Bridgit Mendler: Last Season of 'Good Luck Charlie'?

Bridgit Mendler: Last Season of 'Good Luck Charlie'?

No more Good Luck, Charlie?! Say it ain’t so!

In a recent interview with Fuse, star Bridgit Mendler chatted about the upcoming ending for the Disney Channel series.

“I’m not sure what’s going to happen. I’m just keeping my windows open,” she shared in the video.

Bridgit added, “This season is the last season of Good Luck Charlie as far as I understand, so we’re [the cast] are just going to make the most of it and work on it until the end of the summer.”


Bridgit Mendler – Fuse Interview
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  • Emily


  • J Johnston

    I just don’t understand Disney they continue to have good shows and then cancel about the fourth or fifth season. And it is not always the actors wanting to explore different things. Then Disney introduce some lame cartoon show during prime time. Or they have a show with lame actors. My children just love Bridgit Mendler, and they loved Selena Gomez, and really the WOWP could have carried on after Alex became the family wizard and Justin became head of the Wizard Council. Yes even I liked watching Disney with my children. But I think Disney just doesn’t want to pay the actors more, when their show become top rated so they just cancel, and start with a new show so they can pay low amount of money.Even though Disney rakes in a lot of money they are cheap to their actors. But thats my own opinion.

  • tonia

    I agree with J Johnston Disney is just being greedy by cancelling good luck charlie. The only logical reason they cancel a highly popular and unique show is because they don’t want pay the actors and actresses more. It happens all the time on sitcoms nothing new. Disney only cares about money only if Walt Disney were still alive would it be different. Disney being a stock market company does not help. This is how the stock market works these individuals or organizations take control of these companies and work together to make as much money regardless of who they hurt and how unethical they are. And the people who own and run disney dont seem like good guys.

  • fastflame

    It will be extremely unfortunate if this will be GLC’s last season. It is one of the best family sitcoms, and one of the few current sitcoms that can be placed in the same caliber as Big Bang Theory. As for Disney being greedy; this is just another example of America’s big corporations having become the victim of leaderless stewardship, the same kind of rudderless stewardship that has been, for the last three decades, steering this nation toward the economic abyss.

  • Erick

    Nooooo!!!plz Disney,this is a mistake, in your attempt to just fill air time with a looooooooooooot of series you end up creating somenthing amazing with Good LuckCharlie,this is the 1st Disney channel show that is strong enought to survive on its own outside of the series block,keep going with it, I mean,when you make a series about a TALKING DOG, you are pretty much completely out of good ideas

  • Cheese


  • Wendy

    No, no, no! This is the first family show that has been great! It gives me massive “Fullhouse” feels! The stories are great, the cast is fantastic and it makes sense. Like “Fullhouse” it deals with real life situations with a big wink, a good dose of humor but give you a life lesson in the end. And what do we get in return? The talking dog!? REALLY?! Most of the Disney shows these days suck.
    Isn’t there another network that could take over this show? Isn’t ABC part of Disney these days? Switch it over to that network, let us see what happens with this family for another few years. Please?

  • http://Facebook Laine

    I can’t believe that they are cancelling good luck Charlie. I don’t understand why Disney do this really, why couldnt you just carry on? Its like Wizards of Waverly Place, why couldn’t it continue with Alex being the family wizard and Justin running the wizards council. It is ridiculous to let such a popular tv show go like that, as I read from Wikipedia it was the most watched and longest tv series on Disney channel ever so why can’t it continue! So many people are disappointed it isn’t and it would be wonderful if it did. I am 14 and I still loveeeee Disney channel and good luck Charlie and wizards of waverly are amazing !! Please let them continue !!!

  • http://Facebook Laine

    I agree with Wendy too !! Why cant we continue wih it and j Johnston why cancel them if are so great!!?

  • rosa

    why you can’t it’s what my family look to every friday why family why i never tought you be the one how stop such a great show every one love. You have disapoint me dinsey you really let me down

  • Aj

    I can’t believe it! I LOVED Suite life, Wizards, And Good Luck Charlie! They are awesome shows! Wouldn’t you think Disney would keep these shows being that their viewers, who give them their money, like them? The whole point is to please the viewers and the viewers want WOWP back and GLC to stay around. They are so hilarious and honestly, the new shows are just ridiculous. I mean a talking dog? some random prodigies that go to high school with a wolf? a show about a nanny? These aren’t completely terrible but they can’t wipe the floor for GLC and WOWP. Disney is getting cheap, greedy, and stupid. They are being totally ridiculous. I watch Disney channel all the time but i’m very disappointed now…. bad move Disney!!! you are losing tons of viewers because of this stupid selfishness!!! You have enough money to pay for good actors on a few good shows!

  • Amy

    I totally agree! We don’t want a stupid talking dog show which isn’t even as awesome as glc. Glc is the one thing that brings my family together, even when my parents arent here I watch it with my brother and sister. This is totally not fair, and I agree its like wowp all over again! Disney may lost ALOT of viewers. good luck charlie is THE BEST TV show on Disney. We all knew it ccould end at some point, but NOT NOW. And i agree with aj, whats the point of Talking dog, random prodigies and the one about a nanny! Its just stupid and doesnt help with anything at all

  • Chyanre

    Good luck charlie rocks, but i onestly am glad this is the last season. It was my fave show, but it seems like theyre starting to run out of idiea.s

  • Starry owl

    Good Luck Charlie is my favorite show on Disney Channel. I think they should continue and show the entire lifespan, (until toby is a teen). I think it would be better, I know it would be hard, but they should try. I mean its about a family! Its the only good show on Disney channel, no new ones, keep the old.

  • Karissa

    Please don’t end GLC! It is one of our family’s favorite shows and one of the few good shows left on Disney Channel. All ages enjoy it and it’s one show that we even laugh at when it is rerun. Is there anything we can do to convince Disney Channel not to end it?

  • maria

    I was very sad to hear they are getting rid of Good Luck Charlie. Aside from some of the Nick Jr shows (Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) it is probably the only show we really watch on Disney. We sit down as a family and watch this show, as there aren’t any really good wholesome shows anymore. Dog with the Blog has terrible actors and such a dumb story line END THAT SHOW! Our household is very much in love with GLC and we want to see it through! At least for another few years. Rethink this GLC is THE BEST!

  • Boolz

    This is not fair! Everybody knows that this will ruin the channel. I love this show, and even my great grandma laughs at the jokes. Don’t kill your business, Disney. That’s what you will do if end Good Luck Charlie!I agree with maria, every show they make is worse and worse. Once they take away this show, then Disney Channel will be dead.

  • Mike and carolina keeley

    So sad, Good Luck Charlie is by far best show on Disney/ Family channel. My husband and I have our kids PVR it if we miss it so we can watch it later. Reminiscent of greats like the Cosby Show, Full House, And Growing Pains. Suffice it to say we wont be subscribing to Disney channel anymore.

  • TailsPower

    I understand. But i cant belive that one person hasnt relized why its ending in the first place. Each season revolved around teddy’s high school experiance. The current season means that teddy is a senior and is going to go to college towards the final episodes. Nobody argued that suite life on deck ended at their 4th season cause they understood that they were going to college. This show is a Full House Ripoff. its time to let it go and move on. If you love something….set it free. I like dog with a blog, wander over yonder, phineas and ferb. Everyone, its not the end

  • Victoria

    I CANNOT believe they’re actually doing this! GLC was the VERY FIRST decent show Disney has actually made!! Im not really sure if Disney Channel is going to still be Disney Channel without GLC airing on it anymore. Im pretty sure you people of Disney Channel are only gonna make the channel worse cause of the very dumb new shows!! If you guys are making a show about a talking dog, im sure you guys are outta ideas. :( Im begging you people to plz make more seasons of GLC. I want to still be watching it even though im in collage. :)

  • http://twitter SUe lee

    I agree with Karissa. It’s my favorite show of all shows on TV. I hope they will continue to show repeats. I try to stay up when they show them at 2:00 AM or later. I really like the way Charlie is growing up. Hope they can find Mia another show. I’ll miss her the most. @Karissa:

  • http://dc0520 Dee

    I am a big fan of the show. I saw the first episode and I was hooked. There are usually three stories concerning everyone in the family in every episode. It always has a happy ending for all concerned. It will be hard to find another show that has such heart in its message. I hope they can have them do another Duncan family movie showing them another year older. Maybe Teddy could marry either Spencer or Beau and start a family of her own. Could be called “Good Luck Teddy”.

  • kathy

    cant believe your canceling good luck Charlie, and adding some dumb cartoon. this show is sooo cute and funny, Disney people you should be ashame of yourselves

  • Alex Velazquez

    why? It is such a great show! This is the worst idea. Good Luck Chairle
    Was the best! Its what kept Disney Channel together! You guys have the worst idea to cancel it! Don’t you want your channel to be famous.
    Give us one reason why your cancelling?…

    We are well very upset that you’re cancelling good luck charlie.hope you don’t cancel it

  • lex

    i love good luck charlie i am so pissed it is being canceled just like wizards of waverley place i hate all of these new shows like dog with a blog is is awful i turn on the tv if its on i turn off the tv…… geez Disney you should be ashamed and whoever thought to cancel good luck charlie shouldn’t have that job anymore and whoever came up with dog with a blog shouldn’t have their job either and beau should have been in more episodes i like him more than spencer a LOT MORE………

  • pbunny

    Unbelievable, Disney cancels the best show they have and the only show left that my whole family loves and tries to watch every episode. What’s wrong with going into the college years and adult lives of PJ and Teddy? GLC is the type of show that is quality family entertainment. Disney cancels all the good shows and puts lame shows on to replace. Keep on doing this Disney and you’ll lose all of your viewers. Guess I can thank you for one thing…one less tv show to watch, making it easier to reduce the amount of time we spend watching TV. Thanks Disney.