Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Harper's Bazaar Arabia'

Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Harper's Bazaar Arabia'

Vanessa Hudgens takes the December 2012 cover of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

The 23-year-old actress showed off an edgier side inside the glossy mag, chatting about Spring Breakers, Gimme Shelter and more. Check it:

On Spring Breakers: “I’ve never been on spring break, I’ve never gone to college or had this group of girlfriends to go away with. So this is kind of like the opportunity to do it. I became very, very close with these girls. We had such an amazing experience together; it felt like it was our own little spring break. We allowed ourselves to let loose and push each other and see how far we could take it.”

On getting in the mindset of a pregnant teen on Gimme Shelter: “It was a lot of fun after I got past those initial feelings of shock at the environment and I could just hang out with the children and the moms. They were completely cool with me, they were very welcoming and they really opened up to me which was really, really sweet. They let me pick their minds and get inside of their heads. It was definitely devastating, but it’s the reality of what happens to them.”

On looking up to Meryl Streep: “She has such an amazing, long career, and that’s the goal a long career! She has done everything there is to do under the roof, and been brilliant at everything she does. She’s the master of her craft and that’s her priority her craft. She is just astonishing.”

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Photos: Harpers Bazaar Arabia
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  • debora


  • Like

    “or had this group of girlfriends to go away with. ” So she has never been on a vacation with Laura New,Ashley Tisdale, Samantha Droke and Shelley Buckner? Everyone knows she has-so either this is a way old interview or she’s lying or she was misquoted and taken out of context.

    She looks stunning on the cover.

  • stefanie

    Where has this girl been? Besides making out on the sidelines with Austin. She is becoming very irrelevant…just my opinion though.

  • justsaying

    oh stefanie-such big words for a little jealous girl….just my opinion though. I think she was talking about “spring break vacations” with tons of young people-they are way different than just going to Mexico with a couple of girls.

  • Lawrence

    Beautiful girl!.

  • My 2 Cents

    @Like: Vanessa looks breath taking.

    I think she is taking about the Spring break experience with girlfriends . she means the kind of girls like the ones in the film.

  • My 2 Cents

    @justsaying: You said it better .

  • oh yeah

    She looks incredible!!!!!!!

  • ;)

    Where can I get this magazine?

  • amante

    Vanessa looks so beautiful. I really loved the interview .

  • just a gurl

    I want her face and body!

  • just a gurl

    When is Gimme Shelter coming out?

  • mags

    I loveeeeeeeeee her so much, i hope Kinokuniya has this magazines.

  • Melissa

    @Like: She is even prettier than Ashley

  • muse

    Honestly, she has to be one of the most stunning people to look at. She isn’t model thin, she isn’t towering over everyone, she isn’t one of the most sought out actresses, but thats what makes her amazing. She’s getting a few movie roles because she’s auditioning and working her ass off. Other people get it coz they’ve already made a blockbuster and directors and audiences believe that makes them talented actors, but Vanessa is different. She works hard and she may be in the peak of her career still, but as her fan and someone I look up to, I know she will continue to persue her career with such determination.
    She’s amazing and beautiful :)

  • ariel

    wonderful!! amazing!! :)

  • thetis


    Well she’s been in 2 blockbusters the HSMs and the 325 million Journey 2.

    I think she’s probably getting a lot of scripts that don’t advance her as a actress like action roles where shes not really doing much or pretty pieces where shes nice but not impacting and those roles pay a fortune.

    I respect her because she doesn’t take them she auditions or holds out for roles that are actual acting roles that help her master her craft and stretch her abilities.

  • http://justjared Doug

    I’m slowly becoming a fan.. Personally like the pictures out and about town when she is in warm ups and hair all frazzled. She is very pretty, but I am sworn and will never leave being Ms. Lovato for another woman.

  • LULA

    thetis ,lol . 2 blockbusters . how sad . Didn’t she act in like numerous movies post HSM ? and only J2 managed to actually become a box office hit and even in it she just plays a subordinate role .I’m sure , if she gets ”a lot of scripts like action scripts that pay a fortune ” there’s no reason to reject such roles .Such roles advance actors in their careers also .But I don’t think anyone’s gonna offer such roles to this girl who looks like a tree trunk and who has done nothing worthwhile so far.She has lot to master in her craft before she advances in to such big money films , she should actually do something worthwhile in a film and prove her talents .She should do a lead once in a while

  • Jrdn

    Beautiful pictures. I can see Vanessa having a longevity career in the movie business, there is room for her there with a lot of hard work, which she is doing now, she is also proving herself to be worthy of her craft. So very tired of people cyber hating on her, I guess they just can’t put the past behind and move on so pathetic in nature, we have enough of the hate all over the world why add too it.

  • Louise12

    Vanessa look beautiful.

  • abbimorgan


  • zanessafan

    Though she’s getting less number of movie roles than the other people, at least she’s playing different genres unlike other people out there who kept playing the same kind of role in different movies. And we can’t deny the fact that compare to the other Disney girls of her age, she’s a better actress. While others stick with being a singer without exploring themselves deeper. Vanessa has fairly got it all.

  • My 2 Cents

    I loved the interview as well