Miley Cyrus: Backless Shirt Shopper in Philadelphia

Miley Cyrus: Backless Shirt Shopper in Philadelphia

Miley Cyrus hits the pavement as she does a little bit of shopping on Saturday afternoon (August 25) in Philadelphia, Penn.

The 19-year-old actress wore a back cut-out gray tee during her stop at Tumi and out and about in town.

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Fiance Liam Hemsworth is currently filming Paranoia, with Lucas Till and Amber Heard, in the city of Brotherly Love.

Earlier in the week, Miley was spotted out with a few pals in New York City.

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Credit: Ouzounova; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • JEF

    Yeah the hair cut was a really bad idea. It looks bad sorry. Is she serious with the hoop earrings. Sorry but she doesn’t even look like herself anymore.

  • kim

    she does`nt look like how she used to be she looks like a punk kid but a cool one atleast!!! i like her haircut it`s different!

  • anon

    All that money and she can’t afford a bra?

  • M

    Where is Warren these days? not into “sexy Miley’s” falling apart and desperately needing a bra look?

  • amber

    @M: LOL!!!!

  • woohoo

    she’s getting more trashier & trashier everytime I see her. Liam can do so much better!

  • anon

    Still hot, i bet all you people commenting are ugly af

  • amanda

    Ummm how do we know what “herself is” this may be the real Miley ?

  • cam


    It’s funny how the girls who post here all “think” or wishful think that Liam can do better. It seems Liam loves Miley & his love does not change because of a haircut. Miley is still Miley & unlike some of these people hiding behind a computer she is real & beautiful & rich & engaged to a real hottie, Liam Hemsworth. Yea, I guess that would make most girs jealous!

  • Marielle

    @cam: THANK YOU. People get hair cuts every day but they are still the same person. Liam isn’t complaining about Miley’s look but other people think that they are entitled to complain on his behalf. Ignorant. And the cut of the back isn’t anything newsworthy. Seriously.

  • sebc

    love u miley *_*

  • Bop

    Pokies are always welcome. Grow out that hair and go back to being a brunette and then call me!

  • Cher

    @M: i saw his comments on Just jared

  • Warren

    @M: Hey, I’ve just been a day late a lot of times, but still think Miley is the hottest, sexiest woman in the world. I’m just bummed that she’s getting married. Miley is still my dream girl and I like her new do OK. She is such a fun girl.

  • Tay

    @Warren: It’s kind of dumb to worship someone so much because you think they’re good looking… our society is so so shallow and obsessed with appearances… I think some actors are really hot but I don’t worship them because of it…

  • Tay

    just my opinion anyways

  • Warren

    @Tay: But Miley is beautiful on the inside too. With a kind heart and a great personality. Miley has spunk. It’s not just her looks that make her hot.

  • amy


    People seem to forget all the good Miley has done for children & charity – it wasn’t too long ago she was in Haiti helping young kids with the Snarkey Hearing Foundation. Just because some of us see the good in Miley does not mean we worship her – we just love Miley for the person we see. Miley has a big heart and I don’t care if she cuts her hair – that does not change who she is – the beauty we see in Miley is more than skin deep, although she is beautiful – not perfect – BUT that’s what makes people beautiful – the differences.

    If people are looking for perfection in anyone – good luck with that – NO ONE is perfect – we all learn from life and growing up – it’s just that Miley has had to do so with cameras in her face all the time – I doubt anyone posting here could pass that test with flying colors.

  • S


  • Caroline

    I like Miley, i like her music and i def. enjoy herself but…
    seriously, feels like im seeing Lindsay Lohan.
    Its just that she looks so different.

  • michelle

    @amy: I don’t know but when I think of Miley I think of all the little girls who looked up to her, who she one day decided she didn’t care to set a decent example for anymore, even though they’re the one’s who gave her success in the first place.
    All teen actors have helped with charities and stuff because it is in their job description, not all of them have the sense to respect their fan base and respect the influence they have as a popstar. I don’t think Miley’s a bad person and I imagine the pressure is hard to deal with, but I just don’t like her attitude about fame. And yeah, all women should wear bras in public. She’s just going braless for attention, which is really dumb.