Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose Sonenclar, & Emblem3: Signing to Sony Music?

Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose Sonenclar, & Emblem3: Signing to Sony Music?

Good news, X Factor USA fans! Second season finalists Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose Sonenclar, and Emblem3 are reported to be getting record deals from Sony Music.

The three acts will be signed to Syco Music, a record company co-owned by X Factor executive producer and judge Simon Cowell and Sony Music. Then, Syco will partner up with either Epic Records or Columbia Records, both owned by Sony Music.

L.A. Reid, X Factor judge and chairman/CEO of Epic, is anxious to sign Emblem3 since Columbia already has One Direction on their roster.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see more from these X Factor finalists?

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  • lindsey

    See not winning 1st place prize isn’t so bad after all. If Carly works with the right people, she can get far.

  • Eponine

    I love Carly Rose Sonenclar. She ‘s so talented. She’s not even 14, and she’s already starred in amateur productions of famous musicals. She will be the next Adele. (Not the next Britney) Then she will make the world forget that other Carly ever existed. I love Fifth Harmony as well. Both of them were amazing acts. And I’m not a tween or a teen. I’m an adult. I think that says something about their talent ( not about me).

  • Dan

    I will buy anything Carly Rose Sonenclar puts out, she was my favorite.

  • 5h4ever

    I’m extremely excited to get Fifth Harmony’s CD and Carly’s! It’s rare to find such truly gifted acts who are so young and so focused. Love Emblem3 as well. I feel like if they can let them do their own music/style they will be amazing. Congrats to all three acts! :)

  • Astrid

    Can’t wait for Carly’s album. I just love her!!! She became my favory artist among Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.

    IGood luck for her!!!

  • Dave

    Carly is my favorite (although I also like Fifth Harmony). It’s not just her talent; it’s the maturity, the passion, the drive and commitment she has. She truly is an inspiration for young and old alike. I am very excited about following her career, regardless of the direction she chooses.

  • Mister freeze

    These are the exact 3 acts that I said from the beginning should get record deals. I’m really excited about 5Hs album!!!

  • robert johnson

    I cant wait to get my hands on a Fifth Harmony album! they are my favorite! they are def the reincarnation of The Spice Girls!! 5H all day! love them!

  • Jenni love

    5H 5H 5H 5H 5H 5H 5H 5H 5H 5H 5H 5H 5H!!! i cant wait!! i love them all!

  • http://@vallbffsami Val

    These are exactly the 3 acts I said should defiantly get a record deal! I really can’t wait to get my hands on an E3 album! Emblem3 is amazing! So is 5H and Carly, but Emblem3 is my favorite. They’re not a boy band and have a different style than anybody else. That’s what makes them likable. I really cannot wait until Emblem3 has an album, they’re already back in the studio so I can’t wait!

  • Lawrence

    The boys from Emblem3 are pretty cute!.

  • wendy!

    cant wait for emblem 3 loved them when i first saw them.

  • Valeria

    Excited for FIFTH HARMONY album!!! Want It now!!! :)

  • Lauren

    I want a Fifth Harmony album now!! Loved them so much! I can’t wait to see what they do!!

  • http://@melimelika Melika

    oh my god!! so proud of 5th harmony can’t wait for their album!

  • just listening

    Carly was the one I was pulling for she out surpassed all on stage. She is truly gifted young girl. I only hope all successes to you

  • just listening

    Oh by the way, the duet , was a disaster but not on Carly’s part, she was a real pro and carried on. Shame on Brittney for pairing her up with this woman, who clearly has emotional issues and maybe something else? She has lost her voice and ruined the biggest night of Carly’s life, so far. Carly I know that you are going to go further than the winner, because you have a gift from above. All your hard work has shone through. Enjoy every step and thank you for sharing your gift with all of us.

  • Jeena


  • Kiernan

    Can’t wait for Carly’s album. She is absolutely a force of nature. I think she will go really far in the music industry. Best wish for her!

  • Natalie

    Love Carly Rose Sonenclar! :)

  • Howard

    Carly has the potential to be an international superstar. If you view the You Tube hits on her X Factor songs, she attains more hits (over 20 million on just her 1st audition) than all the other contestants put together, including many superlative raves from outside the USA.

  • Beth

    i am soooo excited for emblem3!!! they are amazing. i have all their songs on repeat on my phone :)

  • http://@pattystein2 patty


  • aLycia

    Carly should have won. She has the xfactor. I can’t wait to purchase her album.

  • John Sabala

    I am 33 years old and I have watched the X FACTOR with my fiance, and I am from the old school and listen to all kinds of variety of different music that is actually GOOD music, and NOT just music that people EXPECT you to LISTEN to because the NEW GENERATION now a days DON’T know what GOOD music is. They just like the HOOK and bob their HEAD to the BEAT. When my fiance and I was listening to CARLY ROSE SINCLAIRE, I was BLOWN away by her VOCALS and her UNIQUENESS of a DIFFERENT type of TONE, and was very captivated by her AGE of being SPEECHLESS and SHOCKED. I was WITNESSING a little LEGEND being INTRODUCED compared to the other so called talents that seems like anybody can do what they do. EMBLEM 3 was to me has no TALENT, but does get only YOUNG girls HEATED by their looks and their way of getting their attention by showing off, I saw UNPROFESSIONALISM in their part. They are in it for sex with a lot of girls and to treat them like crap, because they are EMBLEM 3. CARLY has TRUE TALENT, and will RECOMMEND her to everyone I come across for the rest of my life. GO CARLY, You WILL make it BIG and the PEOPLE will know who YOU are.

  • george

    This article is totally misleading… Carley Rose Sonenclare has NOT signed a contract with Sony, nor is she under contract with anyone else..

  • becky

    @Eponine: she actually starred in two broadway productions and a national tour.. so not “amateur productions”

  • Renaldo Kunzman

    Sony announced it would launch Music Unlimited streaming music service in Japan by the end of December this year. The service can provide 15 million songs, and this service had been launched in 16 countries and regions. ..

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