Blair Redford: 'The Lying Game' Premieres Tonight!

Blair Redford: 'The Lying Game' Premieres Tonight!

There are just a few more hours until The Lying Game premieres on ABC Family!

Blair Redford, who plays Ethan Whitehorse on the hit show, recently chatted with press on the twins and knowing which is which thanks to Alexandra Chando and what he’s looking forward to this season. Check it:

On not getting confused with Alexandra on set: “You know, I don’t. It’s funny; that comes up a lot. I didn’t think it was going to happen this way. When the show was first created I didn’t expect this, but she has a difference in the characters, so finely polished that you show up on set and she doesn’t even have to say anything to me. I just know who she’s playing. I don’t have to look at a script to see which twin I’m with, which makes it really easy on me and I think the rest of the cast. But it is kind of a shock because just her mannerisms, things she does with her eyes, the two girls have different smiles. In a way I do feel like there are two of them. She’s very convincing with it. It kind of freaks me out occasionally, but props to her for pulling it off.”

On Ethan with Sutton versus Emma: “I think the season opens up and Ethan’s in a little bit of a darker, more depressed place given how the last season ended. Anyone who watches the show knows how Sutton operates and I think that definitely leaves it open for Ethan and her to get closer because anytime that Emma won’t entertain Ethan, Sutton’s there to step in. So you’ll definitely see, compared to last year, it’s different because I think he’s pretty certain of what kind of girl she is after she’s repeatedly lied to him so many times, but he still can’t really shake either one of those twins. So it’ll still be there.”

On dukeing it out with Christian Alexander: “I had a fun time this season. There’s a lot of friction going on between Ethan and Thayer this season. That was kind of brewing and boiling last season and it kind of comes to a head this year. They might have a little bit of an altercation. On our show, Ethan has a lot of those, but anytime there’s a chance to do any kind of action sequence it’s fun. All of us guys on the show; we eat it up. We have a really good time. Christian, who plays Thayer, is a good buddy of mine. So that was a real fun time this year. We had a little bit of a tussle that we had to shoot. We both went for it. We probably went at it—good match, it was fun.”

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Credit: Felicia Graham; Photos: ABC Family
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