'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' Final Season Back on March 18th!

'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' Final Season Back on March 18th!

The final season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager is back on March 18th on ABC Family.

In the episode “To Each Her Own,” Amy (Shailene Woodley) and Ricky (Daren Kagasoff) continue planning their wedding, so Amy buys her dress – at a thrift store. The dress is a little worse for wear – but only Amy sees the potential to make it great.

Meanwhile, Ricky is upset about the dress and Adrian (Francia Raisa) thinks the dress reflects her feelings about getting married. Kathy (Cierra Ramirez) is conflicted about going back home after having the baby, and Ethan begs his parents to let him fly to Texas with her to ask Kathy’s parents if she can stay.

Elsewhere, Jack (Greg Finley) is still recovering and is in love with Grace (Megan Park).

Check out a preview, thanks to TV Guide, below! “To Each Her Own” airs Monday, March 18th @ 8PM ET/PT.

“The Secret Life of the American Teenager” Final Season Sneak Peek
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  • thats nice

    I hope ashley doesn’t come back what a horrible character

  • https://twitter.com/KimIsStalkingYu Kimberly

    I’m happy I stopped watching this show…

  • wendy!

    @Kimberly: oh my god!!! i stoped watching this show too. hahah i got mad at the fact that ben was with adrian, and amy with ricky and im like what!? so i stopped watching.

  • ramy

    i really hope ricky and amy end up together….that’s the only reason i’m watching this show….they belong together!


  • PLL

    this show is so stupid.. pretty little liars is soo much better <3

  • Kim

    @ramy: I agree i would rather se amy and ricky end upp together instead of amy and ben.ricky and amy together is the only reason i started watching the show.I would also like to see them amy pregnant with rickys baby again..Ben really doesnt belong in the picture at all hes a geek and freaky looking

  • Mai

    I hope that Amy makes the right decision and stays with Ricky. I love them together and that’s one of the reasons why I started watching the show. I will be pissed if she messes things up for Ben. Ugh!!! This is just too much.

  • http://facebook Sarai martinez

    ricky & amy better end up together, they belong together … if they dont end up together i am literally gonna shoot myself in the face for wasting my time watching that show .


    I love this show i hope Ricky and Amy end up with a real marriage in the show!! Ben needs to leave Amy alone and if he really loves her then he should just be happy for her and Ricky and little john

  • Tiffany

    um amy better not choose ben! her and rickey are meant to be not her and ben i cant stand him!!!!

  • http://SecretlifeofAmericanteenager Brooke abbott

    I agree with you tiffany
    She needs to stay with ricky and not the loser Ben
    He thinks that everything’s alright with him and Amy and
    That will not ever happened in real life he’s just have to get over it
    And move on with his life.
    He should be happy for Amy and Ricky because they make a wonderful
    Family together and I love there son John cause they deserve
    Another baby
    Your best friend and fan
    Brooke abbott

  • http://twitterfacecbook.com britny charron

    i only watched cause of ramy i only stared watching it cause of amy ricky .john are the best family . they better stay together .go ramy go i will be so mad if something awful bad happends i dont want to watch but i want to see what happend cause i have better shows on tonight then this stupid show . go ramy go ricky amy . ben is awful awful mad i wanted he want in the show. or that he got killed or fired. ramy go ricky amy john big happy family . xoxo everafter.

  • michellle

    Sorry everyone, but Amy and Ricky should not end up together. Yes Ricky is the father of John, but Amy’s heart has ALWAYS been with Ben. The heart know what the heart wants. Amy has just been pretending and putting own, trying to be the perfect family, but you can only pretend for so long, AND THAT’S REAL LIFE!!!

  • abdul

    hey guy the movie is cool

  • vanessa

    amy and ricky forever cauz if ben loved her he would of tried to keep the relationship and wouldnt of married adrian .Ricky is the one cauz he lovessssssssssssssssss amy and john with all his heart and i pray to god that the get married get a house and have another kid cauz they were mearnt for each other

  • http://gmail unaah

    yeh nessa i reckon the same!!!!!!!

  • http://gmail unaah

    all the hapiness to both you amy and rick#team

  • SHelly

    RAMY is the only reason I still watch this.. why would anyone want Amy and ben to end up together??… he cheated on her twice!!

  • Shane

    Amy and Ben should be togethere :D that’s the only reason why I watch this

  • http://website Anoma

    Hey I want Ricky and Amy together because I think ricky loves Amy by heart and I think Ben is also fine to fit with Amy but by another way john needs Ricky and I think as Ricky has Been a good dad to john .he can seriously be a good husband.
    I love Ricky Amy relationship!!!

  • http://SOLOA3 SOLOMON

    I want Ricky and Amy to get married cause Ricky has being a good father to John ever since John was born… and Ricky is getting serious and his hardworking guy. he okay for Amy and John