Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Call It Quits?

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Call It Quits?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have reportedly gone their separate ways.

The Young Hollywood power couple — 20 and 18 — are said to have broken almost a week ago.

A source told EOnline, “Because of their crazy schedules, it was getting harder and harder to maintain a relationship.”

The twosome went public with their relationship in February last year when they attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party together.

As of late, Selena is currently working on the Wizards of Waverly Place special and Justin is on the road with his Believe tour.

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  • saddest girl ever


  • sarah

    first….never thought this day would come

  • javi

    its sad they look so good together. but at least she won’t have to deal with his crazy/sycko fans. and she’s going to be mentally healthy. and focus more on what she loves. movies/tv/music and her family.

  • Ryan

    This is why you don’t someone who is famous…

  • Ryan

    This is why you don’t date someone who is famous, I meant to say..

  • Nicki

    They didn’t break up….check her twitter….she posted a pic of bieber just 23 hours ago…

  • Cj


    i guess she was just upset that he was out with this girl right after their “break-up”

  • samsam

    @Cj: yeah thats what i thought with the whole “…” thing going on was like she was saying wtf

  • samsam

    but what i dont get is that she was tweeting how her and greg were having an awesome time then when justin does it hes an idiot ..?

  • Rebeca

    D: !!! Noooo!!!!! …My heart is broken!! It feels like when Vanessa and Zac split!! AHHH!! I HATE break-ups!! :(

  • http://facebbok miriam

    Would be nice who famous people dating not famous people.

  • Ak

    yes its sad .. but you cannot compare them to Zanessa, they were dating for almost five years.

  • zzzzzzzz

    who gives a rat’s ass? Seriously.

  • Lawrence

    Finally the girl has come to her senses*lol*.

  • Kitsy

    Actually, Selena posted a picture of Justin on 11/09/12 on Twitter. It would be weird they broke one week ago.

  • Aj

    i’m gonna cry :(

  • Chris

    Hmm, hes seen with a Victoria Secret model. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hasn’t cheated on her before. He may love her, but he’s a male pop star who is attractive. Girls throw themselves at him, and 99% of males his age, when faced with that, can’t keep “it” where it belongs. I saw this coming eventually.

  • BD3

    @Aj: MEEE TOOOO :’(

  • Aboudou Youssouna

    c ‘est dommage ils formaient un beau couple

  • midz

    Its sad they are over but at least it means she doesn’t have to put up with his sick, twisted and horrible fans who were jealous of her and would say crap about her! Anyway she could do sooo much better then him though! I hope she finds someone better! Her and Taylor Lautner were cute together! They should get together or even her and Logan Lerman since Selena said he was one of her celeb crushes! (besides Shia)

  • dcstarinthemaking

    i think it’s about time, selena is 20 she doesn’t need to be messing with a teenager.

  • Alexandre Figueiredo

    No, I’m not sad. Selena Gomez being single is good. She’s very hot.

  • Dont judge a book by it’s cove

    It is really sad to say that they did break up. by maybe it was for the best. we all know they will still be close friends. so we shoudnt be all scared and everything. There will be still a Jelena. Just friendship Jelena rather than dating Jelena. So this is a sad moment yes. but it was for the best. dont worry i loved jelena. it just wasnt supposed to last forever.

  • http://sychiara sweet gurl

    Selena behaves way 2 matured than justine! I am happy she finaly going 2 hook up wit a grown man rather than a growing man

  • it wasent there scheduales

    the split because they kept on fighting and when Justin did something he dident include Selena in it like:going to Selenas hometown and going to her fave restaurant or not spending his free night with her on halloween

  • gregg and selena are the best

    selena and gregg are morebest…and cuteee i love jelena but they break up…sooo come on seleeeena and gregg

  • ariel

    Oh god oh god oh god!!!!!!
    i wasn’t a justin fan, but i became because he really loved Selena like she is the only one for him.
    i always hope selena meet someone who really cares about her, loves her, and does everything for her.
    i thought Justin is the right guy cuz she chose him.
    but he isn’t!! very disappointed.
    Barbara Palvin?? really justin???
    do you think barbara is better than selena???????!!!!

  • Jamie Bower love

    Sadly for their both, but they’re so young!

  • elenaselenatorbelieber

    i’m very sad both are amazing and the look amazing together!!!!!!!!! i am selenator and belieber so if they are happy i am too!!!!well….THAT!!!!!! <3

  • Courtney

    Honestly, I don’t get why people are getting so upset about them “breaking up”. I’m not even sure if they were a real couple to begin with. She was probably just using Justin to further her own career. If you don’t believe me, oh well I don’t care. I’ve seen some very convincing evidence and I’ve got Kingsley on my side! :)

  • http://facebook keren

    oui je suis triste quil sont separes je trouver quils faiser un beau couple apres voila ce leur vie

  • jenn

    selena can finally date a real MAN. not some high schooler who play stupid pranks all the time. justin needs to grow up.

  • hello

    oh well… knew they wouldn’t last very long anyways.

  • ann

    she put up with a lot of hatred for a long time. guess she just got tired.she seriously need a mature man though

  • alyssa-marriney-alexis-chelsea

    i know right. p.s. perants cant disied on my name!!!!!

  • http://justjaredjr. big-l

    No, i am not sad at all, First because hes a big ugly brat-face, Second she needed to get away from him cuz sweet and kind doesn’t mix with bratty and selfish , Third i think now is a good time for her to start looking for a guy that doesn’t have Justin Bieber’s personality and move on P.s ( Selena should get with Zac Efron, he just kinda recently split now her its PERFECT!!!) So im looking forward to seeing Zelena soon!!!!

  • gurl

    so sad… because they are such a beautiful…

  • priyanka

    hi iam priyanka from india how are you iam fine

  • priyanka

    hi iam priyanka from india how are you iam fine