Vanessa Hudgens: Runyon Canyon Hike

Vanessa Hudgens: Runyon Canyon Hike

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her studded toned tummy as she hikes Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles on Thursday (August 23).

The 23-year-old actress hit the trails with younger sister Stella, and gal pal Laura New.

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Just the day before, Vanessa was spotted heading to another workout.

And in case you missed it, check out a few new stills from Vanessa‘s upcoming flick, Spring Breakers.

15+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens hiking Runyon Canyon…

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  • andrea

    i don’t know how can people say that vanessa is fat.. she looks amazing, in shape, and looks super healthy. I think it’s about the hair.. like now is shorter that before so she looks different, but she’s gorgeous and i’m super happy about her upcoming films and festivals !!!!

  • kami

    she is in great shape. wish i had the motivation she does to work out. i force myself to do aerobics twice a week and i hate it. maybe i should start hiking.

  • tina

    Doesn’t this woman have a real job to do?All the posts I can see on this website about her are the pictures of her PDA with her beau or working-out or shopping or attending some parties…I mean I think she’s supposed to be an actress,instead of just being out and about to let paps take photos of her,right?

  • Unknown

    @tina: You can’t be serious. She just finished filming a movie a few months ago, that same movie is going to 2 festivals next month, she’s also being honored at the Power of Youth even next month for her work with the Make A Wish foundation, she has a movie coming out in November, she has 2 movies coming out next year & a cameo appearance in a movie that also comes out next year. She is aloud to have a little time off unless you want her to work herself to death. Unless you know all the facts I suggest you restrain from saying something idiotic.

  • pika

    why is she working out? take a break man! i’ll be the person dragging my half dead body across the floor like it was the friggin’ sahara desert

  • Haters Suck!

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • oscar

    @tina: Don’t you have a life? It’s best to shut your mouth if you know nothing about her…

  • tina

    that’s not me that some other person using my name. I’m sure she knows everything Vanessa’s doing because she is either here or on Zac threads everyday. Good to see her with her sister and friends.

  • My 2 Cents

    How fun and such pretty girls. Obviously some people don’t understand the movie business and how it works. It is not a 5 day 40 hour a week job. She has been working non stop and she continues to work . Actors are not like us they work and sometimes they are off for a year. So don’t judge Vanessa for living her life, she is one of the most difficult professions that exist and yet so far she is doing great.

  • tina

    @tina: I am also a tina and I know that tina wasn’t you or me either.

  • tina

    BTW the Vanessa looks adorable and I love Laura

  • tc

    Hot mamas

  • http://Lala AiWen

    Well said *clap hands

  • kelly martineau

    Nice to see her with someone else then big lips. that women needs to start working again. that all she does work out or hiking.

  • muse

    Acting is one of THE hardest jobs to maintain. Vanessa works her butt off and when she has a break and goes to keep in shape…its still not good enough for those small-minded negative people! How innapropriate of you to say she isnt doing anything or has no jobs going on…she has worked around all year with gaps in between coz that’s what happens. Its a JOB! It may not be 9-5 but when Vanessa is working on a project she works her butt off!
    Keep your hate and negativity to yourself and stopwasting your time being a bully!
    Vanessa looks great :)

  • Like

    I would not say V has been working non-stop if that was the case she would constantly be on a set or in meetings. But she has been working hard and has a lot to show for it in the coming months.

    I have to admit I am getting a little bored of the constant work out pics. It is possible to go work out with out getting papped. If you know where to go. She either likes people knowing where she works out or she has been told to frequent the same place for work purposes-ie getting in shape for another role.

  • troy

    @kelly martineau:
    Tell me would you rather see pictures of Vanessa entering nightclubs every night and stumbling out of them when they close? I think she’s the only the person I’ve ever seen criticized for staying physically fit. It’s ridiculous.

  • -

    Does anyone know where Stella’s top is from?