Imogen Poots Joins Zac Efron in 'Are We Officially Dating?'

Imogen Poots Joins Zac Efron in 'Are We Officially Dating?'

Imogen Poots has signed on to star alongside Zac Efron in the indie, Are We Officially Dating?

The 23-year-old British beauty joins the 25-year-old actor and Miles Teller, also 25 in the flick directed by Tom Gormican, Deadline reports.

In the movie, Miles plays Zac‘s friend and co-worker who is determined to remain single and sexually active without having to make a commitment.

Expected to open in theaters next year, the film follows three friends in Manhattan who make a pact to remain single just as they each start to fall in love.

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Credit: Dominic Chan, Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty, WENN
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Ok @ 8:05 am on 11/08/2012

Another great pic of Zac . just look at that smile. Love him

My 2 Cents @ 9:39 am on 11/08/2012

@Ok: I agree 100% Interesting side note: she worked before with Zac in Me and Orson Wells

shawn @ 10:03 am on 11/08/2012

I wouldn’t mind sampling some of Imogen’s fine British Pootie tang!!!

megan @ 10:09 am on 11/08/2012

So, another variant on Just Friends and Friends with Benefits? Greeeat.

Ok @ 10:28 am on 11/08/2012

@My 2 Cents Thank you for that. Next to The Paperboy, That is my favorite Zac movie. He is so great in it.

Amelia25 @ 10:50 am on 11/08/2012

Beautiful Zac!

Sharona @ 2:00 pm on 11/08/2012

Always so great to see some Zac in the news. Now I must tear myself away from sitting here and gazing at his beautiful face…….

florence2 @ 2:34 pm on 11/08/2012

Wow Zac will have no problem playing this part it will be like he’s portraying himself in the movie minus the falling in love part.

pita @ 4:30 pm on 11/08/2012

I love his smile,beautiful picture..

Paulie @ 4:35 pm on 11/08/2012

sick of the movie!

barbara @ 4:40 pm on 11/08/2012

i think this girl, is very beautiful,zac looks cute here, i’m glad zac is getting different parts to play.i just wish van would get more parts to play.florence 2, you are a very unhappy person, you know you got your wish he’s not with van anymore, so why are you always critizing him, by the way i read a few tweets at austin’s permeir, he was flirting with other girls, and that he is very rude,l but i heard that before from people who worked with him, that he is very need to relize that no one is perfect.

Ok @ 11:40 pm on 11/08/2012

@Florence 2 So what did you do for Halloween, Go as a nice person ?

leilani @ 11:52 pm on 11/08/2012

What’s funny is, Zac Efron movies have not really made money in the box office.

Ok @ 2:26 am on 11/09/2012

@leilani some of his movies have made big bucks.

NBTT @ 8:37 am on 11/09/2012

@florence2: Unlike some other people he gets roles. He’s not playing himself, that would be probably a dream of you. Go back to the threads of Vanessa and backbite there. He has currently signed for 4 movies that will be shot the next time.
You and all the other haters out there have at least one thing in common and that’s JEALOUSY.

@leilani: And as for you. You should listen to the things he says in interviews. The big money is not his priority when it comes to his roles and movies he’s starring in. The Paperboy and At Any Price are low budget movies. An actress like Nicole Kidman gets usually a higher fee than the whole movie has cost.

Ok @ 8:53 am on 11/09/2012

The Lucky One , was a hit and made lots of money. as did 17 Again , Hairspray.

Ok @ 3:41 pm on 11/09/2012

Cute , cute , cute.

Ok @ 3:41 pm on 11/09/2012

Hot, hot , hot

Ok @ 3:42 pm on 11/09/2012

Love this pic of Zac

merlin's mum @ 4:58 pm on 11/09/2012

Haven’t been on here for ages. And what do I find when I do?@florence2: spouting the same old negative crap! Never mind! I’m sure that Zac is far too busy working to be bothered about haters :)

kami @ 8:50 pm on 11/09/2012

poots??? for real? someone has the last name of poots? ms poots. lol

Lora @ 5:08 am on 11/13/2012

He’s so sexy!

dbwilyumz @ 12:16 pm on 11/15/2012


I wouldn’t call The Lucky One “a hit.” It cost $25 million and has grossed $92 million worldwide. Remember that the exhibitors get to keep a big share of the ticket money, and more millions are charged for marketing and distribution. So I would say that Lucky One broke even and perhaps made a little profit for Warner Bros.

Lucky One was a studio movie and got wide distribution and plenty of marketing support from WB. Zac’s other movies since 17 Again have been independents (except New Year’s Eve, in which he was just part of an ensemble cast, and The Lorax, in which he played a voice role). None of these indie productions received wide distribution and therefore could not become the hits that they deserved to be. Me & Orson Welles was a brilliant movie but never got to more than 132 theaters. Thank God for cable and DVDs. The Paperboy is playing in 27 theaters this week. We’ll see whether Sony Classics does better with At Any Price.

Efron is doing indies because he wants the acting experience and these are interesting projects. They may also enhance his reputation within the industry. But they aren’t going to be “hits” in the conventional sense of the term.

My 2 Cents @ 8:03 pm on 12/19/2012

TLO did well enough to be keep Zac very marketable and it was all him not anyone else that sold those tickets.

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