Vanessa Hudgens: Happy Thanksgiving!

Vanessa Hudgens: Happy Thanksgiving!

Vanessa Hudgens is wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Check out the 23-year-old actress’ message below:

“Hello my loves. Happy Thanksgiving (again teehee)! After reading all of your lovely comments on my last post, I wanted to write a bit more… Today’s a very special day. A day that easily allows us to be positive. Reminding ourselves and telling the ones we love how thankful we are, filling our bellies ’til we can’t anymore, and being with friends and family. There’s no reason it should stop today (well the feasting should lol). We should always take time to give ourselves praise and tell our loved ones how much we care.

“You make your own reality. Make everyday a holiday. Also I just want to take the time to tell my amazing fans how much you mean to me. You’ve supported me thru thick and thin. It hasn’t been an easy ride. You lift me up when I’m down, all the love you guys send me from all over the world is so sweet. You make me strive to be the best I can. Thank you. For everything. So much love to you all.

“I’m cooking my first thanksgiving meal and am praying i don’t burn it all. Hahaha wish me luck and have an amazing day. Xx V

“PS. A lil story about the pumpkin in the pic…You see, it was on the sidewalk all by itself and a mean old man was kicking it around. So I thought to myself, ‘This pumpkin needs a home.’ So I gave it one =)”

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  • tina

    Love her. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Selma

    So sweet ! I miss you a lot Vanessa :)

  • OK

    Happy Thanksgiving cutie . Don’t forget to baste every 45 mins.

  • JRDN

    Happy Thanksgiving to you also, Vanessa. I only wish that there were more people like you today that have the heart and soul like you do, it’s infectious, you are spreading it to us, hahaha. Love You.

  • florence2

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone hope you all had a good one.

  • Boji

    Such a sweet message, bless you Vanessa. Happy ThanksGiving everyone!

  • layla

    Thanks Vanessa. Have a great Thanksgiving. You are are an inspiration and a lesson in perseverence. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

  • Paulie


  • mykamicks

    A meassage of gratefulness from a sincere heart..

  • Nightwish

    @Boji: Ah, so you are around after all. Was concerned your isp went bankrupt or somethin

  • justsaying

    Good things are always gonna come your way V. You are a special person. Loving and giving….Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family….and Austin ;)

  • mayeth dela cruz

    happy thanksgiving my sweet vanessa, continue as sweet as you are. stay for what you are sweetie, your so humble sweetie…. i love you sweetie im your fan forever. but wish and hope zac still in your heart sweetie, your the right girl for him, and also him for you. hope someday you could be back together, and wish you have a movie together again..

  • Paulie

    @mayeth dela cruz: they will never ever getting back together!

  • Emma

    @maverth dela cruz: It’s not that. She is happy with her boyfriend, and maybe
    they will not return together or act in movies
    You should accept it.

  • nessa

    i just love the girl.

  • Boji

    Read the trash comments from the Trolls at JJ. It makes my stomach churn to read the hateful comments. Something’s technically wrong so I can’t post there for the moment. I really can’t comprehend how people can say such hateful things about anyone for the matter. I wonder what does thanksgiving mean to some of you. Be thankful and grateful for all the good things that have happened and the negative things take it in your stride as a lesson learnt or as a learning experience.
    Vanessa’s message is clear enough. She’s grateful for her fans who have stayed with her through the rough times and given her strength to be where she is right now.
    So I see some ( naysayers) miss me. Never fear, I’m still supportive of Vanessa, she’s a reflection of my inner beliefs.

  • http://google barbara

    i hope everyone repects veryones opinion, and stop critizing, veryone who doesn’t agree with you. Vanessa is a kind person, and she repects veryone, so be repectful, to veryone.

  • Fhil

    “she’s a reflection of my inner beliefs” LOLOLOL yah right.

  • fabulous

    love you vanessa and thanks alot for the comment you wrote i love yoouuu sooo so sooooo ssssoooooo sssooo much

  • fabulous

    btw your really loved

  • omg

    so pretty

  • omg

    aww your so pretty

  • omg

    aww thanks vaness we all love and care about you as much as you care about us hope you had a very good and lucky tahanksgiving:)

  • convers

    your so pretty and sweet

  • macarena gomez

    hola soy maca y vi tu pelicula harriet,la espia guerra de blogs me encanto

  • Boji

    Fhi, and pray what do you know about inner beliefs? Stop sneering at something you know least about.

  • NBTT

    @mayeth dela cruz: Get finally over it. Not one of your wishes will ever happen again. They avoid each other and don’t talk to each other for a reason. It’s over between them. Wake up and start to live in the present.

    Do you know this lyrics?
    Yesterday is history [be gone!]
    And it’s never comin’ back!

    Believe it or not, it’s true ….

  • Like

    People who say that they KNOW Vanessa is meant to be with Zac or whatever are so freaking disrespectful. You KNOW nothing about them or the relationship they had.

    Vanessa is happy with what she has-she says as much herself, she has BF who she seems happy with and has her friends and family around her,she may not have many movies in production at the moment other than the animated one-but she a few coming out and will be back on peoples screens soon,promoting her movies. She has a lot to be thankful for as she herself has said.

    A lot of Vanessa and (zac) fans would be VERY thankful if some fans would let go of a past relationship as it’s insulting and rude to them as both parties have moved on and the relationship was none of your business anyway.You don’t know them nor what there relationship was like-so please let it go. Respect there decision to move on and find love and happiness with others.

  • Happy cakes

    Vanessa you keep being your fabulous, sassy and bubbly self and we’ll keep reading and following. Happy holidays!! Come back to L.A!!!

  • xo

    @barbara: those comments are so ridiculous. It’s a waste of time replying to people who are just so full of hate. They obviously have way too much time on their hands to follow someone that they claim to hate so closely.

    The world needs more people like Vanessa, positive, happy, and just as beautiful in the inside as the outside.

  • MY 2 Cents

    Vanessa said it best be thankful everyday. She has a great attitude and she is a such a sweet kind person. I’m proud to be a fan

  • mayeth dela cruz

    @Emma: are you sure!!! that’s only my opinion, who knows maybe someday,,, we are not handled our future, only God knows everything what would be happen to us.. maybe someday miracle could happen……. vanessa is have a goodheart, she have a filipino blood that’s why i know what she really feels, 5 years commitment it is hard to forget it. i know until now vanessa loves zac so much…. because we are like that if we have a first love we are hard to forget it…..

  • mayeth dela cruz
  • Happy cakes

    @mayeth dela cruz: I get you even if some of the others don’t. Vanessa and Zac were THE young HW couple for many years and I would be lying if I said that I would hate for them to get back together. They provided us with many beautiful pictures. But, it’s over at least for now. I say at least for now because we can never be sure about what tomorrow . I respect her relationship with Austin if that is what makes her happy. He seems to be a great guy and he is hot also. I am not holding my breath for a Zanessa reunion.

  • Emma

    @mayeth dela cruz: Yes, of course, nobody know what is to come.
    However, I believe firmly that she won’t get back to him as previous times.
    She is no more taking interest in him, and currently she has a beloved man~

    Austine probably will treat her with warmth much more than Zac

  • Emma

    Sorry for the typo

  • kelly martineau

    Where is Baby? Haven’t seen her on jjjr or lately. Kindoff miss her.

  • Like

    @mayeth dela cruz: I have Irish and Scottish blood- does not mean I know what others with the same blood think.
    Zac and Vanessa are other. People make their own choices-and they have chosen to move on. Zanessa fans constantly saying they will get back together is insulting to Vanessa,Zac and Austin. They have made their choices and have their reasons for not being together. Zanessa fans are freaky. Being so invested in someone elses old relationship=when you don’t even know the couple.

  • Pinoy pie

    @mayeth dela cruz please girl stop promoting pinoys here. i am pinoy and its embarrassing. are you nuts or what. first of all get a life stop weeping over someone elses relationship you know nothing about. second stop talking like vanessa is a godess because she’s fillipino. are you raciest or what. stop promoting fillipinos imedietly as possible. STOP PROMOTING PINOYS. WE ARE NO BETTER THAN ANY OTHER RACE. !!!!