Willow Smith & Stella Hudgens: Calabasas Cuties

Willow Smith & Stella Hudgens: Calabasas Cuties

Willow Smith and BFF Stella Hudgens walk and sip on their cool tea drinks while out on Monday afternoon (August 13) in Calabasas, Calif.

The 11-year-old musician recently met up with Kate Nash to collaborate on a few tracks.

Kate shared with NME mag, “Willow‘s management got in touch asking if I was around and be interested in meeting her. They were like, ‘Do you want to come to the house? It was so cool!’”

“We wrote a song together for her record – it’s so good and she is really talented. I think she could be quite revolutionary doing her own material and breaking boundaries. She’s totally in control of what she wants to do,” she added.

10+ pics inside of Willow and Stella

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • pika

    i dont get a good vibe from stella for some strange reason…she seems like she uses all these young stars for more fame i mean what 17 year old would hang with an 11 year old and possibly used to date her 13 year old brother? hmm…

  • http://www.twitter.com/inri143 Richard Holmes

    i love Willow, i cant really comment the gas pedal because she deleted my comment, so you’re not going to get alot of i like her, nah but i love willow tho

  • http://www.twitter.com/inri143 Richard Holmes

    @Richard Holmes: I’m looking forward to Willow Smith & Chanel, or VERA WANG, right now gotta go free Don’t sell bodies Big Jada

  • Power

    So Stella , took some tips from your sister about fame w ho ring ,ha LOL!

  • Tami

    Willow and Stella arent BFFs. To be honest, Stella could care less about Willow. Yawns. Willow has access to go anywhere she wants. She has bodyguards to take her wherever . Stella knows that and uses her for it. Same with Jaden. So what does an almost 17 year old have in common with an 11 year old? Poor Willow. She will learn as she gets older on who to trust and not to. That Stella just like her sister … And I hope she doesn’t influence Willow in a bad way.

  • Tami

    And yeah Stella Hudgens gets around . She was just with Cody Simpson.cody and Alli cut Stella off . She moved on to Jaden. Sooner or later the Smith kids will cut her off. She will move on to some other young star . Like her big sissy! And what’s up with her dressing like that? Really do you have no respect for yourself.. Well clearly thats something her family lacks :)

  • Kylie

    Uh hello? How is Vanessa fame w-horing?? She herself is famous. If anything, her friends (namely her boyfriend) are the fame w-hores. But I still don’t get Stella. What 16 year-old hangs out with an 11 year-old? My guess is she’s trying to get her 15 minutes since she’s in the shadow of her sister and “friends”.

  • Nanny

    Is she babysitting her or something?

  • http://@1dfansksa yara

    omg stella Looking for fame by any means

  • pika

    @Tami: finally somebody gets me! and i read on facebook that a lot of guys avoid her cuz she dates anyone. and my guyfriend said if a girl calls another girl a slut its pure jealousy but when a guy says it…its probably true. even her sister is the same and i am a huge fan

  • samsam

    you cant deny this girl is famewhoring cuz by herself, the paps wouldnt dare follow stella around

  • A

    Stella is 16, not 17.

  • pika

    @A: sorry for the mistake lol…but i cant see what big difference it makes to the point we are all trying to make…

  • Lawrence


    You people should have written for soap operas, your all so good at these conspiracy scenarios*lmao*.

  • jamie

    I think i know who that stella girl is and it’s just because for her last name… Her sister is hot though

  • farah

    she is 17 and jaden is 13..kinda strange not gonna lie

  • http://Justjaredjr.buzznet.com Boji

    There’s only a 4 yr difference and can’t they be friends? Where does it say in a book that there has to be an age limit when it comes to friendship. I recall Miley had a BFF not too long ago who was at least 5 or more yrs older than her. Can’t a teenager hang out with her mom or another person who’s way older. Some of you seek to see something when there is nothing.

  • tina

    All this hate on a girl none of you know pesonally. Please, you read it on Facebook? The internet does lie, right? I’ve got a french model boyfriend for you.

  • Lisa

    Stella is so AWESOME

  • Alexandra

    You can tell Stella is just like Vanessa. I wouldn’t be surprise in the future if she release naked fotos of her once she’s 18

  • tina

    Alexandra you can kiss both of their tan asses.