Demi Lovato: Studio Stop

Demi Lovato: Studio Stop

Demi Lovato heads into the studio on Tuesday afternoon (January 8) in Los Angeles.

The 20-year-old musician is rumored to be working with UK girl band The Saturdays on their new album.

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It looks like Demi had a fantastic New Year’s celebration.

“Rang in the New Year last night in Mexico having a dance party to my new music with my best friends.. I’d say that’s a pretty awesome NYE” Demi tweeted.

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Owen Beiny, Clint Brewer; Photos: WENN, SplashNewsOnline
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  • LE

    Demi is so pretty and her style is just.. amazing! Can’t wait to listen to the things she’s been working on :D

  • James

    Well there goes those rehab rumors. Nice one blindgossip! lol

  • nicola

    Well that just squashed all the gossip sites taking about Demi being back in rehab lol

  • Jumping jack flash

    Ha ha! Ace Sucks!. Watch them back peddle and say “derp these photos were staged derp!”

    Hey Ace. Suck it douche bag!

  • Jack frost

    This just in. Ace from Blindgossip likes like an invalid once again. -Womp womp!-

    Get a little more creative with your lies BG. It’s starting to get old.

  • JoeChief

    Lol, you suck Blindgossip!

  • jessika

    demi is beautiful and very well AWWWWWW I AM SOO HAPPY

  • JoeChief

    Hey Ace! Your site sucks! ;)

  • Bea

    Oh gosh, Demi and The Saturdays… that’s… perfect.

    Hope to see a lot of The Sats when they hit the US.
    They’re gonna be huge over there!

  • aisling

    love the saturdays and LOVE DEMI! this is gonna be perfecttttt

    love from ireland

  • MIA

    If her team pulled her out last time to make it seem like she wasn’t in rehab,. What makes you guys think they wouldn’t do it again? Clearly her team cares about money more than they care about her well being which I think is sad. You could clearly tell on the x-factor that she looked so sad at times an I really think that she needs to take a break before doing more work in 2013.

  • http://justjared Doug

    Already got my tickets to the Houston concert and the Universal Studio’s concert. Line em up Ms. Lovato, Line em up. I will quietly be there admiring from afar the most beautiful woman mine eyes have ever seen.

  • Hillary

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  • Lori

    @MIA: The reason she looked sad on X-Factor is because her aunt had a stroke and was in the hospital and she still is, and then her cousin was in a house fire with severe burns. So learn the facts before you spread lies.

  • demi
  • Mariam

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  • nsa

    Isn’t she sexy?