Vanessa Hudgens: Knicks Game with Austin Butler!

Vanessa Hudgens: Knicks Game with Austin Butler!

Vanessa Hudgens spends some quality time with her boyfriend Austin Butler while watching a Knicks basketball game at Madison Square Garden on Friday (November 30) in New York City.

The 23-year-old actress watched the New York Knicks win against the Washington Wizards with a final score of 108-87.

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Vanessa recently wrote on her blog, “It’s happening!!! Christmas is coming!!! I love the holidays. Now that Thanksgiving is over it is time to start thinking about gifts… I might do a lil gift guide for the holidays. What do you guys think?”

In case you missed it, have a look at Vanessa on the cover of Glow magazine’s Winter issue.

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  • Like

    Highly amused that you guys have not bought/published the pics of them being all coupley… Bad journalism that.

    Vanessa looks amazing-although a tad over dressed for a bball game-but great all the same.

  • :)

    lol this girl know how to dress ?? seriously now
    we are in 2012 NOT 1987 .wtf !!

  • Aly


    Oh you clone, how could you get the wrong twitter account? Btw, BRATARA not BRATATA since you so know romanian… NOT!

  • tina

    Cute couple

  • OK

    Hi cutie , Hi hottie , I believe in you.

  • Lawrence


  • inertia

    top most famewhoring couple in hw right they just need to realise what a joke they are

  • zanessafan

    Obviously, I’m not liking the view. But I so love Vanessa as an individual. No hate.

  • Diane

    One of the worse and ugly couple that Hollywood has…ewwww…yuckkkk

  • tina

    Since they are in NY and are happy I’m good.

  • Emma

    @Diane: shut up and stay stll…you are pathetic

  • OK

    The hottest and cutiest couple in the world. You can just see the love between them.

  • patricia

    missing the romantic basketball game with zac, I mean, they were holding hands… smiling for each other and this is …. hmm… watching basketball game!!

  • patricia

    and he is ALWAYS looking the paparazzis!!!!!!! uuuuuurrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh

  • JRDN

    No surprise again….., I mean no matter what this young woman does the critics are out biting her head off! She is doing very normal things in her life so who are we to judge her. Haven’t had pics of her for a long time and she’s a famewhore, what gives. Leave this young lady alone with all your hate and ill judgement unless you are so perfect that you got no flaws. Don’t got nothing positive or nice to say, MOVE ON!!!! For what it’s worth, Vanessa looks beautiful as always and the dress is ok for the occasion.

  • Itiswhatitis

    Oy, these two are just walking facepalms. Always looking at the paps and acting like they are better than everyone else…Give me a freaking break!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vhud

    amazing :D totally gorgeous as usual <3
    she looks a little sad, she's always happy at these games with zac … what a difference.



  • (sigh)

    they didn’t seem very touchy at all….maybe they will breakup… can hope can’t she?

  • NBTT

    @vhud: go to other galleries there are hundreds of pictures where they are kissing and cuddling and where they are all over each other. like:,,,, … that should be enough where you can find stuff about her

  • vhud

    @NBTT I seen pictures of them thank you very much, I DON’T NEED VERIFICATION. I’ve been a Vanessa fan for almost 7-8 years now . I SAID SHE LOOKS SAD unlike at game with zac where she was much more HAPPY (MY OPINION) I’m very much entitled to it and if you don’t like it … oh well, I don’t need someone telling me stuff I already know #JUSTSAYING

  • vhud

    @(sigh) me and you both :)

  • punkin

    I have followed her since HSM and I still like her, but I cannot see what she sees in that dork, he is so ugly…she and Zac belong together and I know that they still love one another…she is wasting time fooling around so get back to business and Zac and carry on with your life…she does look sad and I know it’s because of not being with Zac….so someone get the voice out and tell her we want “ZANESSA”back…….

  • Raye

    @patricia @vhud @punkin: In what way, does she look sad?
    I saw their picture and she looks happier than she was with Zac
    They are not going back to be together
    It’s over between them, and they do not talk to each other anymore. Rather, they avoid each other
    She is happy with her current boyfriend.
    Leave her alone

  • hahaha

    @Raye: And how do you know she doesn’t talk to Zac? Do you go through her phone bills? Are you physically there? and hello have you seen the picture of her close up, she looks sad, no one isn’t saying they aren’t happy for her we just prefer Zac, gosh darn itttt.

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