Leighton Meester: 'Gossip Girl' Set with Ed Westwick

Leighton Meester: 'Gossip Girl' Set with Ed Westwick

Leighton Meester wears some comfy flip flops while on the set of Gossip Girl on Friday afternoon (August 17) in New York City’s Upper East Side.

The 26-year-old actress traded in her rust colored dress for a laid back look while filming with co-stars Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford, and Kelly Rutherford for the sixth and final season of the hit CW show.

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Just the week before, Leighton and Ed were spotted filming additional scenes for the show.

10+ pictures inside of Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick

“Gossip Girl” Promo

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Credit: Curtis Means; Photos: ACE/INFdaily
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  • Jason

    What are “flip flips”??

  • kate

    I like and love more dan and blair , dair<3 forever

  • sara

    I’m dying to attend sixth and last season of gossip girl.

  • Jackie

    Chuck and Blair! Finally! Cannot wait to see how they end this series. Fingers crossed for a Chair wedding. They (and we) have certainly earned it!

  • andrea

    Excited for the final season of Gossip Girl. Chuck and Blair all the way baby!

  • Cally

    You wear that suit Ed Westwick! Could you be any hotter? Leighton looks beautiful!

    And love that promo! Finally Chuck and Blair. I’m ready for the last season and much more of them!

  • Verena cote

    Love Chair so much <3 Ed is so fucking hot!!!

  • Sabi

    Chuck and Blair look beautiful!

    They need to have babies, hot babies.

  • roxie

    I love them! They are so beautiful together and CHAIR is the best, I’m so happy they are going to be together during the last season! <3 MY BET'S ON THEM lol

  • priya

    Chuck and Blair finally….love them soooo much…ed and leighton rock <3 <3……Chuck and Blair fan for life <3 <3

  • Emily

    I cannot wait to see them in scenes together next season. I can’t believe it’s the last one… :-/ On the bright side, Ed always looks great in a suit!

  • anon75

    @Jason: Just another name for the rubber sandals Leighton was wearing between takes for that scene.

  • NANA


  • Megan

    Love Ed and Leighton and can’t wait for Chuck and Blair to be back this season. Season 5 was terrible but this one already looks better since Chuck and blair will be back together!

  • Chris

    Love both Ed & Leighton!! Can’t wait for the new season of Gossip Girl !

  • Ellie

    chair <3333

  • Lala

    Ed Westwick is hideous and Chuck Bass should have been killed off. He single handedly ruined the show for me.

  • belinda

    Ed Westwick is hot as hell. LOL at @Lala saying Chuck Bass single handedly ruined the show for you. I guess you quit after the second episode then. BTW Gossip Girls’ best ratings were during it’s Season of Chuck & Blair which was S2. Yeah he really ruined the show. Nothing brought Gossip Girl down faster than the Dairsaster of S5 and it’s Season of Dan.

  • ava

    Good GAWD Ed Westwick is one good looking man. Leighton looks beautiful too! Chuck and Blair all day, every day! Love them!

  • everypart

    Oh please. Ed’s gorgeous. Chuck’s amazing. And Chuck and Blair are endgame. Bye.

  • ava



  • Nicole

    Ed Westwick is sex on a stick. Anyone that says otherwise is an extremely butt-hurt Dair fan. Really guys, build a bridge and get the F over it. You lost. It’s over. It’s done. Please, stop being so pathetic. You make fans everywhere look bad, ok? Thank you. Have a great day.

  • Nicole


    You are pathetic. And disgusting. And a loser. Go find a life or a friend or something more productive to occupy your time.

  • Lexie

    Ed is awesome! As is Leighton. Those two as Chuck and Blair are without a doubt the best things about the show.

    Little Dair troll, your ship sunk and ,well, no one gives a damn because the best couple in Chuck and Blair are back

  • julie

    Dairluded once again. Ed westwick is one very sexy man and he and Leighton Meester make that show.

  • Jane A.

    Ed Westwick as Chuck is so fab — he was pretty much only thing I liked about Season 5. Can’t wait for Season 6. (But please, give Nate a good story too!)

  • Niewss

    Chuck and his man pain ruined the show in season 2. He and his stupid Batman voice takes up too much screen time.

  • andrea

    LOL. Keep it up Blonut fans. Your butthurt jealousy is ridiculous and also rather delicious. Sure Chuck ruined the show in season 2. The season with the highest ratings and greatest buzz. And please keep showing what faux feminists you guys are by talking about MAN pain. As if it being from a male character negates it. Seriously, don’t you guys understand that the more attention you give Chuck Bass the more the writers will focus on him? Better to have legions of fans and a few crazy haters than be irrelevant and inspire ZERO passion like your beloved Donut Humphrey.

  • Juliana

    Oh Chuck and Blair back together finally! I could not be happier! As for the silly haters. Ed is smoking hot and Chuck Bass is the most popular male character on the series. He and Blair are the iconic characters from the series. That’s just a fact.

  • Lena

    Ed and Leighton look great on set and in the promo! CHAIR FOREVER!

  • Elizabeth lusseman

    Chuck and Blair. Ed and Leighton. Nothing makes me happier than seeing pictures of these two seperate or together! The final season of Gossip Girl looks like it will be great!

  • Emily

    I cannot believe it will be the last season. I’m going to miss Chuck and Blair so much. Nate and Serena too! NJBC Forever!

  • Tonya

    Ed looks so dapper. I’m not feeling Leighton’s dress but she’s so beautiful she can pull off anything. CHAIR FTW!

  • Carrie

    I cannot wait for season 6 but I’m also rather sad about it too. It will be the end of an era. But at least my ship, Chuck and Blair will get a happy ending.

  • Lawrence

    Ed’s too sexy!.

  • Chair

    I can’t believe it’s the last season of Gossip Girl. Oh well at least it will be the best one since Chuck and Blair are back together. Chuck is so hot and Blair is so pretty. They make a perfect couple. I hope the get married or something.

  • hera


    Me too! I love them!! Anyways, I love Leighton in that dress!! She looks so pretty!!

  • Tiffany

    I’m going to miss Gossip Girl so much! It’s one of my favorite shows. I love it.