Bonnie Wright: The MiuMiu London Event

Bonnie Wright: The MiuMiu London Event

Bonnie Wright snaps a pic with Felicity Jones while attending the the-miumiu-london event held at Cafe Royal in London late last month.

The 21-year-old British beauty spoke with the brand about her future in film.

“The main person I’ve collaborated with is a man. Creating what we create and the ideas that we come up with wouldn’t be the same if we were both women,” she shared.

Bonnie continued, “I can be in touch with the masculine side and he can be in touch with the feminine side. When I was younger I was such a tomboy, and so often I still feel that side to me. It’s also the armor, putting on that gear when you are on set to be more masculine. But I do not feel that most of my generation would want to be a feminist because of the sort of death of that word.”

Read the rest of her interview at MiuMiu.

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Credit: Stuart Wilson; Photos: Getty
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Goose @ 11:16 pm on 12/08/2012

Great interview and looking gorgeous. :)

Kristen @ 11:17 pm on 12/08/2012

Bonnie ^_^ She recently cut her hair to her shoulders… can’t wait to see her at an event showing it off.

nina @ 6:09 am on 12/09/2012

boring and plain

LifeIsnotallaboutfancydresses @ 12:31 pm on 12/09/2012


I pity people like you who hail & worship celebrities who only knows how to show off being a lipstick endorsers and how expensive their dress and how they dress w/ the help of their paid stylists, and w/ no accomplishment in their lives except to have movie contracts.

nina @ 8:27 pm on 12/09/2012

@LifeIsnotallaboutfancydresses: still boring and want some miumiu contarct but to be an miuccia muse she needs TALENT!! And she hasnt!! Lilly rocks!

nina @ 8:29 pm on 12/09/2012

Felicity looks gorgeous and shes really talented! bonnie? not.

John @ 2:01 am on 12/10/2012

LMFAO NIna are you pressed? Commented five times. Bonnie directed a film, got into Cannes Film Festival, and has gotten 4 film post potter. I say she’s doing really well. So keep trying. ;)

nina @ 7:07 am on 12/10/2012

3 times, Johnstanand probaly@8:27! Now, 4 times. back to college and stop tryng kiss bonnie ass. LOL.The worst actreess. Well done Jamie. Well done! Lily are much better! And she does all these “big things” and no one care about her. She only does this cuz daddy money pays! LOLOLOLOL. But its nice to see she has stans. Only 5 or 6, but she has. kkkkkkkkkkk

Gatonka @ 8:45 am on 12/10/2012

@nina: Hating posts are what the web is made of. How did mankind do without it? And all the stars and starlets profit even from that! We should dump the internet and most celebreties (Lilly whoever included) get back to the moderate importance they deserve.

John @ 3:33 pm on 12/10/2012

@nina: At least I don’t look like a crazy person hating and posting the same stuff over and over. And if Bonnie was so “bad” so how come she’s getting roles? Hmmm or the fact she got her film into Cannes Film Festival. Her daddy? LMFAOOOO okay. The fact her dad is just a jeweler so how does that work.

If that was the case you can say Emma Watson got all her roles due to her daddy since he’s a laywer or Lily Collins is getting parts because her dad is Phil Collins the singer. So nice try.

Heidi @ 4:25 pm on 12/10/2012

@nina: You look pathetic, Nina. Bonnie is a beautiful young lady and very charming. She’s nice to her fans and always doing charitable efforts. But thanks for commenting so much, you got this post up to the top of JJJ and now I got to see Bonnie. :)

Heidi @ 4:29 pm on 12/10/2012

@nina: Oh and I looked up whoever this Lilly and Jamie are and he’s hideous! Bonnie apparently used to date him. Well done, Bonnie. You don’t need to be with that guy! He’s ugly and looks like a girl half the time.

Jeremy @ 7:20 pm on 12/10/2012

I think Nina’s comments are rather funny and reek of jealousy when that’s literally the only reason why Nepotism Collins is famous, because of Daddy.

Also, as a heterosexual male, I would not want to be dating someone with Collins’ eyebrows. She ever heard of waxing?

nina @ 6:48 am on 12/11/2012

Hate emma watson too. Hate all that harry potter things…

John, you look like a crazy stan, love a girl who dont know you. kkkkkk

No one cares about this girl and shes really try to hard, but the only thing she do are post pics on twitter about how her life is perfect shopping at prada or dinner and travel with her ugly friends! Yes, we know that cuz all the parts about her “4 film post potter” she probaly have 4 or 5 lines on script or 8 minutes on movie like potter! Always supporting roles. Small roles. Good directors? NO. Leading role? NO. Cover big mag? NO. LOLOL. She cut her hair and no one talk about that! She wants midia atention! She go to Cannes (like a lot of students who really work in uni) and no one give a fuc*. Amazing! Doing charits and wear prada or miu miu fur? Hipocrity!

Glad Jamie move on! Lily is much better.

And Heide=Jonh=Jeremy!! pathetic.

Gatonka @ 8:07 am on 12/11/2012

@John: Well, Emma W’s dad is a media lawyer, and there was some word on the web that he is largely responsible for the enormous loot that Emma took away from the production, especially for the last 3 (or 4) films, as he perfectly knew all the ways to boost up the bill for an actor and make the appropriate contracts. One could even say her dad’s contacts with the film industry brought Emma in in the first place. Then, Bonnie’s parents also had contacts with the film industry – they have been making props for films, like rings for “Elizabeth”. Let alone Lily C… but it is as Bonnie once said: They were cast since they were the sort of type (mainly by looks) the producers were looking for. I am just not so sure what they were looking for in case of Lily C.

Ana @ 8:32 am on 12/11/2012

why talk about Emma? Its bonnie post. Thats why i hate bonnie’s fans. Not her. they love bash emma for no reasons. At last emma works whit sofia, darren, del toro and good rewies for perks! STOP TALK ABOUT EMMA!

Gatonka @ 11:41 am on 12/11/2012

@Ana: There is no bashing of EW in my posts. You see: EW is everywhere. We can’t do without her. Should keep you happy.

Heidi @ 2:49 pm on 12/11/2012

@nina: You’re psycho. Bonnie is lovely and your jealousy is showing. ;)

mary @ 3:32 pm on 12/11/2012

@nina: you sure know a lot about someone you claim to “hate”. you must stalk Bonnie more than her fans do. I follow her on twitter but jewz, you know more about her than I do. take a chill pill, i can feel your blood pressure from here.

nina @ 4:45 pm on 12/11/2012

LOLOL Stans! the true hurts? LOLOLOL

She’s useless!

mary @ 5:33 pm on 12/11/2012

@nina: what truth? you’ve said nothing true, only proved you stalk her more than her fans do.

Heidi @ 5:42 pm on 12/11/2012

@mary: Nina’s obsession with Bonnie brings laughter to my lungs. Glad that her mere existence seems to bother Nina so much. Keep on trucking on, Bonnie, because as long as you do, Nina has an excuse to seethe and therefore make me laugh.

Rita @ 9:04 pm on 12/11/2012

Say what u want Nina, u have a right to ur opinion. In my opinion I think Bonnie looks great. I wasn’t crazy about her at first but I like her more every day.

Gatonka @ 11:54 am on 12/12/2012

Yes, she is great, isn’t she? O wait, who was that about? Bonnie Wright? Emma Watson? Kristen Stward? Margaret Rutherford? The Duchess of Oxbridge? Never mind, write on as it comes.

Goose @ 2:57 pm on 12/12/2012

Wow…I missed a lot. And what’s up @nina’s ass? Can someone say something nice about Bonnie? Makes it seem like it’s a crime to say something nice about her. wtf?

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