Roberto Aguire Interview - Exclusive!

Roberto Aguire Interview - Exclusive!

Roberto Aguire stars in the upcoming flick Struck by Lightning, and has an exclusive interview with the actor!

Roberto dished on what it was like working with stars such as Chris Colfer, Sarah Hyland, and Rebel Wilson – and how Emma Watson became his date to the flick’s premiere at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival!

JustJaredJr: You’re listed as a producer for Struck By Lightning – How did you get involved with the film?

Roberto Aguire: It was actually really coincidental because I came on board as an actor and as a producer almost simultaneously. I had an audition for Brian Dannelly (director) for the role of the foreign exchange student in the movie alongside a meeting with David Permut (producer) for the chance to jump on board as a producer as well. They’re both great people and we really hit it off from the moment we met. I was really lucky in that I had just arrived in LA fresh out of college and they both decided to respectively take a chance on me. And obviously Chris had a say in that as well, so I’m definitely extremely grateful to all of them for that.

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JJJr: What was it like acting in and producing a film at the same time?

Roberto: It was so fulfilling! I had the chance to learn so much about the movie making process because of it. My experience acting on Struck by Lightning was nothing short of amazing. And my experience as a producer was just as fantastic. The great thing about being a producer on a project is that you get to see the in’s and out’s of every piece of the puzzle. There are so many elements involved in every aspect of a film’s development that I don’t think the average person is aware of, which is I guess why the whole process is referred to as movie magic. I’m still blown away about how everything comes together in the end, because there are definitely a lot of moments when you doubt it can all possibly ever fit together. Truth is though, sometimes you do have to force a square peg into a triangular hole, but you make it work!

JJJr: How was it working with names like Chris Colfer, Rebel Wilson, Sarah Hyland, etc?

Roberto:They were such great people to work with. Chris‘ extreme humility is so impressive to see up close. You almost want to shake him and say “YOU ARE SO TALENTED ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY”, but he would probably just brush it off as an outrageous statement. Rebel is amazing! She should be forced to come with a warning label that says “Caution: may cause uncontrollable laughter and accidental urination.” Sarah is one of those unique people who can shift gears between her character and herself immediately and seamlessly. You’ll be having a conversation with her about cupcakes and pizza, she’ll say “hold on”, walk to her mark, act beautifully, and then come back giggle and jump right back into “but yeah cupcakes make my life a better place”. It’s really impressive.

JJJr: Were there any fun pranks or inside jokes that happened on the set of Struck By Lightning?

Roberto: There was one inside joke that everyone made fun of me for during production. I have a really fast metabolism so I end up getting really hungry about every three hours. Obviously during shooting this was an issue for me because there wasn’t food available at such frequent intervals. So, everyday without fail I would get one or two foot-long sandwiches from Subway and eat six inches of it every time I got hungry. This didn’t go unnoticed and pretty soon people started joking that I couldn’t go more than a couple of hours before my Subway fix. Sadly, it was true.

JJJr: Do you still keep in touch with your Struck By Lightning castmates? Who are you the closest with?

Roberto: Most of the younger cast members became very close during production because we were all roughly the same age and we would always hang out. They’re a fantastic group of people! I keep in touch with pretty much all of them. I would say that I probably see Chris the most out of all of them though. He and I have very similar interests and he’s one of the few people who’ll actually indulge my random need to do sit in front of a TV and watch an old kids movie.

JJJr: Struck By Lightning premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival – what was that experience like?

Roberto: To put it simply, it was mind-blowing. The Tribeca Film Festival pulled out all the stops for us. We had a great red carpet with tons of press, a prime slot on a Saturday night, and a thousand seat theater that was filled to the brim! Not to mention the unbelievable after-party that Nintendo threw for us that night. It was an unforgettable experience. There’s one moment that really stuck with me though. As the movie was about to end, I remember looking over at all the anxious faces of the cast and crew. All of us were extremely nervous. Finally the credits start rolling and everybody starts applauding. But suddenly I noticed that a lot of people started to get up out of their seats. In that second I remember panicking, thinking that they hadn’t liked the movie and were going to walk out. Of course it was a complete misperception and instead everybody remained standing in their seats during what seemed like the longest stand ovation I have ever seen in person. That was a very special moment for me.

JJJr: Emma Watson was your Tribeca premiere date – how did you guys meet? What did she think of the film?

Roberto: We actually met on the set of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I was doing an internship in the special effects department at the time and one day we had a chance encounter that lead to us spending half a day together exchanging stories and dance moves. We never really lost touch after that and now she’s one of my best friends. I am so grateful to her for coming to Tribeca. She’d seen the movie beforehand and really loved it, but she said she wanted to come to the premiere regardless to support the movie and to make sure I didn’t trip over my own two feet on my first red carpet! There was a high probability coming into it that I would…

JJJr: What projects do you have coming up in the future?

Roberto: I’m in pre-production for a movie I have coming up, but the producers have sworn me to secrecy. Hopefully they’ll announce all the details soon!

JJJr: What made you get into acting, and who are your biggest role models/influences?

Roberto: I’ve always loved the idea of being able to entertain or move people by pretending to be something I wasn’t. I did it when I was really young by dancing silly in front of my parents or putting on shows for my family, and I did it when I was older by putting on plays or being in short films. Being able to step into a character’s life and inhabit that space for a period of time is fascinating to me. You get to experience different lives that you would otherwise never get the chance to be a part of, and at the same time move people in incredible ways. That’s what got me into acting.

The two biggest influences in my life have been my parents. I think it’s rare that you choose a life in the arts and get parents who support you fully and unconditionally. But that’s a real testament to the amazing people that my parents are. My mom handed down to me this insatiable appetite to learn and be curious about life. It’s thanks to her that I never stop asking questions even when it seems like they’ve all been asked. My dad taught me that no matter how hard you work, you have to make sure that you play just as hard. He can have the most epic party night, but at 7am he’s on his bike doing exercise getting ready to go to work. They are both huge inspirations to me and I’m so lucky to have them in my life.

JJJr: What are you favorite films and TV shows?

Roberto: Good Will Hunting is my absolute top favorite movie. I fell in love with everything about the film the first time I watched it, and it had a really strong impact on me as an actor. I think that’s also when Robin Williams officially made my top actors ever list. I’m also a huge Lord of the Rings fan. I obsessed with anything fantasy and I think that Peter Jackson did a phenomenal job delivering in a genre that is very difficult for most people to do justice to.

In terms of TV I basically get addicted to anything I watch. It’s really time consuming actually. Right now I have an unhealthy obsession with Breaking Bad, Vampire Diaries, and Walking Dead.

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    Reading this, I can say that Roberto has a good head on his shoulders. I am impressed by the way he smartly yet humbly answered the questions. This is the kind of film personality that I want to see more in the future.
    And take note, he met Emma on set. He was an intern and Emma is a celebrity and she befriended him. This is a testament that Emma is a down-to-earth kind of person. I love them both.

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