Vanessa Hudgens: New Short Hair at L'Amour Launch!

Vanessa Hudgens: New Short Hair at L'Amour Launch!

Vanessa Hudgens strikes a pose on the red carpet at the launch of the jcpenney’s launch of the L’Amour by Nanette Lepore Collection held at Good Units at the Hudson Hotel on Thursday (January 24) in New York City.

The 24-year-old actress is back to short hair and debuted her new look at the event!

“Short hair, don’t care!” Vanessa wrote on her blog. “What do you guys think of my new do… Any of you cut your hair recently? Upload them below and I’lll checccckk them out!!”

20+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at the collection launch…

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vanessa hudgens new short hair at collection launch 01
vanessa hudgens new short hair at collection launch 02
vanessa hudgens new short hair at collection launch 03
vanessa hudgens new short hair at collection launch 04
vanessa hudgens new short hair at collection launch 05
vanessa hudgens new short hair at collection launch 06
vanessa hudgens new short hair at collection launch 07
vanessa hudgens new short hair at collection launch 08
vanessa hudgens new short hair at collection launch 09
vanessa hudgens new short hair at collection launch 10
vanessa hudgens new short hair at collection launch 11
vanessa hudgens new short hair at collection launch 12
vanessa hudgens new short hair at collection launch 13
vanessa hudgens new short hair at collection launch 14
vanessa hudgens new short hair at collection launch 15
vanessa hudgens new short hair at collection launch 16
vanessa hudgens new short hair at collection launch 17
vanessa hudgens new short hair at collection launch 18
vanessa hudgens new short hair at collection launch 19
vanessa hudgens new short hair at collection launch 20

Credit: Kristina Bumphrey; Photos: Starpix/Just Jared
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  • xo

    I like it!

  • My 2 Cents

    Love it. She looks so pretty.

  • Mili

    she looks gorgeous!! and happy

  • JRDN

    I love her w/her short hair, it makes her look more mature although her hair is getting longer from the original cut.

  • Zanessafan

    Does Vanessa seriously want to be with her bf while he films the whole time? !?!?!?! Does she have a life away from Austin?

  • Cutie

    @Zanessafan; I know right! It seems like Austin is taking over her entire career. She has her own career to worry about. She doesn’t need to follow him constantly to New York. There is no reason for her to be there right now. I think she is being way to clingy after her breakup with Zac because she doesn’t want this to form into another long distance relatinship. However, I don’t necessarily think that it is healthy for her to be glued by his side all the time. What’s really pathetic in my opinion, is that she is/has been doing more projects than he has (he’s basically new to the acting world), yet she’s the one who feels the need to follow him around. And frankly, I think he kind of gets annoyed by it to. If she continues to do this, I don’t think their “relationship” or whatever you want to call it will last much longer (not like it would last that long anyways).

  • Cutie


  • Tina

    @Zanessafan: I don’t see Austin there. Besides when your in love you want to be with that person. She is just a normal girl

  • Tina

    BTW she looks gorgeous.

  • lover boy

    Wow she is smokin’

  • ..

    I love her hair long or short . she can do it all.

  • ..

    the second pic is Stunning. She is flawless

  • Kay

    But they’re not in love… the whole relationship is to try to prove she’s over zac and just for the papz. seeing them together just isnt natural looking.

  • sunny

    good that there’s no austin, but not too happy that she’s in ny (where he probably is :/)

  • navyblue

    @Cutie: Yes, because you know EXACTLY what they feel and who they are with each other.. :/
    If she’s in NY for Austin, then who cares? She’s being a supporting girlfriend, WOW thats just horrible…
    He’s working and she’s working, whether it be events and functions or gearing up for premiers for 3 movies she has coming out this year. She isnt coming off clingy or needy, maybe with all the press junkets and premiers coming up, she wants to spend as much time with her boyfriend as possible.
    Why do people only see the negative with Vanessa? Its sad and patheric. They love each other and are there for one another…how is that so bad?

    Positive Note: Cant wait for Spring Breakers :)

  • just4laughs

    a comparison…. he does the work, while she’s “the housewife” who “supports” the man she “loves” (but not really because she obviously is just doing it for attention)

  • -_-


  • -_-

    @navyblue: I agree why not spend time with the one you love while you have off time.

  • jk

    gosh… it is so annoying to see her in ny again. she shouldnt let what austin does, affect her life. gosh… this is getting old. seems like the only way she can maintain a relationship (if thats what you wish to call it) with him is by going everywhere with him, which in the long run inst really healthy for a relationship. compensation probably… she doesnt have anything to do so by following her “boyfriend” around is the only way she can draw attention to herself. just sickening really…

  • OK

    Hi cutie.

  • Cutie

    I dont need your opinion.. how about trying to say something that makes sense. it’s quite obvious what shes doing, if you cant see that then…

  • bella

    @Cutie@Kay@lover boy: Really idiotic opinion

  • sunny

    haha.. if she loves him so much why isnt he there? how come she never talks about him? blind people…

  • sunny

    its common sense.. add 2 and 2… like cutie said, its obvious that shes with him for compensation/attention purposes. hes with her for stardom… not love

  • someone unnamed

    i don’t really think that they’re relationship will last. she seems fine when hes not there. if they were to breakup tomorrow i dont think she would be too upset about it… i just think hes a guy who she takes interest in and shes having fun with him for the time being. i dont necessarily think that its “love”. for one thing, the pda displayed is much too over the top to be love, mainly just for attention if you ask me.(this is just my opinion but, when she was with zac they were kind of like a “power couple” and everyone liked them together. now that they are broken up, she has lost a decent amount of popularity, so she feels the need to compensate by showing the public her gross pda make out sessions) and another thing, is because she was set up with him by a friend, i dont think it was really was meant for a long lasting relationship, nor does it seem to have the potential to last for that long. i’d rather not have anyone reply to this because, frankly its just rude. its my opinion, and if you have a problem with it, just dont pay attention to it… okay?

  • Hanah

    There are a lot of stupid people here.
    She can do whatever she wants.
    She said she wanted to be with Austin and that she was happy
    So what’s it to you?
    It’s her life.
    It’s her business. So it’s best if you guys mind your own business!!!

  • teddy

    *sigh*… why do i even bother reading these anymore?

  • sunny

    she never said she wanted to be with him… hahahaha. thats hilarious

  • Strawberryluva

    she has never looked at austin the way she used to look at zac… desperate for attention with austin seems like it to me

  • teddy

    Ummm… this post was about her haircut… not about zac or austin. obviously people can’t read

  • http://Yellyefron Yarelly

    i love her outfit she’s working in something currently?

  • whitney

    Zanessa fan Shut up!!!
    @navyblue: agree100% You’re right.
    I am sick and tired of stupid people who knows nothing about them but even still talk carelessly about them.
    She is happy with Austin
    and I have no damned respect for those who constantly comment on Vanessa’s website/Facebook about how she ‘needs’ to dump Zac and get Austin.

  • Haters Suck!

    For the love of all that is holy can zac fans shut their traps for once and keep their nose out of Vanessa’s business. People IT’S BEEN TWO DAMN YEARS GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON ALREADY!!!

  • A

    @someone unnamed:
    thats the problem, you were a zanessa fan, thats why you use the “when she was with Zac”, no one of us liked Zac, thats why we all are happy now, she is happy with Austin and we are happy. As long as she is happy we dont care, we dont want her with Zac, Cutie and all the others are still crying because Zanessa is over and THEY CANT MOVE ON! hahaha thats the truth. They are always talking about Vanessa and Austin because they cant accept she doesnt want efron anymore, she dumpped him 3 years ago and she is in a new and healthy relationship since 2011, now we are in 2013. Vanessa and Austin are living together in NY since last year, he is so close to all her friends THEY ARE HAPPY. It doesn’t matter if it they get married tomorrow or if they break up tomorrow, they are happy now. AND SHE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT EFRON ANYMORE. move on.

  • A

    last year she posted a picture of Austin at some restaurant on her facebook and she said “what i love the most” or something like that… she said she loves Austin, so she wants to be with him. During the Journey 2 promo tour, she said “im in love with my boyfriend Austin” it was all over the magazines.

  • olly

    They dont live in ny… and a lot of people on this page are in fact zanessa fans, but they are willing to accept that they broke up

  • sunny

    I’d like to see some proof of that… you could have just as easily made that up

  • Karen

    @A: good job
    I really love VAUSTIN, i mean Austin is a good guy and makes Vanessa so happy, every time that they hang out
    She doesn’t want Efron anymore

  • sugar

    people can make fake fb pages. you prove nothing

  • Lawrence

    She looks pretty and so cute in pic #2!, anyone taking anything Sunny says seriously I feel sorry for you*lmao*. She’s a Austin hater and his made a whole fantasy world around why Van is with Austin, its disturbing. It first I thought she was merely delusional but I actually think she believes what shes saying which is the troubling part, its obvious Van loves Austin or why would she be with him?. If it was for PR like some claim there are a lot more hot guys out there she could have hooked up with, Austin isn’t a well known actor so that blows holes in the whole PR crap. Bottom line, she loves him, he loves her. Just leave it at that. :)

  • ariel

    how lovely and beautiful!!! :) love you VANESSA~

  • Uknown

    I find it hilarious how some people say Vanessa is only with Austin for “attention” when no one even really payed Austin any attention before V started dating him, Vanessa’s about to start promo for Spring Breakers next month. If she wants to spend time with Austin before she starts promo then let her. It’s her f*cking life. Vanessa’s own family & friends obviously has no problem with her spending so much time with him so why the hell do you all care so damn much?! Stella herself even said she loves AustIn despite what anyone else thinks. What Vanessa & Austin are doing is no different then what any other NORMAL couple does. Also, Vanessa DID post a picture on her OFFICIAL facebook last year about her loves or whatever & Austin was in the picture. If you don’t believe me then check it out for yourself. Trust me it’s not a poser. I honestly believe that no matter who Vanessa’s dates people are going to hate on them because they’re not Zac. The same thing happened with Josh last year & now everyone “loves” him. I feel sorry for her next boyfriend. I think it’s sad how people are calling on what Vaustin are gonna end. They’ve lasted over a year even though a lot of people didn’t think they would. Vanessa’s life doesn’t revolve around Zac & it never has. Some people need to get that through their thick head. Vanessa’s in a new relationship now. Start worrying about your own damn life instead of Vanessa’s. She’s gonna do what she wants. If you honestly believe she’s gonna leave Austin or whatever because you want her to then please get some help.

  • Sunshine

    I don’t understand how some people can insist that Vanessa & Austin are PR when Vanessa’s been in NYC with Austin for like the past 4 or so months (with the except of a couple of weeks in October & December) & we only got candids of them together like 2 times the whole time while in NYC. Yeah that’s really PR. Smfh. LA is a different story because LA has papz at like every corner.

  • jadeomg

    uhm zanessa fans let go! its has been two years. and now for what i came for! i love vanessa with short hair. and as a bonus i can’t wait for her movies. *super excited*

  • bella

    She is so beautiful.. love Van+.+
    and Zanessa fan I am sorry but just give up on them.
    They were already done 2 years ago and they are never going to come back.

  • Tom
  • vancrazed

    there you go, i think you just nailed the difference between this one and the last one


    Just noticed looking at the pictures or Vanessa, Zac and Ashley on the top of the old Zac and Ashley look and how young and fresh Vanessa looks. Maybe it’s true happiness and being fulfilled that makes someone look young? I see it in Vanessa but I don’t see it in Ashley or Zac.

  • http://google barbara

    being together all the time, is not healthy!

  • Isabel

    You should stop talking nonsense.
    She is pitiful. Although people don’t know about her at all, they say negatively about her

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