Win a FREE 'The Lucky One' DVD!

Win a FREE 'The Lucky One' DVD!

With The Lucky One coming out on DVD and Bluray TOMORROW, JJJ has teamed up with Warner Bros. to take a look back at Nicholas Sparks‘ books-turned-films.

Together, we’ve picked out our class couples, best dressed, most talented and more and want you to help us decide more superlatives. Who would you pick for class clown? What about best smile or drama queen?

Check out our picks below!

Starring Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling, The Lucky One tells the story of a Marine, who travels to Louisiana after serving three tours in Iraq and searches for the unknown woman he believes was his good luck charm during the war.

Want to win a copy on DVD? Find out how below!

UPDATE: Winner has been chosen. Thanks for entering.

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  •!/xokbsa1xo Karen


  • Ria

    Missed seeing this in theaters due to exams. I definitely want the DVD!

  • Ok

    I’m standing in line after work tonight , just to get The DVD. LOL love you Zac

  • http://Jellybellys78 Jennifer

    I’d love to win this. Zac Efron is so hot!

  • Becca

    In love with this movie! ahhh can’t wait for the DVD

  • Yasmeen Roumie

    i’d love to win (:

  • Emily D.

    Great contest!

  • cassie n

    i drove 2 hours home from college when this came out to go see it with my mom! such a good book AND movie. not to mention how beautiful is zac efron? this would be the perfect birthday gift considering i turned 20 today!!!!

    hope some birthday luck rubs off on my chances!

  • Daynia

    this is so exciting

  • Stephanie D.

    I watched this amazing film when it came out in theaters. I absolutely loved!! Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling’s acting performance was on point!! I would be so jubilant if I won! :))) . Best film I’ve seen in a while!

  • Kimberly Ripley

    Haven’t seen this yet but would love to! Big Zac Efron fan!!

  • Kirsty

    I would love to win a copy of zac’s new movie he is amazing and i love him so id be delighted to win this

  • laura

    I love this movie!!!

  • Ok

    Yeah he is up on top. I’m not in this contest. Good luck to all who are. May you be The Lucky One.

  • elena

    loved this book… as usual… Nicholas Sparks never lets me down with his books! and the movie… i just fell in love with Zac haha

  • Amanda

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! Zac efron is amazing and nicholas sparks is such an amazing author!! I would love to win this!!

  • elena

    so i guess i won’t be the lucky one… ’cause i’m not a US resident… so sad xD

  • Caitlin

    I would love to win this movie. I’m a HUGE fan of Zac Efron and loved the book. Never got the chance to see the movie but I have always wanted to, ever since I read the book. It would be AWESOME to win the DVD =D

  • http://@_Lesliie18 leslie

    I am a huge fan of Zac Efron !<3333






    Can’t wait to see this movie. I haven’t seen it yet. Also can’t wait for Safe Haven to come out

  • http://Eef__ Eef Christiaens

    Lots of love from Belgium

  • Eef

    Lots of love from Belgium !

  • Stephanie D.

    Such an incredible film! Wonderful cast and crew. Winning this DVD would be amazing!! :)

  • cat

    Wow, I love this movie :)

  • cat

    When I first saw this movie I fell in love with the movie and the author <3

  • cat

    The Lucky One is definitely one of my faves <3

  • cat

    I love Zac Efron … hahaha :)

  • cat

    I want this movie because there are times that I really want to see it (not online, rented, or downloaded) and I can’t :( I wish to have it stored with all of my movies! Which, by the way, are a zillion of movies..

  • cat

    I love Nicholas Sparks…. and obviously this AWESOME movie :) A pretty cool movie, dude.

  • cat

    I’m glad that this book was turned into a movie , because I really enjoyed watching it. :)

  • cat

    Amazing cast.. they couldn’t find any better <3 Zac E. :)))) and of course Taylor Schilling, who did it pretty well, by the way :)

  • cat

    A comment as simple as this one :)

  • Candace

    awesome! i didn’t get a chance to see this movie in theaters so i hope to win a copy! ): i loved the trailers!

  • Candace

    i am a huge nicholas sparks fan! can’t wait for more books-turned-into-movies from him! (:

  • Emily


  • Britney

    Need to see this again!

  • Natalie

    so excited for the lucky one! zac played a wonderful marine! way to go zac! keep up the great work zac:)

  • Marian

    I would love to win this DCD!

  • Bailey flores

    i loved this movie!!

  • Mc

    me please!

  • http://@amacomber Alyssa

    Would love to win this DVD. Already one of my favorite Nicholas Sparks movies.

  • http://dfiregirl4 Delia E.

    I so want to win this!! :)

  • Nicole

    love zac efron and this movie! (:

  • Porsche

    Lots of Love from Ohio. Such a HUGEE zac efron fan!! and a BIG Nicholas Sparks Reader!! <3

  • pup

    Great giveaway!

  • katlyn

    I loved the book and the movie!! I also loooove Zac Efron :)

  • http://Sabibieber Sabina Martinez

    Hello I really want to win the movie I love zack Efron please please


    I would be the happiest girl ever in a long while if I won this.