Selena Gomez: 'Wizards of Waverly Place' Special Poster Revealed!

Selena Gomez: 'Wizards of Waverly Place' Special Poster Revealed!

Check out the new poster for Wizards of Waverly Place special, which debuted on Entertainment Weekly.

Premiering in March, The Wizards Return: Alex vs Alex follows Alex (Selena Gomez) and the rest of the Russo family as they visit long-lost relatives in Tuscany.

There, a spell goes wrong and splits Alex in two, resulting in an Evil Alex who wants to take over the world – and a Good Alex who must stop Evil Alex at any cost.

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Photos: Disney Channel via EW
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  • ?

    Too much photoshop that barely looks like her

  • emily

    Hopefully we will get to see all the Wizards cast together again for the March premiere!? Including David Henrie! lending his support of his fellow castmates and friends:)

  • javi

    she kinda looks like rogue from the x-men with the white stripe in her hair. and yes the poster looks different but maybe she’s got that style of make up to look like evil alex.

  • jadeomg

    @javi i totally see rogue in her too.
    she also reminds me of sindel

  • samsam

    too much photoshop, it actually makes her look older. i dunno maybe thats the look they were going for

  • david b conway


  • midz

    Your right her face looks a little different! It doesn’t look nice!

  • Lucy

    her face is photoshopped for “bad alex”… too much photoshop though, but i do love how she’s going back to doing wizards for her younger fans.

  • Rosalie

    @?: You are so right. She looks a lot older than she is. She looks like she is in her thirties or something.

  • mi

    Disgusting photoshop! Looks awful. Why did they do that to her?!

  • david b conway

    im so sorry that i said that comment just about i do,nt what to watch the special on wizards of waverly place tv special i just do,nt what her leave the disney channel that,s all i want to say about it , love david conway

  • gisele da silva

    selena gomez love you and you too beatiful

  • david b conway

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  • david b conway

    i just what to say i do,nt mean to be that mean at selena gomez , just with my comment,s i just made here , i do care about selena gomez , , but with me i do,nt know about this 1 hour tv special just guet yet , love david conway

  • david b conway

    i just what to apologzies not to watch this 1 hour tv special by selena gomez , i know that she is wonderful person and amazing star as well it just bother,s me that the whole tv series is al ,most over and they did solve the question of want happened before or after the wizards competition and how doe,s this 1 hour tv special by selena gomez , is going to solve this problem , i know that i have problem,s to , they are the one,s that took out harper and zeke and many other, cast in the series finale episode , and now that the series finale is over now and they still want harper and max back how does that help the good alex , if they do,nt show episode,s just what happened before and after the wizards competition and the episode,s that lead,s up to this alex vs alex tv special may i ask , love david b conway

  • david b conway

    they did not solve what happened just before or after the wizards competition the series finale episode if they not having no episode,s ,and if they do,nt show the episode,s that lead,s up to the tv special by alex vs alex by selena gomez this tv series will bomb this year 2013 , love david conway

  • james braselton

    hi there wished real wizzards are in the real world

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