Ed Sheeran: I'm Not Taylor Swift's Type!

Ed Sheeran: I'm Not Taylor Swift's Type!

Ed Sheeran is assuring fans he never dated his good friend Taylor Swift!

The 21-year-old British singer/songwriter recently opened up about their friendship, which began when they teamed up for a song on her latest album Red.

“We had great fun when we met,” he told UK’s The Sun. “But I don’t think I’m Taylor‘s type.”

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“If you look at all the dudes she’s dated, they’re all tall, brown hair, brown eyes, very attractive and all the girls scream for them,” Ed added. “I’m chubby, ginger with blue eyes.”

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  • Michelle

    Aw, I love Ed! Any girl would be beyond lucky to date him!

  • Jason

    At least he knows he’s not for everyone. Hopefully he can clean up his appearance, dress a little nicer, shave, and actually reflect what kind of talent he actually is.

  • samsam

    @Jason: i think that is part of his look and thats why he never changes. confirming to hollywood changes your outlook on life. so because he looks scruffy means he cannot fully show his talent? our society is so distorted. i think its great how is still humble enough to go on stage in jeans.

  • Fsvsvsg

    Yah Taylor Swift is arrogant. She definitely dates for looks and social/media status. She doesn’t care for personality at all. No wonder she gets her “heart broken.” She’s too caught up in their name and what effect they’ll have on her career. I really dislike her.

    As for Ed, he’s pure genius. Class act. Inspirational. My kind of guy.

    Taylor can go suck a big one. I mean, isn’t that what she’s known for anyway? Going from guy to guy?

  • ahhhh

    well i love ed!! he has such great voice <3 and he looks great too!
    taylor's dated WAY too many guys…and none of the relationship lasts long

  • jennifer

    too many guys??? She’s only dated 6…. people should learn to count :/

  • Lawrence


    Do you ever say anything positive?, there are self help books. I suggest you try one. :)

    As for Ed, he’s awesome and I’m happy he’s so down to earth with his fans.

  • Jason

    @Lawrence: I acknowledged the guy’s talent, and I agreed with his own assessment that he’s not the most attractive looking person in the world. What more do you want from me? Go find someone else to bully, because you don’t intimidate me.

  • nm

    but Ed..Rupert Grint loves you

  • Marielle

    Are you kidding? I love gingers! And there is nothing wrong with a little chubby. Not to mention that Ed has some of the best vocals I’ve ever heard. And if he ever wants Taylor, I’d like to point out that her “type” hasn’t worked out so well for her. Maybe she needs a change :)

  • kanani

    @Marielle: I completely agree with everything you said. I love Ed :)<3

  • nina

    he is really ugly. and he knows that!

  • janelle

    He isn’t ugly. He’s got a good heart, so he’s cute to say the least. He doesn’t need to change his appearance, because then it would seem that he has an ego.

  • Chelsea

    Lol of course Taylor does. She only goes for attractive, popular guys. But Ed is such a sweet and talented guy. What he said was so humble :’)

  • http://a kylie

    awww Ed!!! You’re attractive!!!! <3

  • Jack

    Taylor has had more than 6 boyfriends. She’s dated 6 famous guys and 2 unfamous guys.

  • kaykay

    That’s her shallow stupidity. I like her music I admit it. But the thing is in my opinion she tries WAY to hard to get people to like, or at least it seems that way.

  • lara

    love ed sheeran

  • http://azyuppie Azyuppie

    I am sure Taylor can see what’s attractive about Ed, his talent, his great sense of humour and the fact that he is a really really nice sweet humble guy. Love takes time…. maybe their friendship will turn into something more, when the Tour is over, she will start to miss him ;) who knows?!

>>>>>>> staging1