Zac Efron In Talks For 'You Belong To Me'

Zac Efron In Talks For 'You Belong To Me'

Zac Efron is currently in talks to star opposite Harrison Ford in a new thriller.

According to The Wrap, the 25-year-old actor and Harrison, 70, are circling the project from director Rob Reiner.

The project follows a psychiatrist (Ford) who has a difficult time after one of his female patients commits suicide and he ends up bonding with her brother James (Efron). But things become more difficult when he lets James into his life and James begins seducing his wife and daughter.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about this project for Zac?

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  • Kro

    and so is shia labeouf, lets see who wins. i personally go for shia, its more his style.

  • Ok

    Zac you should get it on this pic of you alone . Love you

  • Ok

    Actually I think this would be a great project for Zac. I really hope it comes to pass.

  • Amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Rain

    Are you saying Shia is also up for the role besides Zac? Where did you read it? Reports say Harrison Ford and Zac Efron are in advance negotiations to star in this movie. Rob Reiner is presenting it to buyers at AFM with Harrison and Zac as the leads.

  • Sharona

    This would be so PERFECT for Zac! People will finally get to see what he can do with a serious dramatic role, something he can really sink his teeth into. And Harrison Ford is no slouch either!

  • penny

    I think he fill be perfect for that sort of a role. seductive psycho killer type. zac has this angelic charm on him. i want to see him being obsessed with a girl and secretley following her everywhere and most of all i really want to see him raping a girl. mmhmmm that is going to be one hot mess. i will just imagine the girl getting raped is me.

  • Ok

    That face is so seductive, and sexy at the same time. I need to go take a cold shower.

  • Kro

    @Rain: the thing is that they are not selling the film because it already has a production company behind, they are looking for the cast, it has been approached by a handful actors, and only names out are ford, zac, and shia labeouf, who was behind this project from before the american film market and was reported almost two weeks ago.

  • Mary

    I would it like to see Zac in this project really :) Love you ?

  • Kro

    @Rain: sorry, didn´t read the last part of your question before. But i read that on a variety writter twitter, and the american film market had this particular project in the line up from pre production projects, and was talked in toronto and before that. Rob Reiner talked about it back in january too, but the movie was pushed backand it says “it is based on a psychiatrist who does something he should not do, talk about himself” and from back in june comes the whole ” is a scare story in the vein of Cape Fear. It sees a psychiatrist opening up to a patient with shocking, stalking-filled results.”

  • Kro

    @Rain: my bad rain in the last twit i mention two differrent months and it is just june not january. sorry for that

  • nic

    I hope this works out for you Zac!!

  • nic

    Would really love to see you in this :)

  • Kylie

    Wow his career is really taking off. :) very proud but I’ll always remember him as Troy Bolton xD

  • shanghai

    Sounds scary and yeh it could be a different sort of movie for Zac. I think he is taking risks with his roles and trying to show people that he is a good actor who can handle a variety of roles and not just a pretty face that sings and dances.

  • Derpina

    @Kro: I think it’s hard to imagine Shia as a “seductive” guy =S

  • Derpina

    Where is the source that Shia is disputing that role?

    Nothing against Shia, but I just think that a seductive guy have to be, at least… good looking

    Shia is not “ugly”, but he’s not a BREATHTAKING guy

    It’s hard to imagine him with this power to bring any woman to bed

    I mean, just see

    He is more the “cute jerk” type that please male and some kind of female audiences, like Michael Cera

    If he gets Megan Fox and all kinds of hot girls in Michael Bay movies, it’s because these movies are aimed to be male fantasies for the average male audience, this means that Shia is a regular guy, and this is the “appeal” that industry founds for him

    If Zac don’t get that role, I believe that just some guy like Channing Tatum or Alex Pettyfer would get

    I’m not saying this is a lie, just sounds a little incoherent

  • Rain

    Thanks for the reply. But I can’t find any article that mentions Shia’s name regarding this project. The project was announced in June, and the potential cast(Ford and Efron) was just revealed a couple of days ago. Yes, they have a production company, but they’re trying to secure more budget using Ford’s and Efron’s name.
    Plus, I can’t see Shia seducing an older woman and her daughter. This role requires someone actually attractive. Shia is cute and charming, but hardly seductive or attractive.

  • power

    Harrison Ford is like one of the biggest legends in HW .If this project works out for Zac ,whoa ! It would be the best thing that ever happened to him !

  • Kro

    @<a href="/2012/11/03/zac-efron-in-talks-for-you-belong-to-@Rain: me/comment-page-1/#comment-13068210″>Derpina: it was commented Rain, movie has been on the market since june, the shia thing comes from aa comment made back on the day, and it also was mentioned jonathan rhys meyer, both have that grace, not that zac doesnt, but i still dont see him as a perfect match for the role, then again that its me, he needs to do things that are more of a challenge without burning bridges, for me, he is not ready for such role, i would rather see first to someone like ryan phillipe, or jonathan rhys who actually are comfortable with this kind of roles, yes zac tried something on paperboy but it wasnt that good, for me, he needs to move slow but strong, this would burn him, the thriller as it is on the script is not for him. i actually can see the critic not liking it

  • Kro

    @Rain: i actually think that is part of the whole casting of shia, the cast of the guy seducing woman and daughter is not frontal is hidden, the project came out in june since then it has gone to markets, thats how it got the production company. and the budget holders, quite honestly if zac gets the role, and if zac keeps choosing this kind of movies he is gonna burn himself, there has not been a movie where he doesnt expose his muscles, his abs, and even when hot, that doesnt make the movie a good one, he needs to do movies that are a challenge in acting not a challenge on dropping clothes. i rather wait for him to become a main lead for his act than his body, something that i feel he is doing and has accomplish so far. i liked him in 17 again, from there to now, i just dont feel it

  • Rain

    I’m sorry but Zac wasn’t shirtless in half of movies he’s done so far: Hairspray, Me and Orson Welles, New Year’s Eve, and At Any Price. And he was only shirtless for just one scene in The Lucky One. A lot of people complained that Zac was fully clothed in most of the movie despite his newly beefed up body.
    You’re contradicting youself by saying an actor familiar with playing seductive bad guy should be cast in You Belong To Me while insisting that Zac should challenge himself. This is a great chance for Zac to challenge himself, and at the same time, it’s a perfect role for Zac.
    I still can’t find any link that shows Shia was once attached to this project, but even if he was, he isn’t anymore. Rob Reiner is now selling this project as Ford and Efron’s movie.

  • NBTT

    @Kylie: And that is exactly what he doesn’t want. He doesn’t want to be remembered as Troy Bolton.

  • NBTT

    @Kro: Have you ever listened to the things he said? He decided to go the hard path and not the easy one. He’s taking roles that are way out of his comfort zone. He’s playing characters that are the complete opposite of him. He wants to learn and exactly for this reason he has to go the way he decided.

    There will be always people who doesn’t like his choice of movies and want to see him as Troy Bolton for lifetime, but that isn’t what he wants. He wants to be known as an actor who can play a wide range of different characters from everybody’s darling to the smirking serial killer who loves to kill and torture people just for fun. He still has to learn a lot, that might be true, but he’s doing the right thing.

    There were 3 parts of HSM and now he has to do and try everything to get rid of it, because people just see him as Troy Bolton, the always smiling, dancing, singing and basketball playing High School boy.

    At the press conference for The Paperboy he said, that he never felt more uncomfortable on a set, it was good for him. The movie made it to some Film Festivals like Cannes, Venice, Toronto, New York, Zurich and it will be shown at more Film Festivals in the near future.

    He’s doing what he feels is right for him and it’s the best thing he can do.

  • Garfield

    @Kro, who gives a darn to what you think mate .From what you say that you saw ,apparently shia had been attached to the project but seemingly not any more .The project became public knowledge first as Ford Efron movie .We don\’t know what went in twitter , but people got to know it that way .If Zac wasn\’t confirmed they would not put it that way ,Also his reviews on AAP and Paperboy are amazingly good .Better than any Shia got so far .Zac is on the way for a better career than Shia and you gotta admit it .

  • klaire

    Just will be nice to see Zac confronting his “good clean” image, I think he’s able to alternate between innocence and perversity, Shia would be a hard time to convince as a charming young man, and would seems even worse when he’ll turns into an attractive, sexy, seductive man

  • http://laurenadamczyk lauren adamczyk

    with a girl her was talked to show people guy for me he is not the movie a good one dancing . singing and basketball playing high schoo boy girls one me lauren adamczyk so happy

  • http://Yellyefron Yarelly

    the movie looks pretty amazing i can’t wait for se it

  • florence2

    @Kro: This movie is right up zac’s street he yet again get’s the sex in the movie and will no doubt be showing his muscles off, wonder when he’s going to do a movie that actually show’s him a a serious actor that he supposedly wants to be known as rather than a film that show’s of his body and skills at getting women into bed.

  • merlin’s mum

    @florence2: Do you realise that we have absolutely no idea who you do like as all you ever do is come on to diss Zac?

>>>>>>> staging1