Just Jared Jr's Top Five Music Artists of 2012

Just Jared Jr's Top Five Music Artists of 2012

We just revealed the 50 Most Popular Posts and now we’re about to debut our top Music Artists of the Year!

One Direction took the #5 spot and Harry Styles was voted your fave guy in the band!

Louis Tomlinson‘s girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, even earned a spot on our top celebs.

Jonas Brothers moved back up the list, taking the #2 spot. Nick was voted your fave of the group.

6. Taylor Swift
5. One Direction
4. Carly Rae Jepsen
3. Justin Bieber
2. Jonas Brothers

Click inside to see who your #1 Music Artist was…


The season two X Factor USA judge stole the votes to top the list. Congrats, Demi!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the list?

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Credit: Paul Morigi, Jason Merritt, Kevin Kane, Kevin Winter, Christopher Polk; Photos: Getty, Teen Vogue
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  • lol

    How in the world are the Jonas Brothers at #2? They haven’t done anything this year. Same with Demi. They both shouldn’t even be on this list.


    Demi’s done nothing this yr?… haha have u been living under a rock? hahaaaaa She deserves this <3 Gratz to everyone on the list :)

  • itsnellson

    Demi yay!


    Realy? Jonas Brothers #2? Who wrote this? His mother?

  • maggie

    YES!! I really am happy that Demi the Jonas Brothers and Taylor made the list but i think Taylor should’ve been higher than #6 but the fact that the Jonas Brothers made the list (and was higher than someone else) made me happier CONGRASTS TO YOU FROM LOAVTICS JONAS FANS AND SWIFTIES EVERYWHERE

  • lindsey

    Okay so this is not accurate. If this was 2008, then I say this is accurate. Jonas Brothers are not as popular as they were since 2008. They haven’t done much other then tour which was very minimal.

  • Jenny

    Haha what??? Jonas Brothers number #2…that’s a joke. They have barely done anything this year. They had a few shows and that’s it..no new single or cd.

  • any

    yeahhh !!! i love demi and jonas 4ever <3 and i hate 1D

  • Cami

    Jonaaaaas <3

  • jenn

    demi and the Jonas brothers are are #1 and #2??? ummm something is not right. taylor swift should be #1 and Justin bieber should be #2

  • Lawrence

    Ed Sheeran should have made the list, the boys been working his butt off this year. These lists are always so bias anyways.

  • andys

    yey!! demi’s number #1.. she totally deserve it, she was everywhere (even sang in front of the president) and her song GYHAB was a BIG HIT!! I love her <3

  • Marielle

    I agree Ed Sheeran should have made the list. He had an awesome year and a Grammy nom. As for the Jonas Brothers: They have started touring again and are about to release an album. Nick was in How to Succeed and Kevin was in Married to Jonas (both very successful). Even though I’m a bigger Jonas fan, I think that Bieber should have been higher because he did more (Tour/Album/AMA win).

  • http://twitter.com/emzagada Ella

    #JB2012. Yeah! Because it’s their comeback year as a group! Good choice. ;)

  • jessika


  • jelena

    @jenn: agree with you :)

  • V

    I think Ed Sheeran should be in and JoBros out! Cause Ed has done more this year in music than the brothers did.

  • SarahJ10

    WOW! That is so great! The Jonas Brothers totally deserves 2nd place! They may not have officially released any new music this year, but they have been working hard on creating a new album, and they have played some of their songs at concerts. Furthermore, they have already started touring around the world, just because they love their fans. Plus I million other reasons I won’t get into. If they don’t deserve a high score on this chart I don’t know who does. To all you critics: stop being so jealous, it doesn’t suit you and you probably voted for them anyway. I just want to say congratulations to all the musicians this year, you all deserve a medal. Keep on working hard and creating beautiful music for all of your fans around the world. God Bless.

  • Samantha

    POOR JONAS HATERS…. they can’t accept the fact that the JONAS BROTHERS are in the SECOND SPOT and that they have just BEAT out their idols..
    yeah they barely did anything this year compared to your idols but that doesn’t make then irrelevant… you see, just jared readers (a lot of them) still cares about the jobros that’s why they have so many articles here even though the articles are just about them dining or just walking.. clearly A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE STILL INTERESTED IN THEM AND SO AS THE HATERS.. and ps. this is a list about the TOP MUSIC ARTISTS.. not releasing an album this year does not make the jobros undeserved to be on the list

  • Warren

    Where’s Miley? Oh well, 2013 will be her year with a new album coming out.

  • Karla

    The Jonas in #2 and Demi in #1 that’s PERFFFECT TO ME!
    The Jonas just make their Radio City Show ( and it was sooo amazing,best thing ever) and recorded their last album… they deserve it :)

  • tint

    The JONAS BROTHERS deserved the #2 spot :)))
    These guys are so incredible! Fuck all those haters!

  • n

    Back off! The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato deserve this! Accept the fact! They worked so hard for music.

  • http://www.downloadzapper.com/2013/12/hotspotshield-Hotspot-Shield-honey.html hotspot shield

    Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato are good