Miley Cyrus: Jonas Brothers 'Wedding Bells' Is About Me

Miley Cyrus: Jonas Brothers 'Wedding Bells' Is About Me
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  • http://none maria

    i think it about delta cause she suppose to married brian and nick did not know that delta getting married that why he sing wedding bells.
    SO it not about miley.

  • http://none maria

    oh maybe it about kanielle.

  • http://none maria

    i think nick is confuse.

  • http://none maria

    liam,please keep miley.hold on to her.don’t let her go.

  • Marielle

    Guys are you seriously that much in denial? Really? It’s so obvious! Nick wasn’t even trying to be subtle about it. I think that it’s a beautiful song and I don’t think that the point of the song is to figure out who it’s about but rather to express Nick’s feelings at the time of the incident. If you really want to know who it’s about though, the answer is right in front of you. I don’t know if you just didn’t like Miley and Nick together or what but its kind of sad that you’re trying to find any explanation other than the truth. An excerpt from MTV: “Clue #3 The biggest smoking gun in this tune is when Nick croons, “If you recall our anniversary falls/ Eleven nights into June.” Any Niley fan should know that happens to be the date the former couple met for the first time, as documented in Cyrus’ autobiography”Miles to Go.” In the book, Miley writes, “I remember the exact date, June 11, 2006. It was the day I met my first love. Let’s call him Prince Charming. I don’t want to use his name, because this isn’t about who he is or what I meant to him. It’s about how I felt and what our relationship meant to me.’” SEE, even Miley doesn’t name Nick, it’s about the story, not necessarily the person. And yet we know who it’s about.

  • Jean

    It’s pretty obvious its about Miley. He even said during his speech that he wrote the song when he heard that someone he had dated was engaged and it was the initial shock. She was his first love so this song is him saying I don’t want to see you with anyone else. Sure he also said he was no longer effected by the fact that she was engaged, but honestly, why would it be about Delta? Nick met her after the engagement ended. I highly doubt it’s about Kanielle, unless Nick had feelings for Danielle, which if that was the case, Wedding Bells would’ve been on his solo album. Again, I highly doubt it.

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