Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: AllSaints Shoppers

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: AllSaints Shoppers

Austin Butler reaches for the door for girlfriend actress Vanessa Hudgens after some shopping at AllSaints on Saturday afternoon (January 5) in Los Angeles.

The twosome met up with some friends including Shawn Pyfrom before heading out.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

“I wouldn’t be doing the 80′s justice if I didn’t watch John Hughes films as preparation; he’s just the best. 80′s hairstyles on the other hand could use some work. Haha…” Austin recently told Glow mag about researching his role for The Carrie Diaries.

Earlier in the day, Vanessa was spotted at her pilates class.

10+ pics inside…

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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GODOY @ 8:30 pm on 01/05/2013

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i’m so ******* I N G tired of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is like she calls the papz all the time!!

sarah @ 8:31 pm on 01/05/2013

Fed up of them totally

Bia @ 8:31 pm on 01/05/2013

gorgeous couple

R @ 8:32 pm on 01/05/2013

she looks so petty

YOLO @ 8:34 pm on 01/05/2013

pathetic .How many posts are there of them already in 2013 ?

cc @ 8:36 pm on 01/05/2013

another one ?

lauren @ 8:37 pm on 01/05/2013

no celeb A-list or z-list gets papped this much endless they call them,

luna @ 8:44 pm on 01/05/2013

they are z-list

Meme @ 9:06 pm on 01/05/2013

I doubt both of them (Vanessa and Austin) or their teams bothers to call the paparazzi every single day.
The paparazzi knows where Vanessa lives years ago.
I’ve seen pictures where you can clearly see that the paparazzi are parked on the street near Vanessa’s house.
What bothers to Vanessa are the paparazzi, even she said she loves her house but she does not seem it “safe”, she would make something with her lawyers against this persecution, while what is bothering to all of you is seeing Vanessa’s pics.

Elin @ 9:22 pm on 01/05/2013

You all shut up.
Do you have any evidence that they called out for the paparazzi?
You don’t know them.
And if you don’t like the, don’t even come here. You are disgusting

Jeremy @ 9:35 pm on 01/05/2013

Meme , that’s ridiculous .Zac lives just minutes away and is a way bigger celeb , do we see pics of him as often ? And that you have seen pics of paps cars parked outside of her house proves nothing either.They go about in vehicles , not by foot .They so obviously call paps.

linda @ 9:51 pm on 01/05/2013

Elin - yes, there is proof she calls the papz. only people who choose not to believe that is her die-hard fans.

OK @ 9:52 pm on 01/05/2013

I wonder about this one

OK @ 10:19 pm on 01/05/2013

That said I still love the both of you.

... @ 10:37 pm on 01/05/2013

There seems to be a few people here who are really stupid.
I don’t think they call the paparazzi

sunny @ 11:36 pm on 01/05/2013

Desperate for attention? I think so… trying to find ways to display their fake love I suppose.

justkidinn @ 11:42 pm on 01/05/2013

he should just go out with ashley

yets @ 11:55 pm on 01/05/2013

i love them…

JRDN @ 2:56 am on 01/06/2013

What idiots!!!! I tell you some people on her got this notion stuck so far up their brains, locked in a chamber somewhere that she or Austin are calling the paps. That is absurd!!!!, none of us have any proof that they are calling the paps, and Zac isn’t anymore of a bigger star than she is, that is a total joke. And for God’s sake people, if you don’t like too look at them then skidattle on out of her posts, don’t waste your worthless energy to type something so stupid that it reflects you and your personality, knock the sh******t off already. Everyday you come onto this post as well as JJ and all you see is dumb, stupid people cutting her down, name calling and for what, it doesn’t do a darn thing, Jared will still post her no matter how dumb you all get! So Again, if you don’t like her move the hell on, it won’t hurt her if you don’t comment. And so what!, it’s LA their gonna get papped on matter what!

Lawrence @ 3:02 am on 01/06/2013


Finally someone with sense!, I agree 100%. The stupid comments are getting out of hand, I think they do it just to annoy people since they can’t do anything else. Well its good to see fans who are sane and rash on here*lol*.

muse @ 4:37 am on 01/06/2013

To all the small-minded, judgemental folk out there accusing Vanessa or her Pulblishing team that they call the paps, is too funny. If you actually have any common sense, you’d see it as purely innocent on her side. The paps LOVE Vaness! They do wait for her to go out and do something and they continuously stalk her actions to take photos of her. THATS THEIR SICK TWISTED JOB. To follow celebrities, (WHOEVER IT MAY BE) and take their photos.
Also, main reason why she’s posted a lot on JJJr, is because she is a saught out actress on this webpage. A lot of her fans come here to see an update, so to please his audience, Jared does just that. He posts anything about her, coz she was the Top Celebrity for so long, and yet, she still gets haters coming on here and b****ing and moaning that they think she calls them.
Not fair to her that she cant do anything without being hounded or harrassed by paps and haters.
As vile as paps are, its their job to follow her and cast it as breaking news! She wouldnt need to call them even if she wanted to, coz they do their job and stalk and harrass!
Stop the hate. Its not needed.

Milli @ 6:23 am on 01/06/2013

@Jeremy: for one zac is not bigger, but other than that they have been at zac street too, which explains how last year we got pics of ashley getting into his house, doesnt it? now papz has always been outside V’s house which also explain why we got pics of z leaving her house, of josh arriving at her house, of a at her window doesnt it? you dumb people get facts straight, and stop coming here… zac isnt bigger, maybe he is hot but if it comes to work her job is more praised than his… including the “the only reason people paid attention to paperboy was because Nicole peed on the hot heartthrob” not his acting… aap such a wonderful acting on Dennis and Maika, Lucky one such amazing body…. critics words, not mine… so go and dont come back

BO @ 7:22 am on 01/06/2013

Oh seriously milli.zac is not bigger than hudge?lol clearly my dear,you have not been updated for a while.he’s known as an A-lister now ,and where’s hudge?lol and why do u selectively read the reviews?i advice u to go and read the comments properly for he got lots of praise for his ‘acting’ in both aap and paperboy.even the critics who lashed the two films couldn help but praise him.and tlo was a flop in reviews

abbimorgan @ 1:29 pm on 01/06/2013


hermaione @ 2:55 pm on 01/06/2013

Throught the last years to support Vanessa, I learned a lot from her, Her point of view of life is wonderful, today she wrote this on her instagram and posted a beautiful picture.. “You can tell what kind of day it’s going to be by your morning hike . Give love & gratitude. Happy Sunday. ” . Many people hate her and that’s awful but those people are the ones that hurt themself , they are filled with anger and resentment in their hearts and nothing’s gonna change but i rather live well without hurting anyone just like vanessa is doing.

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