Vanessa Hudgens Works It Out; Austin Butler Packs Up

Vanessa Hudgens Works It Out; Austin Butler Packs Up

Vanessa Hudgens keeps her head down as she heads to the gym in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (January 12).

The 24-year-old actress was joined by her younger sister Stella and mom Gina.

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Vanessa‘s boyfriend actor Austin Butler was spotted out earlier in the day, carrying some luggage to an awaiting car outside her home.

Looks like Austin is headed back to the Big Apple!

10+ pics inside of Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens

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Credit: Martin; Photos: Limelight, FameFlynet
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  • tony

    So Austin was in LA for one day? Bc on thursday afternoon he was pictured in NYC.

  • ben

    Got the dates wrong again!!!!

  • Mmm

    who cares about him lol he looks like a lesbiiann girl

  • florence2

    So it would seem that Vanessa and Austin do live together after all don’t know why they just don’t announce the engagement and get married as soon as possible becuase it is so going to happen this year if not then by the end of next year they will be married and hjave a kid on the way.

    And as much as I love them together if Austin has gone back to the big apple then no doubt Vanessa will follow it seems that she does’nt like him being away even if it’s for work and she is’nt there.

  • cc

    lame famewhores

  • Lawrence


    Annoying comments!….bing.

  • Lawrence


    I guess he does live with her or stays there a lot, makes sense since they’re together most of time. :)

  • fauntleroy

    nice suits

  • such crap

    Dates wrong? I highly doubt it. Jared I hope you are getting paid very well to do her bidding and make things look a certain way. Things are so obvious. Vanessa how long will it be before you learn? I would say you are killing yourself slowly but it isn’t all that slow.

  • such crap

    Maybe I was hasty. Maybe he came home for the weekend so he could go to the Golden Globe parties with her so they can get some pictures to spread all around and make people nauseated as if they aren’t already. She hasn’t been very good at doing anything where there might be a photo op without him. He surely wouldn’t want to miss out on the GG. It will be his only chance to get there.

  • gumiyo

    oh no .I hope they dontgo to golden globes zac won’ll be to glo if they go

  • 8 inches and fat dong

    I want to s e x with Stella

  • Doreen

    @cc@gumiyo@such crap: So what is it that you guys want to say?
    If you guys don’t like them, just don’t come to this post.
    ’cause I’m sick and tired of people complaining about them

  • Milli

    @cc: that reminds me of zac and lily, you know… such crap with tonkin, palmer, collins

  • Milli

    @such crap: if they live together or not isnt a problem, she doesnt need this pr thank you very much, she has pics with selena and julianne at pre golden globe that are perfect and part of job&life, then she has springbreakers you know, one of the most anticipated films of 2013, she doesnt need that kind of pr that u are referring to…

  • Milli

    @gumiyo: zac was in ny, i hope he doesnt come lol

  • Milli

    @cc@gumiyo@such crap get a life, go away, stop the hate, drop the jealousy and move on, no one wants you here,

  • BO

    Milli , I think it’s better if you could face the truth about your idol .Se IS famewhroing .None of those flings with Zac accounted for publicity on HIS side .they all were PR stunts pulled off by the girls’ teams .and needless to say very short lived .but this long term session of pr with Austin and stella is just annoying and so obvious.
    Spring breakers is not such a higly anticpated movie .it has a loyal fan following .if you go out of that , you can’t see much buzz about it .anyway I’m excited for it .and also you need to face the truth that SB is NOT her film .she’s just a subordinate role .people will soon forget she’s in it just like they did all other her films .and don’t forget 2 of her films are stuck for year and a half unable to get a release date ! so i think this pr stuff IS essential

  • Aly

    @such crap:
    Someone here needs her zanessa fanfiction. Lmao… What a looooser!

  • Bella

    She is gorgeous! Lol at the zanessa fans here! Im gald we are over that shiit! TBH her best decision was dump that gayfron guy, she is more happy now, without thats guys and his drugss.

  • Bella

    BO, I think it’s better if you could face the truth
    about your iobsession with Vanessa. She dumped your idol, and she is happy now, all her fans are happy and glad she ended her pr relationship with gayfron, WE ALL are happy. GET OVER IT. Hahahah

  • anne

    She is so pretty! And Austin looks hot!

  • anne

    BO the psycho is here too? LMAO. #onceapsychoalwaysapsycho

  • saleeh

    Vanessa is gorgeous. Cant wait to see her back in NY, she is more happy there with her boyfriend Austin.

  • Lore

    This is like 2007/2008, she looks so young and tiny, but with a vetter and actually caring boyfriend this time!

  • Lore


  • http://deleted BO

    well , anne the major phsycho , perhaps if you’d keep your stinking pussymouth shut about our idols , we’d stay the hell out of here too .but unfortunately , you and the other $1 paid pumpers continuosly make it a habit to trash our idols on pudge’s threads and so we are attracetd her ! loser !!!!

  • lillian

    I hope she goes to new York soon! She loves it there and there are less paparazzi following her there everyday

    And Austin looks really handsome!

  • samsam

    she needs to stop going to the gym seriously shes losing her cute cheeks

  • Zac
  • Milli

    @BO: BO sweetie, face it right, efron got paperboy because his body, just like he did with every single movie, his csc was bad, terrible, critic said so, the fact that it didnt make box office enough says so, his paperboy is terrible, which is why he didnt get anything of it, well besides nicole peeing him, which was the nasty part that had ppl talking about, pb was in theater like what 3 weeks? poor guy

  • Milli

    @BO: and the fact that even tho neither frozen ground or gimme shelter has come out, other than production comments and specialized comments that says are great, you’d know that independent films are like that, take time, just like me and orson wells who came out 2 years later

  • toots

    So over this crazy bish Bo. Please just GTFO.

  • Milli

    @BO: then you are talking about zac, for the girls to actually make a big deal, they need zac income, and he did, the lily thing particularly, but i rather have her out with her boyfriend, that drinking smoking whoring with different girls every night as your idos does, then again he has always been a famewhore

  • Milli

    @BO: and lastly you are the one coming here, you should really stop, you are creepy…

  • mac

    He may NEED to date a short Philipino giril. You know what they say.

  • Gabriel

    Does anyone here believe he dressed in a suit to travel? Get on a plane with quaffed slick hair and his best shoes. That he didn’t wait for the pap to be there before he came out. No well traveled actor dresses in a suit to travel. But he is well and fast becoming douche of the year. Vanessa herself has said that she prepares her clothes just for paps the night before. I think her girlfriend is doing the same.

  • Beth

    Ahhh, I thought that the two of them were braking up. Such a disappointment; why can’t Vanessa go back to Zac already?!

  • andrea

    wasn’t austin in NYC like 2 days ago? somethin’s wrong here.. Mmm…

  • Gabriel


    Maybe Austin Butler is dating Sophia Robb!

  • Alexandra

    @Milli, just reading through the comments and you seem to be factually incorrect with a lot of your information including Zac’s movies. He has not starred in a film that has flopped, Paperboy was a limited release and has been highly praised.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Frozen Ground and Gimme Shelter because I think this is where Vanessa is strongest. Her management have chosen her bad roles in the past with the majority flopping, Journey was a good step in the right direction. Suckerpunch, Bandslam and Beastly all flopped. I hope Frozen Ground gives Vanessa the recognition she deserves, it sounds like it could be her breakthrough adult role.

    As for people calling Zac gay? Really? Why is every guy who stars in a musical then called gay? Any guy who sings and dances is apparently gay- and it’s this attitude which is hurting those who want to come out of the closest because people are still assuming that it’s a bad thing to be gay.

    Calling Zac a famewhore? I’m sorry but, that’s credibility lost- you ever notice that he’s only spotted when he’s actually working and not every single day.

    I’m a fan of both Zac and Vanessa, live and let live people.

    Where are there still fights over Zac and Vanessa? They both seem perfectly happy and have both moved on – they’ve made each other happy in the past, and I’m sure that they’re happy the other is fine in the breakup. Good luck to the both of them.

  • Alexandra

    @Milli, apologies reading that post back it sounds like I’m having a go at you and I’m not. Sorry if it’s comes across that way.

  • Unknown

    Those pictures of Austin has to be from the last time he left to go to NYC because he was also pictured in NYC yesterday. There’s no way he could be in NYC & LA at the same time. Also, Vanessa looks beautiful with her braids. She should wear her hair like that more often. I can’t wait for Spring Breakers. :)

  • Liberty

    1)Cut the engagement crap it’s tiresome. Yes they spend large amounts of time together,but that’s what committed couples do. The comparisons between her current relationship and previous one,show how immature and infantile a portion of this fan base is. It sickens me to the core that people see fit to judge Vanessa,Austin and Zac and continuously compare their relationships,when they have no basis nor business doing so.
    2)SB is not a highly anticipated movie, it;s because of who is in it and their fan bases. I honestly do not think SB is Vanessa’s movie. She is supporting cast,from the promo I have seen and read I would say this Benson and Franco’s movie.
    2)Point 2 is not an insult to Vanessa-she is a talented actress,and every movie needs a strong supporting actress,and she has other movies coming out this year which will be hers.


    @Liberty:Indie movies are generally not highly anticipated like blockbusters are big studio projects. But there is a lot of buzz about it and people are talking. Even Robert Pattison mentioned having seen it and loved it. It’s hard to tell whose movie this will be until to actually watch the performances. The word that I’ve gotten is that people are going to be surprised by Vanessa’s performance Wait and see shall we?

  • thetis


    You need to learn to read first of all Spring Breakers is on just about ever “anticip[ated” movie list.

    Secondly she also has Frozen Ground and Gimme Shelter coming out and has been on covers this year – she doesn’t need press.

    As for your idol he’s making a lot of fiilms but none seemto be making waves as of yet

  • Hello

    I believe Austin had a press event for his television show this morning in Los Angeles and he had on the same clothes pictures here.

  • friday

    good theyre away from eachother… hopefully a breakup in the near future. they have no connection at all. she didnt even know him until she was set up with him. this whole “relationship” is just an act to try to prove to the public that shes over zac and to try to make a point by “having a boyfriend”

  • sunny

    @friday; I agree 100%

  • teddy

    Reading the comments on this post is just disgusting! Everyone needs to calm down

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