Kaitlyn Dever & Molly Ephraim: 'Last Man Standing' Returns Tonight!

Kaitlyn Dever & Molly Ephraim: 'Last Man Standing' Returns Tonight!

Kaitlyn Dever and Molly Ephraim snap a pic with new on-screen older sister Amanda Fuller in this behind-the-scenes shot from Last Man Standing.

In the second season premiere, “Voting,” Mike (Tim Allen) does all he can to persuade first-time voter Mandy to vote for Governor Romney in the upcoming presidential election. But when he lobbies her heavily, he finds himself going up against her older sister, Kristin (Fuller), and Boyd’s father, Ryan, who are just as enthusiastic for President Obama and disagree with Mike’s trying to influence Mandy (Ephraim).

While they all battle for Mandy’s vote and soul, Vanessa (Nancy Travis) remains neutral in the interest of family harmony.

“Voting” airs TONIGHT, November 2nd @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC. 10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Bob DAmico, Carin Baer; Photos: ABC
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  • http://twitter.com/ohsoadri_ acg

    why did they recast kristin? im upset.

  • joboots

    Seems@acg: Seems you don’t read dailies,perhaps????

  • Jay

    The two new actors SUCK!

    The new Kristin SUCKS! The new Ryan SUCKS!

    Unless they are marginalized, I may not continue to watch.

  • Julie

    The new actors suck, and the story line sucked. I am so disappointed :(

  • Joe

    I HATE the change!!! And I HATE the new girl!!! I really don’t like the new dynamic. I loved the show last year but I find the new girl so annoying that I am not sure whether I am going to watch anymore–and I am smack dab in the middle of the coveted 18-49 demographic. I will probably try another episode but if I come away with the same impression as from this episode I will probably stop watching.

  • Just Me

    I agree – the new girl looks too old for the part and it has changed the show’s dynamic. We really liked it last year, but after the political blah, blah, blah that (by the way) wasn’t funny, we probably won’t watch for much longer. I’ve been seeing millions of campaign ads — didn’t need to see one in a show that I tune into so I don’t have to see that crap. I really do think people should make up their minds politically — not be influenced by TV shows masquerading as entertainment.

  • Susan Briskey

    Loved the show last year. Now it’s a platform for political views. Too bad. It sucks now.

  • Killing me

    I can ‘t stand the new dynamic of the show. Mainly due to the replacement of the characters, the new Kristin, Ryan an Boyd seem to clash with the original cast. Im strongly disappointed with the direction they’ve taken. The ageing of the characters seem pointless and confusing. Also how they’v portrayed the new Kristin is just annoying. Personally who ever cast the new Kirsten should be fired, visually she more heavier set and has a deeper tone then the other Baxter cast members. Im going to stop watching this show, simply because its become a sub par.

  • Lisa

    @Jay: You are sooooooo R I G H T !

  • m3

    Ugh, I am so mad they re-casted Kristin! I LOVED THE OLD KRISTIN. I sort of agree that I may not continue to watch. I loved the humor of the old Kristin. She matched Tim Allen so perfectly and fit the role 100%!

  • http://justjaredjr.com flychick86

    Wow. Nice.

  • Blue Plante

    I miss the old actor who played the older sister. The show is losing me fast for just this reason.

  • mefive

    I was thinking that the new girl was some other dayghter home from college. No offence but she does not fit unless they are looking to go more dramadey than comedy. i wanted to laugh but there was nothing funny. Reba was hilarious though.

  • Don

    New Kristen has really impacted the show in a negative way. Not a good fit at all. Big mistake and will be the death of what was a great family show. Get her back quickly

  • adam dekeyser

    I stopped watching Last Man Standing

  • Kimberly

    New Kristen is horrible – abrasive, does not fit with other characters. Disappointed as this was a decently funny show and I could barely watch this new episode. I didn’t have an issue with the political subject matter (although a little tired of the all young people support Obama rhetoric), just the cast changes.

  • Sue

    I really do not like the new Kristin or the dynamic the show has now taken with so much screen time going to her and the ex-boyfriend. I really like the old Kristen and thought the show was great. And also what about all the political views? Please bring the old Kristin back or I don’t know how much longer I can keep watching.

  • Bonnie

    I agree with you all the new Kristin Sucks, Sucks, Sucks why did they replace the original daughter.