Maika Monroe on Kissing Zac Efron: 'It's Weird!'

Maika Monroe on Kissing Zac Efron: 'It's Weird!'

Maika Monroe wears a chic and colorful Emporio Armani jacket in this new shot from Teen Vogue‘s 2012 Young Hollywood Portfolio.

The 19-year-old At Any Price star opened up about portraying Zac Efron‘s on-screen girlfriend in the movie: “I expected a lot of hate mail, but mostly his fans just want to know what it’s like to kiss him.”

“It’s weird!” Maika shared. “I grew up watching High School Musical, so to actually be making out with him was kind of surreal.”

Maika is also pictured during Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the Marchesa, Diesel Black Gold and Falguni and Shane Peacock shows.

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Boo George, Stephen Lovekin, Andrew H. Walker, Angela Weiss, Neilson Barnard; Photos: Getty, Teen Vogue
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  • Ok

    Can I try and see if it is weird Zac ?

  • :(

    She seems like a ditzy chick. Didn’t go to school much. Plus she was hanging all over Zac like she owned him. Can’t blame her I guess especially if she nailed him.

  • lauren

    do you know anything about her? i’m guessing not.
    also those ”rumors” of her ”apparently ”nailing” him arn’t true, enless you believe people on twitter who intentionally start rumors who are started buy crazy ex zan fans who hate zac?

  • pika

    @lauren: how do u know they aren’t true? its hollywood right? i think zac will partially be maikas way of getting even more well known, same with taylor schilling

  • lauren

    because most of those ‘rumors’ are started buy fans who hate zac? so your basically saying taylor slept her way to get the part with zac and same with manika?yea i know its ~hollywood~

  • Ok

    @pika I just want to saty @lauren is right on this one. the person behind this has been after Zac for a long time. she even started a nasty rumor about Zac Monday , and didn’t have the facts.

  • Ok

    Sorry that should say , say

  • cul

    Does any of you guys know why taylor schilling ended her engagement just in the middle of filming the lucky one? What happened when her bf visited her on set? And guys, there will be more news about Maika and Zac… More coming from Mo and Justin, they want them to be together.

  • hsmandzanessa4ever

    Ewwww………she’s like 5 years younger than him……….bleh……….I much prefer Zanessa instead!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

  • Ok

    @cul From what I understand Taylor had her B/F all through the filming of The Lucky One.Very handsome man
    I have seen pics of Zac and Maika at the premieres and after parties.
    I have seen the same pics of Mo Al Turki and Justin with her

    I have seen pics of her on dates with Justin and Mo Al Turki and her B/F who she went to Hawaii ,and the Dominican Republic this year He ws in italy too, but none of her and Zac. So why would you think Justin and Mo Al Turki would want Zac and her together?

  • :(

    @cul: Are you saying that Taylor Shilling broke her engagement because she fell for Zac? I think Mo and Justin have already had Maika themselves. So what to they care if Zac had her too? If not just for their movie to make them look like a couple? Good press.
    For being so young she already has quite a reputation for “doing ” the circuit for her kite boarding.

  • tina

    she is not very attractive at all.

  • Lauren

    Who are you? Some “insider” who knows things and how do you people know about Taylors personal life?

  • lauren

    @ :(
    do you just believe everything you read and hear on ~twitter~ and haters?

    also @ cui
    you just need to stop making stuff up and acting like you ~know~ what your talking about.

  • emma


    I know Maika,& Zac, personally, and for the record… nothing other than friendship has ever gone on between them. Shocking, I know… But, they truly like and respect each other. Maika has come this far on her talent, alone. Go see AT ANY PRICE ..& LABOR DAY, when they are released… then you will have no doubt why this girl is where she is.

  • lauren

    Sure you know them personally. K

  • Like

    No-one on here can prove either way that they know people mentioned in articles on here. No-one will post proof,you know nothing about anyone that posts here. For example (and yes I know its an exageration) but for all any of you know, Lauren could be Zac or a member of his family and you would never know,same with Emma.

  • Ok

    @like Very good point there.

  • lauren

    i’m not zac or anyone from his team, i dont even think his team or ppl from his team go on here and look at comments?

  • realllly

    Well if emma knows zac maybe she can tell us what this @ok tell us about zac’s private life is true or not. you know that thing with that secret girlfriend who probebly never existed.

  • Ok

    @reallly she existed you saw how he, never mind.

  • realllly

    @ok saw how he what?

  • rose

    Zac and i dated a while back last year. he’s a great guy. and there is nothing between them.

  • lauren

    sure you dated zac back last year, who are you coming on here and just apparently stating you ‘dated’ him?

  • Ok

    @reallly I was being funny, I won’t say anything but it wasn’t that long and it is over.