'Pair of Kings' Canceled!

'Pair of Kings' Canceled!

Sad news — Pair of Kings has been canceled!

Star Adam Hicks first posted the news on his official Twitter, saying, “Waz up.!! Juz 2 say XD’s not going forward with a 4th season of POK – I had a blast and hope u did too. Catch you on the other side. A+ x”

Doc Shaw added, “Also, TY you an amazing cast @ryanochoa @kelseychow @genosegers @adamhicks702 and more. I had a blast #POK4eva.”

Also starring Kelsey Chow, Geno Segers, Ryan Ochoa and formerly Mitchel Musso, the show followed fraternal twins, Brady and Boomer, who lead a typical teenage life while being raised by their aunt and uncle in Chicago, but unbeknownst to them, they’re successors to the throne of the island of Kinkow.

ARE YOU SAD that Pair of Kings isn’t coming back?

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  • Erica S.

    Im like, almost in tears! No shame, I loove this show!!! :’(

  • Erica S.

    Any other POK fans? Lets follow eachother so we can all cry over this! @MyDisneyLife…Its always the good shows that have to go. Like, why?!?!

  • Brian

    It kinda sucks. But they should have kept with the original concept of the show being about the creepiness of the island. The Kings never came off as the champions they were supposed to be. It became just a typical Disney comedy. One King gets in trouble because of something stupid and the other King has to bail him out. I was hoping we would see them evolve as characters but they never really did.

  • http://twitter.com/ohsoadri_ acg

    the show just went downhill since brady (mitchel musso) left the show. i stopped watching after adam hicks first episode on the show.

  • karina

    k yes its sad but honestly the show was going no where with adam hicks being on the show instead of mitchel musso , cuz alot of ppl just watched it cuz mitchel musso was on it . plus the show didnt really have a concept anymore…

  • seanbz

    There was no way it could continue without musso and its actually pretty upsetting that he didnt get mentioned in this

  • walensia

    I think Mitchel Musso and Doc Shaw ware great team. I was so disappointed when i found out that Mitchel Musso is leaving the show. I feel really bad about it.

  • loganchase16

    My cousin and I ALWAYS watched POK together and we’re saddened it has come to an end. However, my cousin knew the series wouldn’t last with Adam replacing Mitchel on the show.

    Two and a Half Men, TAKE NOTES! POK is just doing what you should’ve done after the first season with Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen.

    Don’t get me wrong, Adam is a great actor. He just didn’t fit with the mold and concept of POK. My cousin and I really hope that Mitchel comes back for the final episodes. Otherwise, it would be a hopeful waste over nothing.

  • Joey

    The moment I heard about Mitchel’s DUI arrest, I knew the show was in trouble. And I know every other fan sensed it too.

  • alexandra

    ya se que las fans de mitchel musso estan molestas porque se fue del programa y el era que le dava la chispa al programa y cuando entro adam hicks que es un gran actor las fans se molestaron por el remplazo y la verdad esque voy a extraar par de reyes a mi sinceramente me gustaron todas la temporadas incluyendo sin mitchel musso y la verdad es que me da mucha pena que el programa se halla cancelado…

  • Max

    GOOD! Mitchell was an awesome actor on Pair of Kings. When he left everyone knew that the show is going to suck. Believe me i am not a disney fan at all because their shows suck old disney is better. But Pair of Kings is the show i watch cause it was good but now all Disney shows SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

  • kkkkkkk

    me too :(

  • brandon

    i hate to see this show go off i love this show i wish this show wont go off there is nothing funner then this show

  • sam

    i am really sad the show is ending i just wish mitchell musso was back on the show i hope that the last few episodes he comes back and they have a reounion or something I LOVE POK!!!! i wish it would not end:(
    :( :( :(

  • https://www.facebook.com/claire.murray.332345 Claire Louise

    Whenever Mitchel Musso left POK I stopped watching it, I knew it was going to be crap from there on, no offence to Adam Hicks like but it just wasn’t the same without Mitch, he was the sole reason I watched POK!!

  • Jason

    @Erica S.: Or we could do a petition to get Musso back and keep the show for at least another season.

  • Ashley

    @Erica S.:
    hi, im a 12 year old girl using my moms email but i feel the same way, i just wish they would make a 4th season and bring Brady back, he was one of my favorite characters in the show, they have to bring him back!!!!
    Im like crying right now!!!

  • Ashley

    @Jason: I think that your soooo right Jason, all fans of POK should do a petition, the show has to continue, they have got to bring back Mitchel Musso.

  • Belac smis

    I’m crying I don’t know about you but I complaining to Disney xd and if I get enough people maybe we can bring season four to the air

  • Roxy

    hi, I really like POK like really do I wanted a three brothers to meet or something I don’t want it to be canceled. but y r they canceling it did they run out off ideas I am with any body who wants POK!!!

  • donna

    @Belac smis:

    yes i agree i’m a mother of four boys and i myself like the show,
    /2012/11/05/pair-of-kings-canceled/comment-page-1/#comment-13940710″>Belac smis:

  • donna

    if there was something we all could do to get them to make another season with all kings it would be great. mother of four.

  • cindy swartzfager

    I stopped watching pair of queens when mitchell musco quit.I hated adam hicks!

  • Izzy

    I can’t believe they would just cancel the show it was amazing even after the other guy Brady left I love this show and will cry because I will just be watching re runs of this now I am gonna cry why does every good show have to go cant they just last forever POK I love you and you well be missed I love you guys all the cast well this is goodbye

  • bai-0z

    @cindy swartzfager: me to!!! We want mitchel musso…

  • Jo Ann

    My daughter and I started watching POK on Netflix. I was happy that we found an entertaining show that wasn’t inappropriate for my daughter. It was funny to both of us. As we approached season 3 and realized Brady left, it just wasn’t the same at all. I am not surprised it was cancelled. Very disappointed! Was hoping to see Brady and Mikayla get together one day!

  • Angela

    Sorry the Show is cancelled, but I also missed the chemistry of Mitchel Musso and Doc Shaw. Adam Hicks just fitted better with Hutch Dano, but did luv him too as Luke and in Lemonade Mouth. Sorry the big wigs in control couldn’t understand it would have been better, saved face, and kept Mitchel. I really missed where the show could have gone…it was so relaxing to watch with the original duo. Gonna miss Kelsey, Ryan, and Geno too!
    Good Luck in the future to all!

  • Da prince

    without Brady, POK is nothing. i knew it all along that POK wasnt gng anywhr without Mitchel Musso. Adam was good at Zeke n Luther, not POK.

  • http://justjaredjr.com mason

    Pok was a great show cause i understood the concept cause it was never about battles and kings it was about brothers and how they would react to being kings. they still there typical selfs just they think there better when musso left i was like at first this must be a rumor but then when i saw it i was like man musso really but when hicks joined i was like good he is a good actor they were too much on trying to enterain us when it should be characters they did a good job on story i like that but they rushed it with that tripplets thing but all in all i love the show i loved the characters. boomer was the real big help with out boomer musso character i would have not card

  • Emily

    i’m sooooo sooooo sad and i’m crying now.I looooooove Mitchell Musco.I wish It could not end

  • Ivan

    you guys are right i mean why would Disney cancel POK i mean i understand that Michel drank and drove once and got arrested but couldn’t Disney pay the bill off or something i mean like in my opinion he was the main star of the show sharing it with mason,mykala, and boomer and i skipped like 10 episodes of 22 of season 3 because hicks just couldn’t be Michel and you guys are right we should protest and maybe if we get enough votes and money we can make Disney make a forth season of POK with Brady in there along with boomer and maybe boz
    but i just don’t think its fair that people organized all those sites about POK and how they should make season 4 and people actualy voted 7,818 for YES! and only 1296 voted for NOPE and yet Disney still shuts us up i just dont think its fair

  • Patti

    I’m a mother of two and my kids love the show. I strongly believe there should be a finale season with all three boys in it. Mitchel being able to pop in on some of the episodes. Sounds like his career is taking off in another direction but I hate feeling like they are leaving their fans hanging. I love the whole cast on POK. Please reconsider.

  • Ally

    I can’t believe they cancelled the show. i was waiting for season 4 and hoping that brady, boomer, and boz would get together finally. i am really sad. it left me hanging.

  • Ally

    @Ashley: I can’t believe they cancelled pair of kings. it was one of my favorite comedy shows and i was waiting for season 4 hoping that Brady, Boomer, and Boz would all get together. i agree so put me on the petition if you are going to make one. i am so sad.

  • zazi

    I don’t get it either, the show was good after Mitch left still boomer was the funny one any way, Mitch was a creep on the season 1-2 anyway I admit i wasn’t a big fan of Hicks but that dude is silly too but you can’t fill boomers part the show was good… One monkey doesn’t stop a show. In this case it does lol. Musso lovers idgi Lanny was funnier the musso

  • zazi

    @Claire Louise: the show was just a good when he left. He isn’t even funny he was a creep, who stalk makayla so lame

  • zazi

    @acg: what changed about the show? I think your bias

  • zazi

    @Roxy: i agree the show was just a funny if not funnier

  • Kimmie Jenkins

    I loved Boomer too .. U all just talk about Brady but Boomer was pretty funny .. Adam Hicks just didn’t fit the role.. I hope the best to the cast

  • http://@zamoshungube black dude

    Ahhhh I hate em all!!! bring back the show or the dude I don’t know, bring whatever needs to be brought back I’m tired of my sister she blames me everything she thinks I’m the one who cancelled it and now she hates me…f**k man

  • http://@zamoshungube black guy

    Guyz don’t worry my brother owns the show I’ll have it brought back in no time there’s no need to cry sissy my brother owns it and a producer at the same time isn’t that awesome…you just got to relax

  • http://@zamoshungube black guy

    I’m here to save the day call me the day saver that’s my super hero name

  • Jorge


  • katie

    THERE IS NO MORE DARK SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter $rob$

    this is dumb .. this show was one of my favorite shows to watch and i cant even finish the 4 season … ?? … i think i speak for almost everyone when i say that the show has to go on … and its has to have mitchel musso. ..