Selena Gomez: LAX Lady

Selena Gomez: LAX Lady

Selena Gomez hangs on to a bundle of things in her arms as she arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday night (January 5).

The 20-year-old actress/singer just recently ended things again with musician boyfriend Justin Bieber over the holiday season.

Sources say, “They keep breaking up and getting back together. It’s an on-again, off-again relationship. It’s probably not correct to characterize this as a final breakup.”

Selena wrote on Twitter, “New beginnings. Fresh start. I love you all :)”

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Photos: X17online
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  • Andy

    She really hates paps.


    D: what happened to beautiful selena? considering that was her only talent .-. she looks so trashy lately……

  • annie

    @CATNIP: lets face it If she hadn’t had talent she weren’t one of the most successful teenage singers who has a huge fanbase of course she doesnt have them because of just beauty or having justin bieber(of course not now).just her name has been published as a talentless singer BE SURE her talent in singing is much more than most of the singers who are the hugely famous they just show off their body and act like animals which people want from celeberites its the thing that you can’t deny but selena doesnt have these dirty habits .after all ONE THING IS OBVIOUS: NOBODY FORCE YOU TO LISTEN To HER OR FOLLOW HER NEWS.Lets go and follow your talented singers

  • javi

    @CATNIP: thats what happen when you go crazy when you break up with some one you have been for 2 years. you dress like a crazy person. i love the girl and im looking forward for her future projects.but she’s got to keep it together.and forget about that junkie she use to date.

  • samsam

    @CATNIP: lol but i think that she can act. she can’t sing that well cuz her voice is nothing spectacular compared to a lot of unrecognised singers out there. but im looking forward to her performance in spring breakers. although most reviews said that she was the only character that had depth, the depth was still a little flat compared to ashley and vanessa. hopefully she can work on that. :)

  • jessie

    She’s better off without Bieber, it was revealed today that he is a heavy pot smoker; why should she tarnished her image and loose everything because of him.

  • samsam

    @jessie: yeah i agree. but it seems like she helped keep her image squeaky clean with him, but when he is found to be a pot smoker, she splits with him…even though she is releasing a movie in march where she is drinking, smoking and getting high. i know its not real but she will still lose a percentage of her fanbase when the movie is released, although it may be replaced with new fans.

  • molly

    people break always but i think they are going to go back together …….. if they love each other

  • Jolly

    I don’t understand why she’s so famous. She only got back with Justin because Niall didn’t like her. And the result is another break up. Justin need another girlfriend, sure Justin makes a mistake cause he’s just barely an adult and everyone makes mistake. Selena tries to act so perfect but that makes hater hate her more. Justin need a new girlfriend that truly appreciates him. Everyone says their opinion and this is mine. Once Justin is out of the picture she will have nothing but to date another famous guy to get her on top again.

  • Maria S

    she was well know before dating justin bieber.I don’t understand why nobody love this girl angry haters surround her and break her heart with bad words .I never say she is perfect but she doesn’t deserve this huge amount of hate .She tries hard to improve and this much more precious than acheving fame and success in one night like some of singers including Justin Bieber .please don’t blame me or insult because of my comment I really thing some people get famous without much endevadour .

  • javi

    @Jolly: wow do you really believe everything that come from a gossip magazine or tabloids? this is why the world is full of ignorant ididots. they believe everything that comes from the internet.

  • http://toemeseen Tomisin

    you are A TALENTED actress and I love ur voice a lot. And I will love u no matter what!!! <3

  • ashleydoyon

    wow Justin didnt Even Smoke Those pics were Fake!! people!!

  • hiiammegann

    all these rumors are fake about justin and selena. i think the media should just leave them alone. i gotta admit i am tired of all these gossip sites posting about them breaking up every other week.

  • Regina

    Ur ryt!!! Just let them sort out der issues dey hav pressure bcos of d media ppl r supportng jelena sum r not.nwhen it is all clear whether dey r together or not then u can just announce that and close the case:)

  • Flocus Studios

    She was SHOCKED at Justin confessing to drugs!! Check this:

>>>>>>> staging1