Vanessa Hudgens & Kendall Schmidt: 'The Great Migration' Stars

Vanessa Hudgens & Kendall Schmidt: 'The Great Migration' Stars

Vanessa Hudgens is reuniting with BFF Ashley Tisdale — for an animated film!

Along with Big Time Rushers Kendall Schmidt and Logan Henderson and Ashley Benson, the five will be voicing characters in the upcoming The Great Migration, THR reports.

Kendall‘s older brother Kevin, who also wrote the movie, will also star.

“The idea for The Great Migration arrived in my email inbox via a weekly newsletter from an alternative physician I follow in Chicago,” Kevin shared. “The film centers on a group of characters that encounter a mutated predator threatening to destroy the balance of their environment.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about the new project?

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Credit: Ben Watts, Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty, Nickelodeon
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  • evz

    Can’t wait for this! So happy and excited for V!

  • tina

    This is the film Ashley Benson was talking about. Good to see her and Vanessa working together again.

  • selma

    YAY so happy for V. She’s the best <3

  • Ok

    Vanessa is beautiful and having fun in Las Vegas as we speak.
    The two boys are cute , have no idea where they are.

  • tc

    Ashley b and Vanessa together again. they are gonna have fun

  • tc

    those guys are really cute

  • tina

    Beautiful Vanessa and they may sing? Awesome

  • tina

    I love Ashley Benson too the other Ashley not so much but whatever

  • Tc

    I’m happy to see another project even if it’s animated, it sounds cool.

  • amante

    I love Vanessa

  • amante

    So happy to see see with her two friends working together

  • Haters Suck!

    Doing my best to put my love for Vanessa ahead of my total disgust for tisdale. At least benson is a part of it that’s my vashley Vanessa and Ashley benson and the two might be on the soundtrack together. I could work with that and put tisdale out my mind.

  • tc

    @Haters Suck!: I agree

  • Jen

    So happy to see Ashley Tisdale and Benson working together! Whatever for vanessa…

  • My 2 Cents

    Congrats to all. Sounds like they will have a blast. I always look forward to a Vanessa project

  • My 2 Cents

    @Ok: Your too funny and yes they are cute but no comparison . I am very happy for Vanessa

  • intric8

    Aww… No updated post about Vanessa on JJ adult, so you guys have to come here. So who here is Boji, Maria, Morethanwords, lola, etc? Just so that we know who were talking to? BTW, Van looks pretty hot in that pic

  • Xo

    Excited for V & Benzo!

  • anne

    yaaaaaaaay!! Vashley!! i love Vanessa and Ashley BENSON!

  • Intric8

    Lol! Dont act guys.

  • Like

    I’m slightly confused…..she says she wants to lose the hsm title…then does an animated movie with an hsm co-star and a bunch of disney stars and sings on the sound track. Looking forward to hearing the sounddtrack though.

  • jayme

    This would be better as a feature film! But yay, a new project for Ashley Tisdale. And how great would a duet with Ashley and Vanessa be? Oh man!

  • Lawrence

    Kendall’s hot!.

  • tina

    She wants to do different genres. Never said she would ONLY do gritter film.

  • tina

    Sb grittier films

  • J

    Excited for this :D

  • xo

    @Like: She’s said she wants to do both. She loves doing films like Gimme Shelter and Spring Breakers but she’s also said she’d have no problem playing a fairy if she liked the script.

  • lame

    Here for Vanessa and Ashley Benson. You girls worked it out in Spring Breakers!

  • http://justjaredjr. btrpeeps

    Wow! im happy that Kendall and Logan and AshleyXD :) are in this movie but not so thrilled that Vaneesa’s:( in it…………..all i hope is that she dont jack up nothing like she normally does

  • Samantha Luciano

    I’ll see it for Ashley Tisdale & Vanessa Hudgens <3

  • Emily

    Dosnt sound so good but i love the stars

  • belle

    TIZZ <3

  • Jenny

    Could include Zac Efron too … would certainly be box office record to see Zac and Vanessa back together …
    I’ll talk to Kenny Ortega …kkk…

  • http://@leslylovesat lesly

    oh…no i love ashley, but working with vanessa hudgens again fuck well first time im going to watch vanessa in a movie since hsm, fuck hope this is just a rumor

  • juicybugg224

    is it going to be talking unicorns?

  • tina

    Vanessa and Ashley Benson were include first so…….

  • tina

    It’s animated so you won’t be “seeing” any of them

  • JRDN

    What I see here is 3 stars from the Disney Channel at current who are getting raves because they are still with Disney, so that tells me that these hate post towards Vanessa are from the still Disney supporters. Then on the other side of the coin, you have a ex-Disney star trying to help out and no matter what she does she gets cut off at the head!, man you guys don’t realize that the more you hate the better V gets becasue she get’s stronger inside and outside. Stop with the hate for her, she’s going about her job like any human being only she s more successfull than the 3 other stars are at the current moment. I’m glad that they have their place in Hollywood, but must we continue with the hate for this young women……let’s just move on, got nothing nice to say, don’t post and go to your idol it’s easy as that.

  • Vloyalist

    I’ve always wanted to hear Van’s voice in an animated film and finally it is happening..yay! Can’t wait to see this movie. Luv ya V!

  • Leslieluv

    I love Ashley!!!!

  • maicee

    @Ok: Kendall Schmidt (brother of the writer of this film) and Logan Henderson from the band Big Tiem Rush. they have their own tv show on Nickelodeon

  • Dylan

    Love Baby V

  • cris

    @Ok: they r members of big time rush.

  • Micah ? ? Jung

    it could work