Kevin & Danielle Jonas: Studio Stop with Nick & Joe

Kevin & Danielle Jonas: Studio Stop with Nick & Joe

Kevin Jonas answers a phone call while out and about with wife Danielle in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (November 28).

The 24-year-old musician was joined by younger brothers Joe, Nick and Frankie while heading into a studio for an appearance on Ellen before heading out to the Pantages Theatre for their concert.

Joe‘s new artist girlfriend, Blanda Eggenschwiler, is also pictured below.

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“Last night’s show was AMAZING! We’re ready for TONIGHT! You guys ready?!!” the boys tweeted ahead of Thursday night’s concert.

DID YOU GO see the JoBros at the Pantages?

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  • http://facebbok Miriam

    Joe is single. They’re just friends. Justjaredjr you are as oceanup? No comment.

  • http://facebbok Anonymous

    Are you as oceanup? Joe is not dating ther. I have no words.

  • http://facebbok Anonymous

    They are not dating


    JJJr, Joe is single. He confirmed it. Joe is hot and young. I’m sure he will find a pretty and classy girl of his age.

    That Blanda is a nobody of 28 years old.

  • shanghai

    Think we all have to accep that he is dating her. Why would she be at all the concerts plus running errands etc with the family. Did not think so at first because there seemed no chemistry and did not see that lovesick puppy look on his face but heh she is spending a lot of time with him so guess its true.

  • http://facebbok Anonymous

    Joe is single

  • martha

    Shut up! Joe is single

  • sara

    Lol! I can’t believe there are people who still think Joe is single.

  • http://facebbok Anonymous

    Joe is single, but you can believe what you want. I don’t care about what you’re saying.

  • Like

    So if I was to go to work with my friend who spends a lot of time away and hang out with him and his family-means I am dating him? Wow ok then. For all anyone knows she could be a family friend and gets on well with Joe. You people have no clue who he hangs out with,just because she gets papped with him a few times means nothing.

  • http://@monilovesthejb Monica

    Omg joe is single !!!!!!! :O

  • lame

    Is Kevin Jonas still fliming that reality show? The one time I saw it, his wife was so hopped up on Xanax I thought she was going to keel over.

  • Ang

    GUYS BE QUIET ABOUT JOE BEING SINGLE! HE’S NOT!!! he’s holding her hand in the latest JoBro update! jeez.

  • Ang

    @martha: you shut up. he’s NOT single.

  • no body

    who cares who he dates… joe is young and having fun. He dates so many girls in a year who can keep up. Seriously this is just another model he will date for a few months and then once they break up he will be on to another model and another… so on you get the cycle. Let him have fun being a young guy. Most guys would love to be him and date that many models. People take things way too seriously. Let him be a young guy and date who ever. He isn’t the guy to get married young anyways he has said it before in interviews. yawn…

  • random

    he picks the same girls everytime. This wont last… it’s just like the other 20 models he’s been with. I liked Karlie Kloss… at least she was already famous. A lot of the models he dates aren’t very popular or well known until they are seen dating joe for two seconds. Lolz… I want to start a list of the models I think he’ll date in the future… this could be entertaining. People should back off also because he should be allowed to be young and date. It’s not like he hasn’t had a lot of short relationships… jk. before you know it there will be another model in blandas place that everyone hates on. This cycle never ends. When he finds a girl like Dani then all you haters should care, not when he is just in couple month relationships.

  • Sarah H

    I agree with random. it’s the same cycle over and over again. When he finds his dani you will know. I think he tries to force love instead of the right person finding him. I mean look at kevin and dani!! They randomly met and feel in love, and didn’t get set up on a date by friends.

>>>>>>> staging1