Bridgit Mendler & Shane Harper: Officially Dating!

Bridgit Mendler & Shane Harper: Officially Dating!

It’s finally official — Bridgit Mendler and Shane Harper are an item!

The 19-year-old singer/actress, who is currently on a promo tour for her upcoming album Hello, My Name Is…, revealed she was dating Shane, also 19, during an interview with the Elvis Duran Show over the weekend.

Smiling at the radio hosts question if she was dating Shane, she responded, “It wasn’t one of those…’you meet on a set and date instantly,’ it took two years.”

Bridgit and Shane met on the set of Good Luck Charlie where they star as high school couple Teddy Duncan and Spencer Walsh.

TELL JJJ: What do you think of Bridgit and Shane as a couple — cute or super cute?

Bridgit admits to dating Shane
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  • jammie

    Super cute couple.

  • olin

    haha, i love brigit’s reaction when Elvis Duran just guessed it is Shane lol

  • Denise

    I knew it.

  • Get a clue

    Can we say “DUH”. If u want the teen choice award you could see them acting lovey dovey on there

  • jack

    they need to stop promoting her, she is just not becoming the star Disney hoped for. They are a bland boring white couple – better if she dated the black guy from Good Luck Charlie

  • Nicole

    I think they’ve been dating for a year now!

  • jj

    O” I quess they are not bad as a couple. Bridgit is a very lovely girl though and could do way better. I just don’t think it will last their is just something about harper that just doesn’t sit right with me not just on the show but news about him outside of G.L.C. haven’t anyone ever met someone or seen someone they don’t really know but theirs an ORA around the person that just push you away. Well that what I feel about harper and I think he going to hurt Bridgit either her soul, or physically. I hope I’m wrong and don’t know what I am talking about, but sadly it’s their and I can’t get over the feeling/////// I hope you the best Bridgit if you ever read thisl.

  • AA

    @jj that’s a huge assumption. I can promise you that your comment will be highly unfavourable to fans of the both of them. He’s like the sweetest and when people say she can do better; i don’t think so. He’s talented, has got a future and is not a bad guy. Have you seen the way he acts to his fans? Pure pride, love and respect. They’re are super cute couple and any hypocrisy is unnecessary. Sorry if these words hurt but the way he treats her is not leaning towards bad, it’s pure respect!

  • Ella

    Finally!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • jj

    @AA: Their is no hurt feeling here as I have said in my comment I hope I am totally wrong and the feelings and assumption that I formulated are incorrect. But again it’s just something about him a feeling that he is not the best person in her or any other girls life. If he proves me wrong great, Bridgit will have the perfect guy to be with.

  • Ana

    So adorable!! Look at the picture of them!! I’m glad it wasn’t an instant thing, it seems legit :)

  • trisha

    they have been together since march or may of last year.

  • http://laurenadamczyk lauren adamczyk

    he is not the brst will have guy not sad me lauren adamczyk him a feelings mand bark up girls me lauren adamczyk crying good bye girls bridgit mendler back up

  • Jay

    I love Bridget and am soo happy that she is dating Shane!!!!!

  • Layla

    I think Shane Harper is really cute and I’m sure he’s just as nice. Bridget made am amazing choice by dating him!!! So did Shane:) I think they are the perfect couple. Hopefully I will have the guts to ask this guy named Tyler out that I like and by just as happy!!! Never break up guys:):):):)

  • l3sly

    best cupple ever <3

  • carry vang

    I love this wish i had your lifebut thats just to bad for me right?

  • carry vang

    i think that they make such a really, really great cuple because they work on the same show and see each other evervy single. but forme i don’t even get to see this guy in my class because i don’t work with him and we both like each other like Bridget and shane but they both make up agood cuple like me and brian.

  • Jasmine Northrop

    Absolutely love it!!! It’s so cute that they are dating on the show and for real!!! Makes their relationship on Good Luck Charlie so easy lol

  • Lexi

    i think there super cute together. their relationship on the show and in real life is so cute.!

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  • joshlee11

    i should be dating bridgit

  • joshlee11

    all though the do look like a good couple


    I think their okay( i guess) but bridgit and nick jonas look better as a couple she should date him instead he need a desent girl like bridget in his life not like the sluts aka Miley,Selena,Delta, and others he’s been dating in the passed.

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  • marie

    super cute!!!!!!!! love them

  • http://website lozza

    super cute lol

  • billie webb

    i think they are super cute!!! i love them being together!! i love bridgets singing so much i am a singer too!! and shane is so hot!!!!

  • anon

    i luvv da pair ov dem….dey r such a CUTE couple!!! :D

  • Sandy

    I’m an older fan, I think they make a cute couple.

  • nerdblog

    Awww talk about cute couple. I think they are gonna turn out good. I LOVE GOOD LUCK CHARLIE!!!! Oh ya who wants to be on my blog??

  • Abby

    I think they are super cute couple!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Abby

    that is can of rude don’t u think ?!?

  • ronda s

    they are so cute together i sure hope Shane and Bridget get married one day. they are amazing together.