Vanessa & Stella Hudgens: WundaBar Women

Vanessa & Stella Hudgens: WundaBar Women

Vanessa Hudgens joins her younger sister, Stella, for a session at WundaBar Pilates on Thursday morning (January 10) in Studio City, Calif.

Just the day before, the 24-year-old actress was spotted at a nail salon refreshing her manicure.

Stella, 17, recently took to Twitter about being compared to her older sister.

“Everyone always tell me that I look like this person or that person.. but no.. I look like ME. not anyone else,” she wrote. “I’m an INDIVIDUAL. My names Stella, NOT Vanessa‘s sister.. I am not the younger, blonde version of her.. stop with that.”

TELL JJJ: Does anyone ever tell you that you look like someone else?

15+ pics inside…

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Alice @ 6:24 pm on 01/10/2013

Stella bugs the heck out of me; if it wasn’t for her sister she’d be unknown. Why complain that people compare her with Vanessa Hudgens, if you’re constantly using her to get to fame!!! She’s so stupid and ugly. I love Vanessa<3<3<3

Cassandra @ 6:25 pm on 01/10/2013

gorgeous sisters…

Cassandra @ 6:27 pm on 01/10/2013

i love vanessa, she”s beautiful!!!

midz @ 6:56 pm on 01/10/2013

omg i totally agree she should just be happy people even know who she is even if she is known as Vanessa’s little sister! The only way to get out of the shadow is by becoming famous herself without using Vanessa as a platform to get there! And she is definitely not pretty at all especially as a blonde!
WTH does the girl even though, does she not go to high school or get homeschooled because she is constantly photographed out and about!

midz @ 6:57 pm on 01/10/2013

whoops i meant does the girl even study.

sunny @ 7:13 pm on 01/10/2013

yay! no austin

Mac @ 7:36 pm on 01/10/2013

They don’t look like they have the same dad. They don’t look much alike at all. They do look Phillipino and that’s it. I think you could find another Philipino on the same block that looks more like either of them. Because the littler Phillipino wears her clothes does not mean they look alike. I wouldn’t even guess they were cousins if I didn’t see them in rags every week.

jazmine @ 9:14 pm on 01/10/2013

the only reason stella is somewhat known is because of her star sister… c list star but still. no one would be interested in stella if it were not for the fact her sister was in the hsm franchise. stella does not do anything or has no other relevance.

whocares @ 10:05 pm on 01/10/2013

i think stella is over-reacting i thnk she should say thanks to my sisters fame am known…love u vanessa

Hugsandkisses @ 10:45 pm on 01/10/2013

Gosh, her sister seems like a….. She doesn’t even have a career and the only reason her name is known is because of Vanessa. At about this age (and younger) Vanessa was starting an acting career, what has Stella accomplished in her 17 years of life career wise?

thatsit4now @ 10:49 pm on 01/10/2013

gosh her sister seems really unfriendly. judging from her other tweets, she doesnt seem like the nicest person to be around

teddy @ 11:11 pm on 01/10/2013

@sunny; Why the irrelevant comment?

JRDN @ 11:13 pm on 01/10/2013

I honestly don’t think that she is overreacting. She is clearly speaking
her mind just like all of us, don’t stomp on her for being passionate
and truthfull for telling it like it is and how she feels. She knows she is
not famous, she’s not being boastful, she just doesn’t want to be
compared to anyone or anybody, give her a break, she’s not in any
way different from us, leave her alone.
Poor Vanessa, she’s trying to go about her normal dailys routines and
she gets the paps all up in her face, with the expression on her face
you know she didn’t call the paps.

Lawrence @ 3:18 am on 01/11/2013


Thats what she does, her whole world revolves around watching out for Austin*lmao*.

samsam @ 5:35 am on 01/11/2013

woah everyone here is hating on stella! i used to have a problem with stella cuz she was just …there. plus the whole msfts and the jenner sisters thing bugged me but she doesn’t hang with them and has lost a majority of her friends which kind of makes me feel sorry for her thats maybe why she hangs with her sister so much. i saw on tumblr she got the role for a movie called the bully chronicles and i though ” finally! she could do some acting and get recognition”. next minute its no longer on her imdb page and some other girl got the part. i dunno whether she lost it or…

toots @ 9:07 am on 01/11/2013

Vanessa and Stella seem to be polar opposites personality wise. Vanessa always seems very upbeat and positive whereas Stella tends to be very negative if you have read her tweets. I think Vanessa also tends to surround herself with positive people. But it has to be hard for Stella to be in Vanessa’s shadow. Vanessa is a triple threat..she can sing and is a really well trained dancer as well as an actress. Not sure if Stella will even go into the business but I understand that she is a dancer. Not sure about the acting and I’m pretty sure singing isn’t her thing either.

samsam @ 11:21 am on 01/11/2013

@toots: i agree with you. i haven’t seen stella act or anything but she sang with willow and pia on youtube. you can’t actually hear her voice individually it just melts into willows

Liberty @ 5:05 pm on 01/11/2013

1) People on here should be ashamed of yourselves, you are immature cyber bullies.
2)Stella is just like any 17 year old who hates being compared to their older sister.

danik @ 5:58 pm on 01/11/2013


teddy @ 12:07 am on 01/12/2013

@Lawrence; lol, but how do you know its a she?

Lawrence @ 2:31 am on 01/12/2013


I don’t but I’m assuming as much, normally I wouldn’t waste my time but she/he has been especially annoying with her constant anti-Austin remarks. I can understand her not liking Austin for whatever reason but she CONSTANTLY states that fact in every post!, it gets on my nerves after a while. She needs to get a gripe on reality and except the fact that Van and Zac are no more and leave it at that.

My 2 Cents @ 4:45 pm on 01/25/2013

@Liberty: I agree

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