Win a Date with Zac Efron -- Really

Win a Date with Zac Efron -- Really

How many times have you dreamed of going on a date with Zac Efron? Tons, right? Well, you may have a chance!

We’ve always admired the 25-year-old actor for his charitable heart and he’s teamed up with CharityBuzz for a really cool auction.

Zac is putting himself up for “sale” for a one-on-one meeting with him for an hour in Los Angeles. All proceeds for the auction will benefit Communities in Schools Los Angeles, whose mission is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

Take Zac bowling, hiking, out for ice cream — anywhere you’d like, but hurry, because the auction ends on Halloween night (October 31) and the current bid is of $3,000.

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Credit: Jemal Countess; Photos: Getty
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  • lauren

    well if i had $3,000 then yes, but of course some spoiled rich kids parents are gonna pay.

  • maria schwanskopf


  • Ok

    Count me in. I’m running to the bank now. My place for dinner.

  • Alex

    I’m too poor :(

  • Ok

    Great looking pic of Zac. so hot.

  • samsam

    this guy is only for sale if ur rich..

  • vic

    to be honest this must be quite objectifying for zac

  • leslie

    ugh i wish I could be rich to have my dream come true to see him :(

  • NBTT

    The money is NOT for him, it’s another charity. I already read that a few days ago. There are enough kids in LA and also all over the world who need a good education.

  • Sharona


    It’s for charity! Kudos to him for doing it.

  • Ok

    Zac this is a wonerful thing you are doing for charity. hope the org. raises a great deal of money. I will send them a donation myslf, just because you are doing this.

  • manal el sabbagh

    @lauren: you r totally right!!!!!!!!!!!1 we don’t have 3,000$ but i would die to meet zac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kimberlythree

    man i wish i had money lOL

  • kami

    he’s still doing the tween “win a date with zac” thing? couldn’t he do a more adult kind of charity event? the tweens who are his fans can’t even afford to bid. why didn’t they just call it an “auction” to the highest bidder like the firefighters sometimes do?

  • kami

    …actually jj is the one who called it “win a date with zac.” the charity rightly calls it an auction and says zac is for sale.

  • My 2 Cents

    This is one of the reasons I love Zac so much. His generousity for chariable causes. I wish I were rich but at least he will raise tons of money for the cause. They will get their money’s worth just getting to look and talk to him. LOL

  • MAdhatted Madness

    If i had the money Zac would be MINE… but if I’m buying him for a date…he better be paying for dinner.

  • dbwilyumz

    You are assuming that the bids are coming from teens. I wouldn’t be surprised if the high bidder was some teen’s mother – or a dude.

    To quote Zac from a few years ago:

    ““Sometimes, the moms are even more passionate than their daughters. It’s a bit weird for me to think that grown-up women have a crush on me.”

  • nic

    Love this pic. Love pics of Zac and love black and white pics. So really love this pic!!!

  • NBTT

    The ulterior motive for this whole thing is to raise money, and for a reason like this one, you need a lot. They could put in ebay, it wouldn’t be any different, it’s nothing but an auction.

    The whole meeting lasts no longer than 1 hour. So what do you think you can do in this short amount of time?

    The next part you won’t be completely alone, at least a few security guards will be around even though you won’t really know who they are. To do such stuff is kinda dangerous for him and requires a lot of preparations and security measures.

    There are too much haters and jealous people out there, who really want to harm him, so there have to people who take care that nothing happens to him. The whole thing is anything but funny for the ones who have to take care of the surroundings.
    And the winner has to depend on his schedule.

  • nic

    And it goes without saying, wish I had that kind of money to spend on this!

  • nic

    @NBTT: Not sure I’m following. I hear and understand what you are saying. But not sure why you are saying it… or what your point is. Not to be harsh, but the tone strikes me as slightly negative and I’m not really seeing any really hateful comments here. Am I missing something?

  • moon

    disappointing be in Fiji. man this suxs

  • http://twitter sangwani

    omg, ive always wanted 2 meet zac efron im in luv with him… i hope iget a shot ov datin hi….

  • Amelia25

    WoooWWW!!! Beautiful Zac!

  • NBTT

    @nic: Looks like you’ve never seen such comments from the threads here and JJ. Well then I’ll show you an example.
    Posting about his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel (Oct 6), name on JJ: Hate Him, comment: I hate Zac, I expect that he dies of cancer, vomit a lot of blood and suffer so much, I hope the devil drag him to the hell for his homosexual habits. (comment #12)
    Or another one also from JJ: Headline: Zac Efron: ‘I’m Just a Musical Theater Geek’, name: Taylor Anne, comment: Omg I just remembered that I had a dream two night ago that he died from a drug overdose. (comment #20)
    Headline: Zac Efron: ‘Men’s Health’ Feature!, name on JJ: Zac Biggest Hater, comment: I sincerely have nothing against Zac, I just wish he has cancer and die slowly and painfully (comment #18)
    To write such abnormal stuff is more than sick. If you don’t believe me go to the threads there and read it yourself. If such people come near him, then his life is in danger. To underestimate such things could be disastrous. There are too many sick people out there, who hate him, are jealous of him, envy him and wish him nothing but pain.

  • nic

    @ NBTT I saw those comments when they were originally posted; there was no need to re-post them. I thought and still think they’re horrific. But I don’t see anything like that here on this thread.

    I said I understood WHAT you were saying, in other words I was not questioning that there are haters out there, or that there would be a need for security measures to be taken in connection with the charity auction meeting. I just did not understand WHY you felt the need to say it, as in which comment on this thread prompted you to say it. Mostly, I just felt like you were being critical of us, even putting us down, for posting that we wished we had the money to bid and have the opportunity to spend an hour with Zac.

    I guess I was in a mood last night, but now I realize I should have thought better of it and not asked the question because I really don’t want to get into it with you. I’ve read many of your past comments; and I’ve felt that you seem to have a lot of anger and/or disdain for the people who comment here (not just haters). You often phrase your comments as if you know Zac. If true, I guess I just wish you would appreciate that you are lucky enough to know him and forgive us for not being so lucky and wishing that we did know him, or even got the chance to spend one hour in his presence. That’s all.

  • Paulie

    using the face for money!

  • Sharona


    If you had the face Zac has and the good heart he has, you’d do it too. I’m saying IF you had a good heart. This money is being donated to CHARITY. Why not use the face if it’s for such a good cause!

  • julia

    my life sucks.

    who wants to buy my car so i can meet my boyfriend?

  • zanessafan

    I already saw him in person. I was so envious of the fans in other countries being able to see him but when it was my time.. I was so shy. I couldn’t do anything to meet him. I wasn’t crazy. IDK why. :’(

  • demileigh

    is it really you u were hot when you were a teenager and still are