Vanessa Hudgens Joins Instagram!

Vanessa Hudgens Joins Instagram!

Vanessa Hudgens has continued her social media presence to the world of Instagram!

Just days after the internet went into an uproar over the website’s new user policy, the 24-year-old actress has created an official account to connect with her fans via her photos.

“Oh. Hello. Officially on Instagram,” Vanessa captioned her first photo. Make sure to follow her at @VanessaHudgens!

“Oh hey hey. I’m officially on Instagram. Where you at?!” Vanessa wrote on Facebook along with a screencap of her account.

Vanessa also posted a couple photos of herself on Facebook with the caption, “Ravi Shankar, incense, meditating.” Check them out below!

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vanessa hudgens joins instagram meditates like ravi shankar 01
vanessa hudgens joins instagram meditates like ravi shankar 02
vanessa hudgens joins instagram meditates like ravi shankar 03

Photos: Facebook, Instagram
Posted to: Vanessa Hudgens

    I’m sooooo happy Vanessa got an instagram!! I LOVE HERRRRRR SO MUCH!!! <3 <3 <3 XO

  • Lawrence

    She looks pretty when she wears makeup that brings out her natural beauty, like the red lipstick. Go Van!, I hope your taking good care of Austin? and he you?.

  • My 2 Cents

    Definitely eclectic ,but so pretty none the less.

  • Marie

    Vanessa who?

  • Gabriel


    The girl who leaks nude pics of herself for fame.

  • samsam

    @Gabriel: lol. that will always be apart of her no matter how hard she tries to dismiss it. which is sad when u make a mistake but people constantly bring it up jus to piss u off

  • tina

    If she was just a girl, releasing the picture would have done nothing. NO ONE WOULD CARE IF YOU RELEASED PICTURES TOMORROW.

  • Liberty

    So now she has two Instagrams- a official public one for fans and a private one for friends and fam. She must have got sick of fans requesting to see her pics on her private one. Cannot say I blame her,although with all the controversy surrounding Instagram at the moment it maybe was not the best time to publicly join the site.

  • Eoina

    Vanessa in the Indian attire and makeup looks like Indian sure her fans are gonna defend her n all but she does look like that!!

  • Liberty

    1) I don’t think she looks like an Indian prostitute infact if I was of Indian heritage I would that remark offensive.
    2)Vanessa is wearing traditional Indian dress. Not sure for what reason she is wearing it,maybe a fancy dress party or some other event.
    3)I I don’t think its disrespectful of her to wear this (as some posts have said on Twitter) unless you are trying to make fun of a culture or using stereotypes that would be considered racist or not showing the culture in a good light. What Vanessa is doing is hi-lighting that she recognises different cultures and respects them.

  • Ayah

    indian prostitute, oh my god!!! it’s direspectful

    i think she’s beautiful in indian dress even if she’s not Indian women.

  • JRDN

    @Gabriel: It’s people like you who choose to Not Forgive and move on. It only show what kind of character you have. My only advice to you is that, if your closet is perfect without any mistakes than by all means go on an curse this young woman, if it’s not, please be quiet and STOP with the cybe bullying it makes this young generation so darn ugly both inside and outside.
    @samsam, boy I am glad that you got a good head on your shoulder and you speak from the heart. I am so saddened that I the likes of this generation is so hatefull, spitefull, demeaning and downright disrespectful that it sends chills down my spine just reading or hearing them even open up their mouths. Thank You for being you.

  • Jess

    @JRDN: Your right about one that..this generation is effed up. It’s common to tear someone apart via the Internet and on blogs. So sad really. She looks very beautiful.

  • hermaione

    YEAH¡¡¡¡ that’s absolutely amazing … i wonder who is she following on IG? anyone know?

  • peaceman300

    Want Fashion food and more?!

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