'Jane By Design' Cancelled, No Second Season on ABC Family

'Jane By Design' Cancelled, No Second Season on ABC Family

It’s a sad day for all Jane By Design fans.

The ABC Family dramedy will not be coming back for a second season on ABC Family, THR reports.

Star Erica Dasher tweeted to her fans, “Thank you so much for everything!!! It was incredible and you all are the best part of that experience. Love love love.”

“Its true no more JBD but we had a blast making it, and we love your for supporting it. #goodnightjanequimby,” star India de Beaufort added.

Jane By Design followed high schooler Jane Quimby (Dasher), who moonlighted as an executive assistant to a hotshot executive (Andie MacDowell) at a top New York City fashion house.

ARE YOU SAD like us that Jane isn’t coming back?

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  • Gabriela

    why? :( such a waste

  • srsly

    First Victorious and now this? Why are you doing this to us? :’(

  • ME

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Please bring it back :’(

  • Carrie

    I am so sad it got cancelled. I thought it was one of the cutiest shows on ABC Family. I really liked the show.

  • marian

    this was the best show ever!

  • why

    WHY IS IT BEING CANCELLED?! I freaking swear ABC Family just likes to cancel really good shows that people ENJOY. The show they really need to cancel is The Secret Life of the American Teenager. All that show talks about is pregnancy, sex, who is hooking up with who, etc. However, JBD is clearly a better show that actually makes sense. Ugh, such a disappointment; so sad.

  • not happy


    I know what you mean… This was so much better then that piece of trash show “American Teenager”. It’s because of that show that “Kyle XY” was cancelled and now this. All it is about is sex and a new girl getting pregnant each freakin season! I want “Jane By Design” back!! I want Billy and Jane to get together. Come on… So fed up with losing my favorite shows, one after another. When will it end?!?!?!

  • are you kidding me

    Seriously how will i know if jane and billy ever get together!!!! they have to get together…..great i loved that show way to ruin my day

  • Jane + Billy need to happen!

    WHAT?! WHY?!?!? :( i wanted billy and jane to finally be together :( :( :( :( now we’ll never see them kiss or even date or profess their love for one another :( DISAPPOINTED. severely. that’s so lame.

  • why

    @not happy: i agree, Kyle XY was so brilliant. I think I fell in love with the show even more everyday as well as JBD. The last bit of the last ep killed me. You could see it in Billy’s face how much he wanted Jane to confess her love for him.

  • why

    Just heard that Baby Daddy is renewed for a second season. I like that show but the general plot for it is so cliche. How many times have we seen/heard shows and movies like that? Rather annoying. They need to cancel Beverly Hills Nannies instead. No one cares about the lives of nannies. ABC Family sucks.

  • http://@really? argh!

    All of the shows I love seem to be getting cancelled these days. First Secret Circle, and Ringer….and now this…..

  • katerine salvatore

    i can’t believe it, best show on abc family after PLL, This show will be missed by me as well as many other jane by design fans. :(

  • A

    Bring it BACK!!!!!!!!

  • Michael

    NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! The season finale was such a huge cliffhanger! They can’t cancel it now!

  • http://twitter.com/loveintheSKYx Skylar

    Guys don’t let your hopes down yet!!! Check back on this post tomorrow evening! I’ve got a HUGE plan/idea! There’s still hope!

  • Avice13

    What the???!!
    NOOOOO! :(

  • kiki

    oh my god! How is The Secret Life still on? Jane By Design was awesome. it’s such a shame we wont see Jane and Billy get together. well…there goes another good show :(

  • jess mulder

    NOOOOOOO! BUT JANE AND BILLY WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THEM?! :( I’m gonna miss this show so much! Erica Dasher and Nick Roux were so cute in that show. That was such a good show! :(

  • Nam

    first The Secret Circle then 10 things i hate about you (never got over it) now Jane by Design, all of my favorite shows!!

  • felicia


  • shahbano

    OMG! why??? i agree with some one above first victorious now this!
    ABC Family way to just ignore everyones complaints to NOT end it. And way to just end it at a cliffhanger. Just runined my night!

  • LENA

    Noooooo! What is wrong with ABC Family?!?! Why are shows like 16 and Pregnant still continuing while Jane by Design is not! First Make It or Break It, now Jane By Design. Whyyyy???

  • Jennifer

    this was my favorite show! i even watched season one all over again on netflix!! omg :((( nooooooooooo ugh way to ruin my night!!!!!!! >:(

  • katey

    Screw this! UGH. This show was by far the best show! And that was the WORST decision EVER ABC Family! ‘Cause of that show it inspired me to dress fashionably and very inspiring ’cause Jane inspired us to be more responsible and hard working. Damn decision! Gosh! It pisses me off! And pursue Bunheads?! REALLY?!

  • Courtney

    Noooo! It didn’t even get a proper ending :(

  • kiki

    are you fu..ing kidding me!!!!!!


    D: WHAT? WHY? This show is amazing! no you can’t do this, bring it back ABC! We have to see what happens to Jane

  • Carla

    wow.. bummer. Even though it’s all due to ratings, still a mistake. You’ll be missed Jane!!

  • shatcher

    @Jane + Billy need to happen!: I know me to this is so sad…tht was my fav. show on ABC family to

  • yvonne

    it’s sad to know that JBD has been cancelled…what’s the reason??? ABC management should consider the comments here and listen to their viewers…bring back Jane By Design!!!!!!

  • amanda leigh

    This show wasn’t that good and the ratings never really improved. I was surprised it wasn’t canceled after the first 10 episodes.

  • http://alic3.devote.se alice

    What the hell!?!?!
    It was my favorite show at the time. :c

  • http://MONSTER202 JANE

    this totally sucks!!!!! I hope that ABC Family hears all the true fans and brings it back.

  • f8ck

    Seriously, seriously. Of course I am upset. F*ck them, at least give us a better ending not a freaking cliff hanger. You idiots. I hate them they do the same thing, cancel that American Preggo Girl show and bring Jane back. Please.

  • nicole juliet


  • Melody

    I love this show. I don’t know why start watching shows on ABC Family, they just cancel all the best ones.

  • Jess

    The show can’t be cancelled.. It has so much potential, the actors are awesome. It’s one of the best show on ABC Family, they’ve made a huge mistake…

  • Joujou

    so not happy :(

  • Tiffany

    this is really sad. i JUST got into this show. it really is a lot more amazing than most of the shows on nowadays. It’s a really nice change from the crazy drama on some other shows, it’s a lot more lighthearted and cute. It’s just REALLY a shame. :’( i really hope there’s a chance somehow for the show to survive. <3 the cast&writers are so talented!

  • Maggie

    so sad :( I love the show! I want to see who Jane ends up with!!! Bring it back!

  • http://@deuriostem Melissa Deurioste

    IPlease say it isn’t so!!!! This was really a GREAT show! SO MUCH BETTER than another stupid reality ty show about people that no one cares about.

  • http://MAEMESA janice mesa

    why! is JBD cancelled i love the show i hate ABC family

  • http://MAEMESA janice mesa

    noooooo why! is JBD cancelled i wanted to see billy and jane to get together i hate ABC family first they cancelled KYLE XY now this show

  • noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, god why? :(

  • http://TWITTER.COM/ELINAMILAN Elina Milan

    No!!!! I can’t believe that! it’s so sad : (

  • Sarah

    why does abc family keep cancelling all the good shows?

    and billy and jane needed to get together before they cancelled it.

    this is so sad.

  • chao

    dafuq! WHYYYYY?!???????????

    i’ve been waiting for this for such a long time!! ugh! screw this!

  • Mara

    I am truly disappointed. This was one of my favorite shows. I think if they knew they were cancelling it, they should have AT LEAST wrapped the story up with a few more episodes. I am going to miss all of the great acting, and the show itself. Its even worse that we were left with a cliffhanger. A HUGE one at that. This show had so much potential. SUCH a terrible decision that ABC family made. So, so, so sad :(

  • thalita

    So sad :(