Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Beverly Hills Check-Up

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Beverly Hills Check-Up

Vanessa Hudgens is cute and casual while out and about on Monday (September 24) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress was all smiles as she walked alongside her beau Austin Butler as they headed inside a local doctor’s office.

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It was recently announced that V would be reuniting with her BFF Ashley Tisdale for the animated film The Great Migration.

The movie also stars Kendall Schmidt and Logan Henderson from Big Time Rush and Pretty Little LiarsAshley Benson.

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Credit: Trov; Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Ok

    Hi Cutie, Hi Hotte !

  • hi

    I just seen a tweet saying papz were chasing her and then these pics showed up on justjared… way to make it look like that vanessa is paying this site to upload pics of her and her “bf”.

    also, vanessa doesn’t look like she running like that person @KAndersen42 said on twitter.

  • Kro

    V looks beautiful, and happy!

    how much time till some crazy a** fake V fan comes here claiming V is pregnant? and by crazy a** fan i mean either lauren, or any of those creepy girls?

  • ew

    Does this austin guy do anything with his life besides follow vanessa?! LOL.

  • Haters Suck!

    If he doesn’t why is it your business?

  • Kro

    @hi: hi, you have quite the close mind since you assume V has no life besides this one outing, get a life stop the crap

  • Lawrence

    Van and her man, nothing sweeter.

  • elle

    if they want attention,like you are always claiming on your twitter, why we didnt get any pic from Las Vegas (they were seen everywhere together) or from the past weekend, they were together on their house in Malibu… V was seen on the beach with Austin, she was wearing a patterned bikini and they were playing on the beach…

  • xo

    She looks adorable with her natural hair. They’re so cute

  • xo

    @elle: where did you see that?

  • hi

    elle: there is no proof he was with her at the beach or in las vegas, unless you count the fake sightings on twitter.

  • Unknown

    @hi: Are you 12 or something? That person NEVER said that V was running from the papz. She said the papz was chasing her which means they were following her. Duh

  • Jen

    check up???? for what???

  • hi

    @Unknown chasing her.. why would they have to run if she wasn’t? that’s what the tweet meant: she was supposedly running and the papz had to chase her to catch up.

  • Unknown

    @hi: Wow. That’s not what the tweet meant but I’m not gonna sit here & agrue with someone who acts like they’re still in grade school.

  • hi

    Lol, So you’re saying people in grade school act like this? You must be a little baby then, since you don’t know anything about celebs and pr stunts ;)

  • muse

    I dont think I will ever understand the negativity so much people have towards such an amazing young woman. If its because of certain mistakes in her past and thats why people have to hate on her or judge her or call or degrading names, then thats make you a sad shallow person. I know no one has mentioned in this post about those certain photos, but isnt that why so many people hurt her with their words and bully her fans who constantly support her?
    She apologised when she didnt even have to.
    Reason Im venting is that some people are still living in the past and degrade her in such a horrible and cruel way, it makes me sad that people NO MATTER what age, can come on a post of hers and bully someone they dont know.
    Fans come here to show support! If you love Vanessa, you should RESPECT and love all aspects of her life…including her boyfriend and the career or personal choices she makes in her life.

    Another reason to vent is that I saw a post of her on JustJared and saw that most comments posted towards her are very negative. Why? Coz apparently people want to be hateful and cyber bullies, I know everyone has a voice and a right to their own say, but if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all.

    I honestly respect Vanessa because she isnt just one genre actress, she takes roles that challenge her or really captivate her. She’s done all different genres and different types of characters. Some choices have been flops or she could have been greater than what she was, but the point of continuous working is so you can get better and achieve a certain goal. Vanessa will make great movies, she will make bad ones….every actor and actress does.

    Sorry to hash it all out, but so over the mean and spiteful negative people. You should come here to post your support, not your hate.

    Lighter note….Really want to raid her closet :D

  • Krishma

    @elle is there any pictures of her on the beach and stuff? I’m looking and i cant find them anywhere!!!

    I think she looks amazing!

  • yets

    i love this girl and the BF is getting hotter.

  • Ok

    these two are in love let them be.

  • Like

    Elle- Do everyone a favour and f*** off with your fake rumours. There is enough of them adding to them.

    Get in to your head, most people who comment her do not care who she is ,where she is or what she is doing as long as she is happy.

  • Anne

    How do you know? ‘m Also finding that they are willing to appear, Austin must be a millionaire to live like this…

  • Anne

    @elle: How do you know? ‘m Also finding that they are willing to appear, Austin must be a millionaire to live like this

  • NBTT

    @Anne: Where are the millions from Austin Butler? That would be interesting, apparently not in his back account. If he gets 30,000 $ for one episode where you can see him, he is overpaid. He’s no material for the big screen so the high paychecks won’t come soon. And he’s also far away from an actor like Kutcher who got 400,000 $ for one episode. He’s nowhere near rich, she has the money, as much as people will hate me for saying that.

  • China26

    He is getting famous at the expense of Vanessa but said that she looks very pretty

  • luk

    Lol pressed zanessa fans here!
    V looks happy with Austin! Thank god she dumpped gayfron.

  • Haters Suck!

    You’re an ass

  • Anne

    @NBTT: You mean that it besides gaining fame … She’s paying all for him… Can not be?That is ridiculous
    Return to Zac is best …

  • gummybear

    @Kro: i know what you mean i mean she visits the doctors just like any of us if thats the case than every female celeb who goes to the doctors means their pregnant

  • tina

    Really? you have to be a millionaire to go to LasVegas and the Beach? The beach is free…as for Las Vegas millions who go there are not millionaires. She’s happy, I’m happy.

  • kelly martineau

    Vanessa pregnant!!!! Hopefully the baby won’t look like Austin and have Big lips like him. VAnessa cute in every way and her hair is cute too.
    Vanessa pays for everything when they go on trips anywhere. Austin doesn’t have a job. That’s could be by why he’s with her.Because he doesn’t have to pay for anything.

  • Kro

    @gummybear: funny, with efron she was at least 20 times pregnant, with austin this marks the 3 child… lol… i wonder how close mind, stu***** and double face people can be… because lets face it, if she and efron would still be together, they all would be already thinking about baby names! they need to get a life and stop the crap! I love V for being who she is, not minding haters…

  • telle

    nice change hair V … daily news¡¡

  • luna


  • luna

    love her!!

>>>>>>> staging1