Zac Efron's Hot New 'John John' Commerical - Watch Now!

Zac Efron's Hot New 'John John' Commerical - Watch Now!

Check out Zac Efron‘s new commercial for John John Denim!

In the video the actor, who turned 25-years-old today, is super hot as he hits up a racetrack with some pals.

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At one point during the clip, Zac even shows off his dance moves.

In case you missed it, make sure you check out the official pics from the fashion campaign that came out earlier this year.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Zac’s commercial for John John Denim ?

Zac Efron: “John John” Commercial
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  • zanessafan

    HOT AND SEXY. Love you Zac. ;)

  • Marie

    oh my….. HOTNESS

  • Deb

    It should be illegal for one man to be that hot! He makes me so wet.

  • Sam

    IS this a joke. he is such a fool it is unreal! I would say stick to the acting but he isn’ good at that! sell out and cash in while you can zefron!

  • Jo


    This is NOT a joke. He is NOT a fool and this is REAL. I would say he should stick to acting for a reason because he is getting movie roles for a reason. There are people that find him good at what he does. Don’t sell out and cash in while you can Zefron. Girls like myself (and guys) will still swoon over your hotness. That is all.

    To Zac… Call me :)

  • My 2 Cents

    Hello Gorgeous!!!

    @Sam he is not selling out this is a brand from Brazil. We are lucky we even get to see it. Many American Actors get big bucks to petal products in the foreign market. There is International Interest in Zac so thanks to fans posting on You tube we get to see stuff we normally would not.

  • garfield

    HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT TOH TOH OHT HOT OTH TOH ah! He makes me lose my proper sense !

    Sam , Go suck a d.ick !

  • Ashley

    what’s the song that plays in this? this song is amazing. i really want to know the artist and name. but as always, zac efron is looking hot.

  • Ok

    Just Love this commercial, mostly love the subject in the commercial. You have my vote for best driver and hottest look.

  • Nela


  • wrestler

    I’m not hating but I’m just not feeling the commercial at all :-(
    And how come he gets to endorse a totally different clothing line when he is already signed with Penshoppe (a Philippine clothing company)??? oh well maybe it’s allowed legally since Penshoppe and John John are from different countries…

  • Ok

    I can’t get over how hot he is here.

  • Sharona

    Hotter than the asphalt on a Georgia road in mid-July. Zac, you make my mouth water! ;)

  • Ok

    @Shrona That’s Hot and yes he is. Then some.

  • Ok

    @My 2 Cents you are one of the most informed posters I know. Wish you worked in my office.

  • pika

    everyone says hes so hot and all that but never accept that maybe thats all there is. yes, he is getting roles but all still seem to focus on his appearance one way or another. i mean that is why some disliked paperboy due to the fact of his body being exploited way too much losing the uniqueness of the editing. just ma opinion plus i kinda like him so im not hating just saying

  • Amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • kokar

    wow… zac is such a better actor than this… what the hell was all that tool dancing for??? this was bad… this should never be shown anywhere.

  • Ok

    Loved the dancing he can do no wrong. Love you Zac

  • http://google barbara

    zac you look cool! this a commerical, not a movie, people. and yes zac is getting better in his acting, by the way he has been filming indepented films, you don’t make for the money, both him and vanessa are doing to learn more about there careers, they say that is the way to go, you get more interesting parts that way, you don’t make the money, like comerical films do, but you learn more, it is about the art, of it all. when you make independed films , they have to wait for a movie company to tke it on so you don’t see it in alot of theaters , paper boy is being shown in indepented theaters, if it gets really popluar, then they show in more theaters.

  • Sharona

    @barbara – Sad to say that unfortunately The Paperboy wasn’t promoted very well at all and is going straight to video in January :(((((

  • dbwilyumz


    “yes, he is getting roles but all still seem to focus on his appearance one way or another”

    What do you expect? These are movies, and ALL the actors are cast for their looks, even the old grandma parts. Efron is young and attractive, so it’s no surprise that he is hired to perform parts that call for that. In The Paperboy, he is playing a younger brother, in At Any Price he is playing a son. So he’s not just being cast in “leading man” roles. In At Any Price, he also plays a bad type – so yes, there is more than pretty-boy romantic leading parts.

  • http://google barbara

    Sharona, this was a indepented film, it is only in a few theaters, were i live it is in only one theater, if it does well in the low market, then they will put it in more theaters, right now they are only shownen in indepented theaters.

  • NBTT

    @dbwilyumz: He isn’t supposed always to play the nice guy. He’s also playing the leading role in At Any Price, he also has the leading roles in the 3 movies he has signed. The only movie where he didn’t have the leading role was Liberal Arts.