Vanessa Hudgens: LAX Bound

Vanessa Hudgens: LAX Bound

Vanessa Hudgens keeps it casual and comfy as she leaves her home in Los Angeles on Monday morning (January 14).

Just last night, the 24-year-old actress hit up many Golden Globe Awards parties with BFF co-star Selena Gomez.

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“Taken on the way to the Golden Globes after party! I obviously sat next to an angel. Lol. #NoFilter. Did you watch the show? Share your favorite part!” Vanessa wrote on her website after the parties.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens

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Credit: Mike Windle, Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty, FameFlynet
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Dinha Gomes @ 5:48 pm on 01/14/2013

I can’t wait for her new movie *-* GO BABY V

Milli @ 6:51 pm on 01/14/2013

adore her, she wwas amazing last night and Spring breakers railer come out this week! yay

ics @ 7:56 pm on 01/14/2013

Heading to New York? I hope not… that’s annoying…

sunny @ 10:30 pm on 01/14/2013

It’s ‘National Breakup Season’. Wonder what that has in store for her and Austin. Breakup? Let’s hope so…

teddy @ 10:52 pm on 01/14/2013

@sunny; Stop with your crap

Rixie @ 2:54 am on 01/15/2013

I hope she’s not going to NYC for God’s sake!!!!

Lawrence @ 2:56 am on 01/15/2013


She won’t, she/he is disturbingly obsessed. I think the fact they’re still together despite freaks like Sunny makes it all the sweeter. :)

samsam @ 6:07 am on 01/15/2013

i kinda dont want her to see austin its just a bit too much @sunny why do you hate them together so much to the point where you will find articles and hope they breakup?

Chloe @ 7:02 am on 01/15/2013

She is so pretty

Liberty @ 12:50 pm on 01/15/2013

1)seems some of you on here have not been in a relationship. When you are in a relationship-you spend time together and that is all they are doing.
2)It is there relationship. Not anybody elses. Nobody but them have a right to comment on it.

Warren @ 7:16 pm on 01/15/2013

I like the pic with sexy Selena.

sunny @ 7:16 pm on 01/15/2013

@samsam; because it’s all fake pr crap. there’s something about them that i dont like

friday @ 7:32 pm on 01/15/2013

i agree that there is something about them that doesnt fit. i dont know, their relationship doesnt seem very natural. maybe becuase she didn’t meet him by herself and through a friend. i dont know. but i think vanessa still has feelings for zac, and he has feelings for her as well. she allows pictures of him on her site even. and she seemed a lot happier with him too. she has never talked about austin in an interview, and she seemed so happy when she talked about zac.
“I’m glad Troy and Gabriella’s relationship comes across as real.” A qoute from zac on how he and vanessa played troy and gabriella in the hsm franchise. Not that this is that relevant, but my point is that vanessa and austin’s relationship doesn’t come across as real. sure he may be a nice guy, but it looks like they are desperate for attention when theyre together. besides, zac looks more vanessa’s age. theyre only a year apart. she and austin are 3. and austin still has very “boyish” features. also it seems like that vanessa is very clingy to him… not natural. maybe becuase she doesnt want a long distance relationship which caused her and zac to breakup.

jk @ 7:34 pm on 01/15/2013

@friday; yeah, i dont like them together either. but thats just life. learn to except it. and who knows, maybe they will get back together when you least expect it. things like this take time

Kay @ 7:34 pm on 01/15/2013

She never has talked about austin has she? hmmm….

sky @ 8:49 pm on 01/15/2013

@friday: Stop it! She and he split up two years ago… You don’t know anything about them…I don’t understand why they stil keep talking about them…To me, she’s happier and more at ease when with Austin than with Zac
She looks satisfied and happy with Austin… Now she has no feeling for Zac….I mean she loves Austin… You need to look at the realities in life…So leave her alone, please!!!!

jk @ 12:12 am on 01/16/2013

“Zac and I have done three movies together now, and we can basically do anything in front of each other. We’re so comfortable, we’re not afraid to take chances.” — a quote from vanessa on her relationship with zac during hsm. shes not comfortable in front if austin. she cant be herself. she has to put up this fake mask becuase this whole relationship is just fake. Also @sky; she probably does still have feelings for zac. they broke up because long distance not because they stopped loving eachother. zac obviously wasnt ready to break up. he still loves her…hes been single for 2 years.

OK @ 2:46 am on 01/16/2013

Vanessa you are so beautiful. Wish nothing but the best for you.

Emma @ 7:59 am on 01/16/2013

No How do you know whether he likes her or not?

Make sure you know that he can do secret dates.

Liberty @ 12:15 pm on 01/16/2013

You people are utterly disgusting. It infuriates me that you have audacity to say that you THINK there is something wrong with Vanessa’s relationship. Here’s an radical idea STOP thinking, you have absolutely no right to comment on their relationship. Just because you don’t talk about someone doesn’t mean anything. Has it ever occurred to you narrow minded people,that she has learnt her lesson? Vanessa and her ex used to talk about each other in interviews. Have you ever considered that MIGHT have been part of the reason it didn’t work. It MIGHT not have worked because the expectations of their fans was so high and the fans jumped on every world,look and gesture they made.There was nothing private about it. By not discussing Austin publicly she is maintaining some semblance of privacy.

jk @ 5:28 pm on 01/16/2013

@Liberty; her relationship with zac was more private than with austin. at least they didnt display apalling pda

Hugsandkisses @ 5:29 pm on 01/16/2013

I never used to have a problem with her relationship with Austin. But after reading some of these comments, I’m not sure what to think.

teddy @ 5:33 pm on 01/16/2013

@sunny: ; Thanks. you started all this crap with Vanessa and Zac

AN @ 5:33 pm on 01/16/2013

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