Dakota Fanning: 'The Motel Life' First Look!

Dakota Fanning: 'The Motel Life' First Look!

Check out Dakota Fanning in this new still from The Motel Life, thanks to The Playlist.

The Motel Life explores the intense bond between two brothers living on the fringes of Reno, Nevada. Orphaned early, they grew up depending on their big imaginations to escape the challenges of their transient life.

When one of the brothers is involved in a fatal accident, it forces both of them to chose between running away or facing reality. It is a story of brotherhood, shared dreams and the redemptive power of hope.

No release date has been set yet.

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  • samsam

    this girl along with her sister, chloe moretz, hailee steinfield… are the REAL young hollywood actresses not selena gomez or miley cyrus or any other disney actress. the ones who skip disney skip the crap of struggles in breaking into adult roles

  • Mel_M

    Dakota is an extraordinary actress and my favorite, and, yes, I think we have a very good group of young actresses coming along. I would add Saoirse Ronan, Isabelle Fuhman, and Abigail Breslin to the list; movies I’ve seen recently have made me more interested in them. In particular, I thought Breslin’s naturalistic, understated performance in the underrated movie “Janie Jones” was excellent. I love this movie and it doesn’t have a ton of plot-holes.

    Unfortunately, none of the 3 movies Dakota did in 2011 have U.S. release dates yet, so, I’ve got a serious case of Dakota deprivation. “The Motel Life” was shot in the winter of 2011 and has been entered into the international competition at the Rome Film Festival (November 9 to 17, 2012). From the Dakota stills shown, it sure looks to me that she has, once again, presented a new and unique film persona. The Dakota film I’m looking forward to the most is the bio-pic “Effie.” Here, her character, Effie, is between 20 and 27 years old in the part of Effie’s life making the core of Effie’s story. I expect “Effie” will be the best Dakota movie yet and a major step forward in transitioning to fully adult roles.

    As for the guys, I liked Asa Butterfield in “Hugo” and Kodi Smit-McPhee in “Let Me In” (IMO, way way better than the Twi series and, dark as it is, a favorite of mine. “Hugo” is a favorite too). Both movies are Chloe Moretz movies and both boys did very very well. (BTW, I think Chloe’s best performance, among her movies that I’ve seen, is in “Hick”. The critics don’t like it at all, but despite plot-holes, I like it, and, I believe, even understand it — most of it anyway.)


    I recently heard a recorded radio interview with Ol Parker who directed Dakota in the British film “Now is Good” (no U.S. release date yet). Dakota and Ol were talking when a question came up and Dakota suggested they should speak to Stephen Spielberg. Well…it turns out that Dakota has Spielberg on speed-dial…yes…and he answered her call. Ol was surprised.