Jordan Pruitt - 'The Voice' Blind Audition WATCH NOW

Jordan Pruitt - 'The Voice' Blind Audition WATCH NOW

Welcome back, Jordan Pruitt!

The 21-year-old singer appeared on NBC’s The Voice this week and belted out Katy Perry‘s “The One That Got Away” during her blind audition.

“Just saw myself in a preview for The Voice! Excited for everyone to see my audition!” Jordan tweeted late last week.

She added after the episode aired, “I can FINALLY SAY IT….. TEAM XTINA!!!!”

Jordan is on Christina Aguilera‘s team for the season.

Jordan Pruitt Covers Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away”
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Credit: Paul Drinkwater, Tyler Golden; Photos: NBC
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  • Diana

    It’s absurd that she auditioned. She’s already worked with Disney, and had a record deal. GET OUT!

  • susan

    Isn’t she already linked in to the music business? I’m sure I’ve seen her on Disney Channel singing. Hmmm.

  • Kelsey

    I saw her in concert when she was opening for Demi Lovato. That’s supposed to be a show for undiscovered talent. She’s already been discovered. Maybe it didn’t work out the first time, but honey that’s why they call it show business.

  • anon

    @Diana: I agree. At first when I heard her name linked to the show, I thought it was because she was performing as a guest star or something. The show should be for undiscovered talent, not people the public already knows.

  • Jasmine

    I think that Jordan deserves this chance. The past two seasonthey’re have been famous people who have auditioned for the show, like for example Season 1 had Dia Frampton from Meg and Dia. She was already famous and I had one of her albums. I was surprised when she was on the voice but obviously she went on the show for a reason. Also, in season 2, the show had Charlotte from Charlotte Sometimes who is an amazing singer. I had her first album as well. And season 2 also had Juliet Simms, who was from the awesome band Automatic Loveletter. Mind you, she made it to the final 2. I thought she would’ve won since she already had a lot of people who knew her before she went on the show but I guess not. Just because these people had record deals before doesn’t mean they don’t deserve another chance to showcase their talents. The same goes for the beautiful Jordan Pruitt. She was a Disney girl and she was gonna forever be tied to Disney. I know, I have her 2 albums. I love her disney music but as she said on the show, she needs to sing more mature music and being tied to a business like Disney would always pigeonhole her into singing teeny bopper music. Her voice is too amazing to not be heard and to be stuck singing songs in the middle range of her voice. She has the range to sing really high and she displays awesome control over her voice. Her audition song, I have to admit was not the best choice for her voice but I’m super excited that she got through. I hope she wins this show! I feel like songs such as Cohen’s Hallelujah, any of Glen Hansard’s songs, or Regina Spektor’s songs could be well suited for her voice. In order to stay in the competion, it is all about song choice for her. I mean, she’s gorgeous, but obviously teeny bopper girls are going to be the main people voting on the show and of course, they will vote for the cute guys, which I think is the stupid. Take American Idol for example, the past 5 seasons, cute white boys have won the show. This shows that looks are important,especially when it comes to cute guys. But I hope Jordan gets a fair chance and hopefully, with her already having a wide fan base, she’ll make it far in the competion. I love her and hope she achieves what she has set out to achieve.

  • http://xoxnimaxox nima

    Shes back and she still got it! I love Jordan i really feel like she deserves to be bigger than what she is. Shes got amazing talent!

  • Katelyn

    Experienced people can audition for the show. The person that won last year was Alicia Key’s backup singer, that’s experience. I’m sure the people working one the show know about Jordan’s experience and they’re obviously okay with it. Having a few songs out and being featured on the Disney channel shouldn’t exclude her from auditioning. Obviously she wants to get more known, because not a lot of big time people know about her talent. I hope she does good in the competition and gets the recognition she deserves.

  • :)

    Some of the comments on here are uncalled for. Haters and rude people will only make her stronger and work harder. Everyone deserves a second chance. It doesn’t matter if you’re linked into the music business or not. She is not the only one who is in the music business that auditioned for the Voice. Cassadee from Hey Monday and many other artists from the music business auditioned. The show is not for undiscovered talent. It is for people who want to show the world that they have a voice…hence the title, THE VOICE!

  • Sade

    I know the show is for undiscovered talent, which is why I was surprised when I saw that she was auditioning. But the show is also meant to give artists another chance at their career. I’ve seen four singers so far that use to be signed and successful come on to that show. Examples: Angel Taylor ( if anyone knows who she is) Cassadee Pope from “Hey Monday” Jordan Pruitt. and Also their was a guy who was bigger than these girls whom was from “Dreamstreet” remember them.? Then their was a guy who was in the Mickey Mouse Club with Christian Agulira. So I think this show is not only meant to find undiscovered talent but to give other artists another chance. Whom didn’t make it so big before. But i see what you guys are saying. But in a way jordan is “undiscovered” because A LOT of people don’t know of her. And she was under the disney label. Theres not much you can do when your in their clutches they keep you under a microscope and hidden. So i think she deserves to at least prove herself and if she doesn’t win this. Than hey, I hope success finds her again some other way. She’s really talented i have two of her albums. I love this girl, hope to see her and Cassadee go far. : )

  • Sade

    * christina ( oops) haha

  • jimmymackey

    The Voice is all about ratings, and they get the best talent because some of them had the chops to make it in the business in some way or another. That translates to viewers who want to see the best singers, and The Voice has it. Iím sure the judges are recognizing these voices like Jordanís. My DISH coworker wonít watch the show because the singers are all hand picked from the industry. Iím just glad that I watch it now that I can do so commercial free with my Auto Hop feature. I use the PrimeTime Anytime recordings so I can enough time to watch another show, when, in the past, it would be time for bed.

  • Tiffany

    It is weird because some of us have known her over the years, she has 2 records out, and she opened for the HSM tour,etc. But hey, if she needs a second chance, and they want to give it to her, I’m all for it. I love Jordan, I still have her first album! Haha.

  • jay

    the voice is all about second chances. good for Jordan!!