Leighton Meester: 'Monstrous Ball' Beauty

Leighton Meester: 'Monstrous Ball' Beauty

Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick get intimately close in this new still from Gossip Girl.

In next week’s episode “Monstrous Ball,” After Eleanor (Margaret Colin) gives Blair (Meester) an ultimatum, Blair is even more determined to remedy Waldorf Designs’ problems by making a splash with a dress at the upcoming Cotillion, but a shocking revelation at the ball affects everyone.

Serena (Blake Lively) becomes worried about Steven’s (Barry Watson) attitude toward her, but after some investigating she discovers the surprising reason why.

Meanwhile, Dan (Penn Badgley) publishes another article, but the effect is just the opposite of what he was hoping for.

“Monstrous Ball” airs Monday, November 12th @ 9PM ET/PT on the CW. 10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Giovanni Rufino; Photos: The CW
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Olivia @ 12:16 pm on 11/04/2012

Rowr. God, those two are so hot together.

mrs bass @ 12:21 pm on 11/04/2012

They look pretty hot in that still together. <3 Just kiss her already Chuck!

Chris @ 12:25 pm on 11/04/2012

Can’t wait for this episode!! Chuck and Blair are so beautiful & i have to thank Ed & Leighton for playing them SO well all those years !!

Genie @ 12:49 pm on 11/04/2012

So much sexual tension in that picture. I hope they break that stupid no-sex pact in the next episode. Gossip Girl isn’t as good without Chuck and Blair sexy times

frieda @ 1:05 pm on 11/04/2012

Is anyone else hoping the article Dan publishes about Chuck and it helps Chuck and Blair instead of hurts them? LOL That would be priceless.

Blair's agency @ 1:28 pm on 11/04/2012

That scene looks very steamy. If those two don’t end up together Gossip Girl will have been a total waste of time.

zoe @ 5:43 pm on 11/04/2012

I can see Chair fans are easy to please. I miss the old Chairy days, with funny lines and interesting action. The Chair storyline has been awful since season 3. Same old, same old. Plus, the acting on this show is outrageous. No wonder no one watches it anymore.

Laura @ 9:29 pm on 11/04/2012

LOL zoe. Gossip Girl hasn’t been a great show since S1 and S2. and last season was the absolute worst with the god pact, the endless royal wedding crap and the terrible boring chemistry free Dan and Blair. pairing. Dan’s hair alone made S5 the worst season ever. lol. The overall writing for this show has been going downhill since they stuck Chuck and Blair in the background at the beginning of S3 and then tore them down at the end of it.
But even though the writing has been terrible for a long time I still tune in for Ed and Leighton’s amazing chemistry and to see what will happen with Chuck and Blair. :)

janelle @ 10:12 pm on 11/04/2012

Leighton looks beautiful and Ed is so sexy and handsome. I might have to start watching Gossip Girl again if Chuck and Blair are really back. I’ve missed them and stopped watching last season.

Cranny chaste @ 10:24 pm on 11/04/2012

The scene in the still looks good! I think Blair is trying to convince Chuck to forget their agreement and bang like bunnies! GIVE IN CHUCK!

Kandi @ 10:37 pm on 11/04/2012

Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester have old Hollywood glamour. They are so beautiful and have got some of the best chemistry I’ve ever seen on tv. They can do anything from angsty drama to passion to comedy to sensuality. I’m going to miss them when Gossip Girl ends soon.

jonathan @ 10:52 pm on 11/04/2012

Just when I think I’m over this show Chuck and Blair suck me back in again. I think the episode sounds good. The cotillion episodes have all been fun.

Blair cornelia Waldorf bass @ 11:14 pm on 11/04/2012

I agree @Kandi. Old Hollywood glamour is the perfect way to describe. I also agree with you about their chem. They can be sexy, funny, dramatic, emotional They can even be sweet. I loved Chuck helping Blair with her fashion show last week. He was so sweet. That shot of him cuddlng beside her on the bed in his purple socks made me smile. Adorable

kJ @ 12:09 am on 11/05/2012

My OTP <3333
Chuck and Blair are my favorite teen show couple ever

radha @ 12:28 am on 11/05/2012

Cotillion! I love cotillion on Gossip Girl. :) The fashion looks great in the stills and the episode description makes me think it will be a good episode. Prayer circle that Chuck and Blair break that idiotic pact and do it like rabbits on the pool table. The sexual tension between them is crazy

Coco t @ 12:33 am on 11/05/2012

Everyone knows the big reveal is the sextape Serena made of Dan cheating with her on Blair. Can’t wait for Blair to find out so Dan can stop emotionally manipulating her. What a jerk. I want him to end up alone. Endgame should be Chuck & Blair, Serena &Nate and Dan & offscreenlandia

Dee hall @ 12:40 am on 11/05/2012

Eric Daman stepped it up for cotillion. Everyone looks gorgeous. My favorites are Ed and Leighton – they look like classic film stars. But I also love Michelle’s look too.

KENYA @ 12:45 am on 11/05/2012

Get in my bed Ed Sexwick! You can bring Chace Crawford too ;)

fallon @ 12:48 am on 11/05/2012

Beautiful couple.

Julia Murphy @ 1:03 am on 11/05/2012

Sigh. My perfectly imperfect bbs Chuck and Blair. <3

Kelly Parks @ 12:53 pm on 11/05/2012

Leighton looks elegant and beautiful. Ed is dashing and handsome. Chuck and Blair sexy, sophisticated UES power couple. Love it!

Kim @ 12:57 pm on 11/05/2012

WHY is leighton this much beautiful! Omg theyre stunning

Jenn @ 6:49 pm on 11/05/2012

I love Chuck and Blair. They look gorgeous in that picture.

fran @ 8:52 pm on 11/05/2012

Whatever you guys say, I love the show… Always have, always will.

gossip girl asian @ 1:21 am on 11/08/2012

Gossip girl is the best TV SHOW EVER !!!!!!!!
i hope there will be a Gossip Girl the movie
like sex & the city!
love georgina sparks!

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