Austin Butler: John Varvatos Shop Stop

Austin Butler: John Varvatos Shop Stop

Austin Butler glances up from his mobile phone after stopping off at John Varvatos on Friday afternoon (August 31) in Los Angeles.

Looks like someone is getting a gift from the 21-year-old actor soon!

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Just the day before, Austin was spotted with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens at Ralph’s grocery store. Vanessa even let Austin get a bite of her ice cream as they returned to their car.

10+ pics inside of Austin Butler shopping at John Varvatos

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Brie

    Aside from dating a celebrity what has he done to be pap’d/get on this site?

  • Proudofzacnessa

    Does he have a job?

  • steph

    He is so fricken one wants to see his fugly big lipped face!

  • Selma

    Where is V ?

  • pika

    jared dont you dare put this dude in the category celebrity…just dont

  • samsam

    soooo cuz this guy is sleeping with a celeb that makes him one too? Nope.

  • Ok

    Hi Hottie Where is the cutie?

  • http://sandy sandy

    He looks very thin. I hope she didn’t give him something.

  • :)

    I think Vanessa is into the pre-pubescent looking blonde guys. That’s probably why she and Zac broke up. He was beginning to look too manly for her.

  • cosmos

    Let’s get our facts straight shall we? Austin is a WORKING actor. That’s his job to the person asking if he works. He has a reacuring role on Switched at Birth and starring in The Carrie Diaries. Not bad for someone at 21. Working in Hollywood for 12 years I learned so many people can call themselves actors but those who work are blessed and lucky. This is a man who knows it. Give him a break!! Though the crazy Zanessa fans(you are almost as scary as the Twilight ones) are OBSESSED with him getting out of Vanessa’s life he is a GOOD young man who works hard and treats her right. That’s all a woman can ask for and you can SEE unless you are blind SHE is a VERY HAPPY woman with him. And his lips are sexy! Maybe when you become older you’ll learn to have RESPECT for people and NOT JUDGE due to a woman who doesn’t date your idol.

  • Paulie

    he is improving ah! since he was the boyfriend of vanessa.. he doesn’t wear old shoes

  • mykamicks


    I agree with you. everytime I see him his getting cutier. Austin is a very laid back type of a hollywood star. Not fancied of any flashy or branded clothes or shoes.. yet you can see him a very humble person & a gentleman boyfriend of Vanessa.

    For others he may underdog this guy, but definitely he has a great personality.

  • Just a distraction..

    He may be cute, but he wont be dating Vanessa for too much longer. No way!

  • andrea

    @cosmos: nobody is judging if he’s a bad actor, or if he doesn’t work.. but he’s not a celebrity.. not just because he’s dating vanessa hudgens, he should get followeed by the paparazzis.. that’s all

  • marisme

    @cosmos: there are so many actors working so much harder than him , but no one heard about them , he’s maybe a good actor , but he never was a celebrity till he started dating vanessa ,

  • China26

    Ay por favor este tipo no era nadie antes de andar con Vane la verdad yo ni sabía que existía y te apoyo @andrea por que le duela a quien le duela es la verdad

  • garfield

    He’s one of the ugliest guys I’ve ever seen in my life

  • power

    @Paulie: Also that same old grey t-shirt .I see Vanessa bought him a new one . lol

  • http://saradjaroud sara

    Guys stop the hate, and for those saying he’s not working, I disagree, he worked on The life unexpeted which was a very popular tv show, and now he’s working on switched at birth, and we’ll see him nxt year on the carrie diaries, I can’t wait to see u haters drooling over him when he gets even more popular nxt year

  • http://saradjaroud sara

    @garfield: yeahh right coz ur soo pretty, stop hating, he really cute, and u should see him shirtless……. mind blowing

  • power


  • power

    @sara: oh no . I do not want to see this skinny piece of $hit without his shirt on .I’ll go blind .I bet it wouldn’t at least weigh a single pound if you scratch his flesh off and weigh it.

  • inertia

    He’s such a leech , leeching off a girl’s money and luxuries .He doesn’t even have a car .That’s Vanessa’s car .

  • power

    oops sorry . I thought that comment was for me .sorry !

  • lula

    ha ha

  • Ok

    I like him

  • Brit

    well he acts on Switched at Birth, that is considered a job

  • luna

    por favor! zanessa no exite, superalo idiota!

  • luna

    i want to see his face! he is so cute! i like him more than gayfron!

  • luna

    I agree!
    the crazy 12 years old aka zanessa fans should go to a gayfron post!

  • luna

    go back to zefron girl! hahahah noone cares about zac or zanessa anymore!

  • luna

    They live together, they share their lifes! get over zanessa please, THAT COUPLE DOESNT EXIST ANYMORE, VANESSA DUMPED ZAC 2 YEARS AGO!!! SHE DOESNT LIKE ZAC ANYMORE, SHE LOVES AUSTIN!

  • luna

    Thank god Vanessa dumped Gayfron! we all are happy because she is happy now with Austin! since she dumped Gayfron she looks happy and her family is happy for her!

  • caroline

    the happiest day of all Vanessa fans was 13-12-10!!! BEST DAY EVER!!

  • Boji

    He is mature for his age and what I like about him is that he doesn’t blab about his personal life. It is also evident that he takes his present relationship seriously.

  • steph

    You all are idiots who like me he doesn’t love her he just loves her money and really whoever says V looks happier look at old Zanessa pics and you’ll see happy and in love and @luna they don’t live together and whoever says Austin doesn’t talk about his personal life its because HE ISNT FAMOUS OTHER THAN DATING V AND YES PEOPLE LOVE ZANESSA CUZ THEY WERE THE BEST COUPLE TO EVER LIVE SO IF YOU LIKE FUGLY AUSTIN GO RIGHT ON AHEAD MORE POWER TO YA!!

  • Haters Suck!

    People are just pissed Austin is twice the man and twice the boyfriend little boy efron ever was. Vanessa is much happier in her life with Austin then she ever was with little boy efron

  • steph

    @hatersuck!this all I have to say..HAHA!!thts a joke all in itself..Zac was always a better man than him trust me Zac protected V from the paps where Austin just protects himself for no reason..Zac will ALWAYS BE A BETTER AND RICHER ACTOR ALONG WITH 2X THE MAN AUSTIN EVER WILL BE!!

  • Haters Suck!

    Little boy efron is just that a little boy. He’s the one who said the only reason he was with Vanessa was because it “served him”. Austin has actually been there and supported Vanessa something efron never did. Don’t know why people are so upset they broke up when zac made it perfectly clear more then once he had no intention of marrying Vanessa, ever. Will Vanessa marry Austin? I don’t know but she needs to be with someone who wants that too.

  • steph

    I think people took tht the wrong way and u know what I agree V deserves someone who wants to marry her but they were both busy and tht can cause issues and of course Austin’s been there for her cuz he hardly works and I was watching and old interview and the interviewer said so ur with Vanessa Anne Efron oops I mean hudgens and zac goes I like the sound of tht..i think zac truly cared for her and a lot of people know he did an u say he never supported her what about the scandal when asked about it in an interview about it he said that it was her personal business and tht it shouldn’t be brought up cuz he was protecting her also did people forget how he went to all of her RENT shows even when he had to present an award at the TCAs also he said how proud of her she was and also he threw her a 21st b’day bash and that’s what a good boyfriend would do and also he always talked about how beautiful and funny she was and a lot of things and I think he still cares for her you may not think so but I do and I don’t like Austin cuz he’s with V I don’t like him cuz I just think he likes her money cuz she’s always bought him new shirts and clothes…i don’t think V has to get back with him but I can tell u now that I know V can do better than Austin but I respect ur opinion and I see where ur coming from but we will never know what happened and really it would be nice to see them be friends and I know ash has nothing to do with this but I agree on how u feel about her cuz I lost my respect for her

  • cosmos

    Ok – NO ONE wants to be known as a celebrity! Well that’s not tru some live for it Austin & Vanessa don’t. They want to be known as an actor- there’s a difference. One for their face and the the other for work. You can look back at Vanessa’s interviews in the past and she says just that. She’s old school as Austin seems to be- they WANT to be known for their work NOT known because the stalkers take pictures. Haters here are pathetic as haters ARE! Nothing more to say aside from that. It’s sad that SO MANY OF YOU JUDGE. I believe in karma and I believe if you keep spewing the hate it will come back at you at some point. Do you really want that?

  • Melo


  • tina

    Let me see, his family spends time with her, hers spend time with him, they attended Church together,and he actually attends her premeires. They might not be forever but I like him for right now.

  • Roo

    Comment number 41 made me laugh very hard.

  • Roo

    want to be known for their career lol

  • Lawrence

    Haters haters haters!, don’t YOU have lives?*lol*. Austin’s hot!.

  • jimmy.

    lets be honest, he wouldn’t even be posted on here unless he was dating Vanessa. that’s the only main reason people actually know of him. sorry but for the past year he’s basically just followed her around like a lost puppy.

  • hh

    if they want to be known for their work then they better do something about the daily pics of them doing nothing. and v should learn some acting more. go to a acting class or something. she seems to have way too much free time for a working actor.

  • Puri

    i dont need a picture of him… i need a ZANESSA PIC

  • tina

    @hh: She’s taking dance classes. So half the time she’s not “going to the gym” she’s going to class.