam


    You are very nasty! no need for that. Miley is beautiful inside & out.

    Not my favorite haircut for Miley, but I love Miley no matter what!!!!

  • amy


    But I think the hair stylist that cut her hair sold her a line of BS. Why would he chop her hair? I could see the short Twiggy style haircut – but not the chopped uneven look that a lot of these so called stylists try to do to their clients.

    BUT if anyone can make this hairdo work & look great on her it’s Miley !

  • shanghai

    Well we have all experimented with new hairstyles and colours but think I would get a new hairdresser. Dont think the style or the shade of blonde is very flattering.

  • julia

    I don’t love the har, but i respect her for it. She is at a really good place in her life and loves her life and what she is doing. If she loves her hair then i’m glad she has the strength to do it despite all the haters. Good for her!

  • Julie

    Only for Directioners

  • marisme

    WHAT ?? is she serious ? she’s always pretty but this haircut is totally awful , her hair was awsome before , why did she do that ??

  • Veronica

    I actually like it on her. But i may be biased cause i have a similar hair cut and have for the past couple of months

  • mosa

    WOW I truly believe some of you are being negative because you are bandwagon hating. . .YEP, I actually used the word hating. She looks fine. It fits her face, it’s funky. it’s risky, it’s says I’m not little Miley from Disney anymore. Just like when Emma Watson chopped off her locks after Harry Potter, sometimes one gets tired of sticking to one hairstyle that you are known for, that’s stupid. When you feel like you can’t cut your hair cause the public will disapprove! I refuse to believe that Jennifer Aniston STILL likes her bland ass hairstyle. . .no color no nothing just her “Friends” locks. MIley looks great, happy, engaged to a handsome young man (with an even AMAZINGLY handsome brother) and most of you are just jealous that she’s so young, started out on Disney, grew up and living life. . .yuck, you ppl can be so damn disgusting.

  • Sara

    @Tia, uhh…no she didn’t. stop making stuff up. hair can’t even be donated if it’s been treated, and hers was dyed previously so she couldn’t donate even if she wanted. so stop your bs.
    hate the new look. ugh. she looked so gorgeous before.

    also, still trying to understand how someone’s a “hater” if they dislike this cut. i love miley but hate this new hairstyle. just because i don’t blindly support every decision she makes doesn’t qualify me as a hater.

  • Lillian

    Draco Malfoy!!!!

  • anonymous

    I like Miley, but that haircut is a serious fail

  • Anonymous

    I Love it!!!! I think it looks Great!!!!

  • frida

    Oigan ya chicos y chicas
    que les a hecho miley
    ella se corto el pelo para donarlo a los niños con cáncer
    osea ella no les a hecho nada para que le puedan hablar de esa forma
    no hablen tan feo de ella
    tan solo digan que no les gusto y ya
    hay personas que nos agrada Miley me incluyo soy smiler
    es como si insultáramos a su artista favorito
    creo que no les gustaría verdad
    primero juzguen antes de hablar mal de ella

  • Tia

    @Sara go to Twitter cancer support posted it on twitter so I am not making anything up. Get a life hater.

  • BabyL

    She should dye it darker, much better her original color. This color doesn’t stand for her face nor the cut, unless you’re Pink. For her face, the long hair gave her a better look, but oh well is her life. DYE IT DARKER AT LEAST

  • Warren

    I like Miley’s hair longer, but she is still beautiful as always.

  • unforgiven

    u idiots r just all envious. grow up. she looks awesome, more energetic, and very happy.

  • jade smith

    i love miley and her new style and all u haters need to shut the hell up so what if she wants to try something new she can do whatever she wants and no matter what she does she will always look amazing!!!!

  • Kamin

    i think the look is not that bad for her but, this haircut just makes her older than she is.

  • Yuuki

    Im sorry but, i loved Miley for such a long time, but lately she’s ruined my impression of her. :(

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