Carly Rose Sonenclar: Backstage at X Factor Video Interview!

Carly Rose Sonenclar: Backstage at X Factor Video Interview!

Carly Rose Sonenclar has made it to the X Factor USA finals and we can hardly wait to see what she sings next week!

JJJ caught up with the 13-year-old phenom backstage and got the lowdown on what she’ll be doing after X Factor, her fave performances and more!

“It’s really weird…in the best way possible,” Carly shared of the fans support of her.

She added, “I’ve never experienced having the little check by the Twitter name, verified account and having fans — when I wave to them, they’ll be like [motions with a wave and hands over face]. I don’t get it, it’s crazy to me. To think that me waving my hand to someone could make them feel really good, that just means more than anything to me.”

Backstage with Carly Rose Sonenclar
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  • Aldo JR.

    I love her!!! ?

  • http://twitter annie

    SHE HAS TO WIN THE X FACTOR . GO AWAY TATEEE. and she and Austin mahone will date in the future. ?

  • http://twitter annie


  • Howard Prince

    Best of luck Carly. You will be a Grammy winner one day no matter what happens on X Factor. Can’t wait to buy your 1st album.

  • kysha

    Carly rose is going to win X Factor she’s way much better and has a stronger voice

  • Katerine

    this show is about to find the best X Factor talent. It is not about loving your wife et wanting to have her stop working: it’s about finding the best talent. This girl has a real gift of God in her throat. She is not talking about her family problems and dreams for her family to have our pity, she is simply singing with all her heart and giving us her talent as an extraordinary gift for us to listen to. Such a talent is rare and I pray that people will all vote for her so that this show will fulfill his goal, thanks to Simon Cowell who gives the chance year after year to discover such talents

  • Eileen

    I agree with Katerine. Carly is by far the most talented of all 3 finalists. Yes, they are all good and I’ve enjoyed watching all of them perform week after week. But Carly has a natural gift and she has been consistantly good, even great, with each performance. I feel as though I am watching the making of a star..I only hope that she will receive the number of votes necessary to win. The best of the best will not win unless people who believe in her take the time to vote, even if they only vote one time!

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