Julianne Hough & Brother Derek: Malibu Beach Day

Julianne Hough & Brother Derek: Malibu Beach Day

Julianne Hough snaps a pic with big brother Derek while at the Kia Beach House on Saturday afternoon (August 18) in Malibu, Calif.

The two siblings joined friends and family to welcome Julianne, 24, back to Los Angeles. She recently wrapped filming on Safe Haven in North Carolina.

“Good Morning LA! So nice to be in my own house, my own bed, and in clothes I haven’t worn in over 2 months!” she tweeted just the day before.

Derek, 27, was also seen running on the beach with his new pup, EyBoi.

“I feel so lucky,” he tweeted about his new canine friend. “This dog is incredible. Everything I’ve taught him he’s applied within two days … Genius animal!”

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Credit: Boaz, Josephine Santos; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, FameFlynet
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  • Lindsay

    Aww, I love these two. Cute how they’re both wearing blue and white.


  • lin

    Julianne is back–the Hough Publicity Machine is on high “Look at me, Please look at me!! I want to be a “real” actress so desperately bad, look at all my photos…I POSE everywhere so people will have to look at me….I need to be liked…I need constant adulation…don’t think of me as a dancer anymore, I’m a real actress…right?!” We like her but it is sad… she seems so insecure and desperate to be liked and SEEN. She takes her personal photographer everywhere to get “candid photos” (no paps are interested). Her publicist needs to tone it down “overexposed.” Julianne is too “in your face” and her constant mugging is annoying. (At least Derek has class and is more restrained). No Julianne, plastering your photo everywhere does not make you a “real” actress…the real actors in LA don’t do this!!

  • Barb

    Agree w/lin–Julianne seems to be obsessed with her own image and sharing her image NonStop ( so we too are supposed to be in love w/her image, uh no). For some reason she is addicted to taking iphone photos of herself (even creepy pretend sleeping photos on her twitter). Julianne does love to pose–should be a model, not an aspiring actress.

    By the way, JH and Derek were paid for this Staged Photo Op at the beach house by Talentresources.com–just another publicity stunt by the Houghs to keep their faces (whether we like it or not) in our culture. Enough w/the Houghs!!!!

  • chillie

    Nothing against these talented dancers, but LOL lin! How is it so random that these two happened to be papped? Julianne used to be so pretty… Now she looks… mature? Definitely trying to look a lot older than she is. And her candid and BTH photos are everywhere… what’s up with that? And she’s a poser (not really something bad) but she poses even in her films. And wth with her tweets that so personal (or maybe with celebs)? Is it me or does she promote her films even before she starts shooting them so that people can watch? “obsessed with her image” – i think it’s because it’s the way she can be a star (or so it seems) and remember, she has to be at par with her bf’s image as well. But good on her for trying to do what she loves.

  • DDish

    I’m actually looking forward to Derek’s career more than his sister’s. At least he’s witty, and his talents besides dancing stretch more. I’d be more convinced if he were to act since he’s not that vain.

  • Kaley

    I too look forward to Derek’s career (feel he is more talented than Julianne, she seems to be all hype and pretty looks, not real acting talent, yet). Derek is not ‘in your face’ and seems really cool. Looks like he did get paid for product placement by Kia and Talent Resources (they think we don’t know we are being manipulated by corp and celebs…friends welcoming JH back to LA, right…where are the friends’ photos?! Nope, just staged by these casual “actors”, pre-approved photos by the Houghs! But, good for Derek for making non- DWTS money! http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/robert-pattinson-lauren-conrad-lindsay-lohan-derek-hough-364838

    Have to agree with others, Julianne can overly promote her movies (but her publicist is responsible for pushing her)

  • karanina

    @Kaley: if she were a real actor, the publicist’s job is to make public statements and relations cordial. other than that, You’re there for the acting, not the branding. And even the smallest projects are opportunities for them. Networking puts your name out there but it doesn’t make you any talented.

  • Jillian

    Cute photos of Julianne, my girlfriends and I just LOVE Julianne! She is an inspiration to us girls her age! She is so sweet, genuine and beautiful, has such a fun, positive personality and is down-to-earth (not snobbish like a lot of young celebs in LA…don’t ever get sucked in by Hollywood and change Julianne, ok?!). And, most importantly she is such a loving, responsible dog owner of her adorable dogs Lexi and Harley!! We follow her Tweets/FB and she just adores her dogs and treats them so well–like they are the MOST important thing in the world to her–she truly loves life with them (I don’t think money/fame, movies, fans, perks/big houses, etc. will ever even compare to her…. you can tell a lot about a person by how they regard/treat their pets, as family, of course. You can tell her darling dogs love her, too!) . God has truly blessed her and her life, and I believe Julianne is a blessing to so many others, like me! Thanks Julianne, good luck with your career…Derek looks like he too is a wonderful, responsible, LOVING dog owner….how sweet he is with his dog, woof! Love you both!! You are such exceptional dancers, miss you on DWTS…talent will continue to grow in your acting career (remember Reese W. started out years ago as a young actress, too). God bless you Julianne and your family, always.

>>>>>>> staging1