AnnaSophia Robb & Austin Butler: 'Read Before Use' on 'Carrie Diaries'

AnnaSophia Robb & Austin Butler: 'Read Before Use' on 'Carrie Diaries'

AnnaSophia Robb and Austin Butler listen in to some new tunes together in this new still from The Carrie Diaries.

In this week’s episode “Read Before Use,” After Tom (Matt Letscher) forbids Carrie (Robb) to see Sebastian (Butler) again, Carrie snoops through Tom’s work files and uncovers some alarming information about Sebastian’s past. Carrie decides to confront Sebastian about what she’s discovered and is shocked by his reaction.

Meanwhile, Larissa (Freema Agyman) takes Carrie, Mouse (Ellen Wong) and Seth (Kyle Harris) to an outrageous performance art club in New York City, which leaves them all feeling self-conscious.

“Read Before Use” on Monday, January 28th @ 8PM ET/PT on The CW.

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Credit: Barbara Craig Blankenhorn, Nino Munoz; Photos: The CW
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  • what a laugh

    I love Austin so much. He’s perfect for Vanessa.

  • smiley

    hate him

  • smiley

    ummm no hes not perfect for vanessa. everytime they are seen together he has a stupid smirk on his face… he loves the attention… hes a jerk. hes not protective of her at all like zac was. anyways, done with that. this show will probably get canceled in a few months. its going absolutely no where.

  • Alexandra

    Is it me or do they look like brother and sister?

  • qt

    such a jerk Austin .I agree the show’s going no where

  • sunny

    “Looks come into play a lot, especially on a network like The CW,” Butler says. “I’ve talked to older actors who I really look up to and they say being an attractive guy in Hollywood is a hard thing. They won’t take you seriously effort.” – Austin Butler (or A-But) hes such a jerk… he thinks hes attractive? arrogant much?

  • Charlotte

    I wonder why Vanessa goes out with Austin
    I hope she will break up with him soon

  • Lawrence

    Will you people need stop with the damn Zac comparisons already! and how do you know how Austin treats her?, are you with them 24 hours a day?. He’s always carrying things for her or opening doors for her unless being attentive has gone down hill. You people really need to stop with all this bull crap.

  • Emma

    @Lawrence: He is using her reputation
    Also, I don’t know if you have seen it, he was asking her for money in one video clip

  • an

    yup they look like siblings in this…

    but its a really cute pic

  • claire

    They look like they’re related…he’s her big brother rather than her love interest.

  • Liberty

    You so called fans of Vanessa are f****ing disgusting. You have no morals. What right do you have to make statements like, they split up soon or they are not right for each other.

    I pity you. You have no lives if you have to spend your time commenting about the lives of two people who did not know you exist.

  • Lawrence


    Prove it!, then you can say that with certainty. Other wise its nothing more then here say and opinion, oh wow he asked her for money!. Good grief, probably didn’t have any cash on him. My sister usually just carries her credit cards instead of cash so its not a big stretch to think that he does the same. You people need to start using your brains for a change.

  • smiley

    arrogant jerk………..

  • Lawrence


    Unlike the people who constantly put him down?, pretending they know what kind of person he is from pics and small video clips*lol*. Its laughable really.

  • smiley

    @Lawrence; pretending? obviously you dont know the defenition of pretending… theres nothing to pretend. you can tell from video clips and interviews that hes a stuck up jerk. so in love with himself… so full of narcissism.