Ashley Tisdale: First Day on 'Scary Movie 5'

Ashley Tisdale: First Day on 'Scary Movie 5'

Ashley Tisdale lets pup Maui look outside her trailer on the set of Scary Movie 5 on Wednesday afternoon (September 5) in Atlanta, Ga.

The 27-year-old actress enjoyed a sip of Hubert’s Lemonade before heading off to set.

“First day of shooting!! Up early and ready to go! Got my coffee, got Maui, and a whole lotta love from all of you! #letsdothis #scarymovie5,” Ashley tweeted.

She added, “First time as an actress/character where I’m wearing a wedding band and ring. I’m married in this movie! #crazy #imabigkidnow #scarymovie5. First day was great! Hit the gym and now off to set :) #ilovethisjob #makingamovie.”

10+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale

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Credit: Kelly Wachs; Photos: Startraksphoto
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  • pika

    aww i feel sorry for her career…right now selena and vanessa both from disney are at venice getting a standing ovation(selena said it on her facebook) poor ash…

  • layla

    OMG I’m so excited for Scary Movie 5!! Love Ashley!

    @pika i feel sorry for you, cuz Ashley is the only disney star who is growing up with her fans and working w/ something for her, not for the audience

  • pika

    @layla: woah why the sarcasm? i actually like ash! but i feel sorry for her because she feels she needs to publicize her career via twitter when at her level of acting she shouldnt need to. but its clear the directors see something we dont which is why she may not get cast in movies she wants to. selena and vanessa on the other hand are going with what they’ve always wanted and getting the roles as well. i applaud selena because she is the only disney star who has successfully left the disney franchise. :)

  • NBTT

    @pika: I don’t think that Vanessa gets all the roles that she wants. Her little part in the sequel of Machete isn’t really something to be proud of.
    And there are no more movies she has signed on. She doesn’t get so many offers.

    The only one who’s doing the best job to get rid of the Disney image is Zac. He’s taking risks, plays roles where he said he wasn’t supposed to feel comfortable. And he is already at a point where he can turn down roles, like he did with the one musical.

    Ash and Vanessa have to work a lot and especially for Ash it’s hard to get rid of the Disney image and another thing she’s way too nice to everybody. If you want a steady career in Hollywood you have to work with your elbows. And it’s better not to take the easy way, which means the hard roles, they should be scary and not the way where you just make the big money.

  • Haters Suck!

    Oh would you shut the hell up. I hate to break this to u but zac isn’t God, he isn’t perfect. His way of doing things isn’t the only way, or the right way, or even the best way. There are many ways to succeed in this world not just his. I’m sick of hearing this crap from his fans.

  • pika

    @NBTT: i agree with you :) the machete kills part is very small but it is only mentioned because it has quite a few stars. but i do think that with the great reviews about spring breakers she will get more roles. plus the ones i’ve read have really liked vanessa’s and james’ performance also selena and felt her early departure in the movie did not slow the movie down even though she was a strong character.
    for zac efron i think hes at the point where he doesn’t even have to try thus getting quite arrogant with it. i mean i like his movies, though critics booed paperboy and are unsure with at any price. i suppose not all will love :)

  • S

    @NBTT I agree with you. Zac is the one who moved away from Disney in the best way ever he could have done. He grew up as an actor a lot… and yes, he’s not God. Just a very good actor who’s getting better and better.

    Vanessa and Selena might have moved from Disney more than Ashley did, but I have seen NO stars without scandals (even little ones), good role model rep and anti-hollywood lifestyle except Tisdale. Every former Disney star has had something bad in their past (maybe Duff hasn’t), but Ashley Tisdale is surely not one of those people.

  • kate

    Ashley is doing a great job and I think she’ll get more interesting projects after Scary Movie and Sons Of Anarchy. She’s working on her way and there’s no rush to run from Disney

  • pika

    @kate: i know there is no rush but she is not getting any younger regardless of how young she looks

  • Iris

    Vanessa has done more than any other actress that has ever been on DC. Sorry but she’s already left that name behind. (Frozen Ground; Gimme Shelter; Spring Breakers; Machete Kills; they’re all coming out soon)

    On the other hand it looks like Ashley doesn’t want to grow up. I mean cool HSM was awesome at that time, but was really necessary Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventures???
    And then yet Hellcats, I mean it’s a cheerleaders serial, how can people take that seriously….

    I’m glad to say that she finally is making a movie you can actually watch :)

  • Lame

    I agree Vanessa has probably fared the best when you look at the directors and talent that she has been working with. Zack Snyder, Harmony Korine and now Robert Rodrigez (Machete Kills) are all at the top of there game as directors. Better to take a ensemble role and work with extremely talented directors and writers than headline a horrible film. That is the way you learn and become better. She obviously gets this and probably has a good team in place manageing her. Her manager Evan has been with her forever and has done a great job in transitioning her out of Disney. He seems very interested in helping her grow.

  • somuchforash

    @Iris: Actually she was taken very seriously for Hellcats. Reviews for her were great and it was her first drama role ever and she nailed it.