Jordin Sparks: 'Sparkle' Was One Big Laugh Factory

Jordin Sparks: 'Sparkle' Was One Big Laugh Factory

Jordin Sparks shines in these exclusive new photos for JJJ held earlier this month in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old singer/actress’ new film, Sparkle, just hit theaters, and JJJ got the scoop on her experience, her music and her svelte new figure. Check it:

JJJ: What will you take away from the experience of making this movie and working with Whitney [Houston]?
JS: Well first off, I had never filmed a movie before so the whole experience was one big learning curve for me. It was a blast to be a part of it and then knowing the cast and knowing their work, and here I come the rookie and I’m like, ‘Let them like me, please let things work out.’ And it was a lot of fun because they were there with open arms, and willing to help. Like saying ‘Maybe you should try things this way, or think about this emotion.’ And then you throw Whitney in there, and having idolized her as a musician and a singer, I wanted to be her. So to be standing across from her it was incredible. I had to get in this professional mindset and then internally I’m freaking out so I was exhausted by fighting my own self at the end of the day. But I really, really enjoyed working with her, she was so nurturing; I was the youngest person on set and she was mama bear, so we just naturally gravitated towards each other. We all really bonded together and we all really cared for each other so I think in the film it really comes across and it’s really organic.

JJJ: What is your greatest memory of filming? Can you share a story with our readers?
JS: The set was one big laugh factory. You have Mike Epps who is just so funny and crazy. He would be so serious in the scene and you’d cut and he’d make some off remark or joke and we’d all be rolling in stitches on the floor. Whitney had a great sense of humor too, I remember one time we were filming a scene where we were sneaking out of the house and the camera was behind her head so all you could see was the back of her head, she was making the funniest faces at us to get us to laugh. But I think the moment where we taught her how to Dougie was the best. We were waiting for camera to turn around and we had a little bit of time so I put on my iPod and that came on and we were dancing and she came in and she asked what it was and we said ‘it’s called the dougie’ and she wanted to learn, so we taught her to Dougie.

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JJJ: Are you always working on new music? When do you project a new album?
JS: In the midst of all of this madness, I actually signed on to do a new film. I was filming it last week in New York, it’s called The Inevitable Defeat of Mr. and Pete. It’s an indie drama, Alicia Keys is one of the executive producers, Jennifer Hudson is also in the film. And there is no music in this one so I just get to play a character. And then on top of that, I’m recording a new album and I’m excited to get new material out there to my fans.

JJJ: You shared your 50-pound weight loss with Self magazine (you look amazing on the cover) what are some of your secrets for maintaining fit? What are your go to work out songs?
JS: I always put music on when I’m on the treadmill because certain parts of the song make me want to speed up and go faster. For a really long time I listened to Kanye West‘s entire graduation album, from start to finish. Now I am listening to anything by Jason Derulo because I’m super biased. I have on occasion listed to my own songs. [laughs]

JJJ: Whats your fondest memory of American Idol? And what do you think about Mariah judging this year?
JS: I have listened to Mariah Carey since I was in my mothers stomach, I absolutely love her, I love everything that she does and I am really excited for her because she hasn’t really done anything like this, where each week we are going to be seeing her and she’s gonna be front and center. I can’t wait to hear what she has to say. Mariah herself grew up in the industry, and for her to become a judge, especially on a show that has kids all the way up to adults, I feel like she has all the advice. Plus, I know she’s going to be performing on the show, because Jennifer [Lopez} got to do it a ton, so I can’t wait to watch her.

JJJ: Song that makes you dance…
JS: I actually like a lot of hip hop and R&B, and my mom is gonna kill me for this but, Big Shaun “Dance”. It is one song I have to get up and move.

JJJ: Dream collaboration…
JS: Nat King Cole, I would have loved to sing something with him.

JJJ: What would you be if you weren’t a singer…
JS: Pediatrics or Criminal Justice.

JJJ: Guilty pleasure food…
JS: My moms sweet potato casserole, hands down. I could eat that all day every day.

JJJ: Favorite song of the summer…
JS: “Wide Awake” by Katy Perry, first time I heard that song I thought it was pop perfection.

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Photos: Amy Kaplan for JJJ
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