Nick Jonas: 'Demi Lovato & I Have A Relationship That Goes Beyond Words'

Nick Jonas: 'Demi Lovato & I Have A Relationship That Goes Beyond Words'

Nick Jonas joins BFF Demi Lovato on the couch in this new shot from X Factor.

The 20-year-old musician dished backstage about their partnership on the show.

“There are so many things that have happened over time with Demi and I. I think we have a really strong bond and a really good relationship; we’ve seen a lot of life together at this point,” Nick shared. “The one thing I definitely remember about Demi is with us being on stage together, we could look at each other from across the stage and know exactly what the other person was thinking. Whether it was a wrong note that was played or someone in the audience that was making us laugh, there was always sort of that bond that goes beyond words.

Nick added, “It’s great to see that 7 years into our relationship and friendship that we still have that. Even today, we were looking at each other across the room as the contestant was singing and we knew exactly what each other was thinking.”

Check out Nick and Demi‘s interviews below!

X Factor airs TOMORROW night @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX and on Thursday, October 11th.

Nick Jonas on Demi Lovato & “X Factor”

Demi Lovato: “X Factor” Interview
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  • jessika


  • q

    awww! that’s so nice of nick to say

  • shanghai

    So nice guess Demi dated the wrong brother!!!

  • Like

    @shanghai: Just because people have that type of connection does not mean it has to turn in to them dating.

  • rebecca

    @Like: Totally agree with you. They are just friends.

  • rebecca

    @Like: Yes they are just friends

  • http://none maria

    tell me this rebecca,why can nick talk about demi,but not miley and selena?
    i’am so mad.

  • kanani

    Aw I love their friendship <3

  • Lily

    Can he shave please?

    Do not like the facial hair, but still looking foward to watching him on the XFactor.

  • Like

    @maria: Because they are Friends and don’t have any weird history between them.

    I pity people who do this job. The second they work together and profess they have become close it means they are dating. I have six close male friends, does that mean I am dating them,no! Some of you need to go live in the real world and experience life rather than speculating on others lives who you know nothing about.

  • Rebecca Alonso

    @maria: because he is not dating her. Nick and Demi have known each other 4 years. And are very close. But that does not mean they are dating.

  • MerandiaJonas93

    Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato are Best Friends. They are close like brother and sister. When you are close like that you dont ruin it by dating, especially when you know that the person you are so close with is the closet person you have. My best friend Mason and I won’t go there because were just too close to one another. Mason Is attractive don’t get me wrong but when you care for someone like Demi and Nick do, you refuse to ruin it with dating. It complicates things, give it time.